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During a wild weekend in Las Vegas, four young friends get into trouble with a loan shark and must skip town in a hurry. But gambling debts may be the least of their worries after they get stranded in the vast Nevada desert. One of the guys discovers a mysterious metal fragment and then promptly goes missing during the night. When the remaining three catch up with their lost friend, they notice something oddly different about him. As his condition worsens, the others realize that some unearthly being may be stalking them in the wilderness. (c) Dark Sky

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  • Apr 17, 2015
    This is the Hangover meets found footage horror/sci-fi and It. Just. Doesn't. Work. This might've come across like a good idea on paper after the guys, including half of the film's leads in Parry Shen and Eddie Mui, as they had a creative involvement in the film, had a couple of beers and they're tossing ideas aroudn for what they can do and this is the best they can come up with. That's honestly what it feels like. Not that I, for one second, think that it was that easy to actually come up with this concept, not that it's one that requires a lot of thought-process either. I have no idea what this film was honestly trying to achieve. It attempts to have this comical side that just ends up feeling incredibly forced and contrived. 40-45 minutes of Las Vegas Hangover-inspired goofiness leading to an even equally perplexing alien subplot. Why the fuck are there even aliens in the movie? You're watching two completely different movies at once. The two styles simply do not mesh together well. The comedic type stuff in no way has any relevance to what comes later in the film. They try to pretend that everythign that happened in Las Vegas led them to the situation they find themselves in with the 'aliens', but just the fact that they're telling you it is so does not make it so. This is a series of sketches for the most part. It doesn't build to anything at all. Quite frankly, it's fucking terrible. I don't begrudge the film for being low-budget, but I think in some places it really affected the film. Just how everything plays out and how it's shot gives off the appereance of a student film. There was literally next-to-no budget allocated for this film. And it really shows in some of the really minor league special/camera effects. When people talk about bad found footage films, this is what they talk about when they say the bottom of the barrel. The acting is nothing to write home about, the film is horribly paced. It doesn't build to anything. You just feel empty inside as you're watching this. Perhaps it doesn't play out, in first viewing, as being bad, but when you think about it, you find out that it is, indeed, a goddamn terrible movie. Very little in the way of redeeming qualites, if it even has any. I think I'm being generous when I give it a star, but I wouldn't rate it among the worst horror films I've ever seen. It's just a terrible movie that I will forget about in 2 days. You can do so much better than this. Dead Snow 2, perhaps, would be up your alley. I wouldn't recommend this even to my worst enemy.
    Jesse O Super Reviewer

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