Dec 29, 2010
Not for kids, but some adults will like it.
Dec 30, 2006
Jul 20, 2002
A movie about sexuality that really throbs with eroticism.
Jun 13, 2002
The movie is called Unfaithful, but it's actually extremely faithful -- to the adultery movie rulebook, anyway.
Jun 3, 2002
Whether portraying hesitancy, fear, trembling desire or passionate surrender, [Lane] is always honest, truthful, and utterly convincing.
Jun 1, 2002
What's curious about Unfaithful is just how little it pops.
May 19, 2002
A glossy, depthless melodrama.
May 14, 2002
After the plot's big turning point, the movie loses its focus and can't decide whether it wants to be a melodrama or a crime thriller.
May 13, 2002
Diane Lane is magnificent in this movie.
May 12, 2002
Lyne's excesses are usually the kind of thing I love to hate, but Unfaithful found me pretty much following along in step with his rhythms and dramatic choices.
May 11, 2002
May 10, 2002
At what point in the movie is it too late to ask for your money back?
May 10, 2002
It's an ill movie that bloweth no man to good.
May 10, 2002
Plays like something that's been cryogenically preserved since the AIDS-hysteria heyday of about 1987.
May 10, 2002
French actor Martinez gives Paul the kind of carefree arrogance Gere had in similar roles 20 years ago. He and Lane sizzle in their sultry scenes of afternoon delight.
May 10, 2002
Unfaithful says some true things about marriage, true enough that men will be looking askance at their wives for days after seeing it.
May 10, 2002
Diane Lane's sophisticated performance can't rescue Adrian Lyne's Unfaithful from its sleazy moralizing.
May 10, 2002
Unfaithful ends so badly that it's impossible to recommend. At the same time, the film is impossible to dismiss because of Diane Lane's performance.
May 10, 2002
An adult film about the hard choices adults have to make.
May 10, 2002
Diane Lane works nothing short of a minor miracle in Unfaithful.