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November 3, 2018
Unknown, with its fast cuts, bad monologues and psychedelic flashback sequences, relies too heavily on plot twists that are at best convoluted and more often just plain ludicrous. That said, the final pay off is great.
April 2, 2014
Like an irritating sense of déjà-vu, you would swear that you've seen this all before, as paranoid amnesiacs, European locales, and leather jacket clad hit men collide to make for a mildly entertaining thriller.
January 22, 2013
February 17, 2011
December 7, 2007
October 14, 2007
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June 12, 2007
goes round in circles, with petty arguments and lengthy monologues making the minutes drag in what ought to be a taut thriller.
April 12, 2007
Enjoyable thriller with superb performances, a decent plot and some thought-provoking ideas about identity and human nature underneath its twisty tale.
March 1, 2007
A knife-sharp psychological action thriller.
February 5, 2007
This is the work of filmmakers so satisfied with a story that isn't the least bit satisfying.
February 4, 2007
Never rises above the level of a promising calling card, but there's something refreshing about its innate sense of its own B-movieness.
February 3, 2007
January 27, 2007
Gimmicky but effective, this claustrophobic thriller has such an intriguing premise that it keeps us entertained even as it gets increasingly contrived.
January 14, 2007
A premissa é instigante, mas, infelizmente, quanto mais descobrimos sobre a trama, menos interessante o filme se torna.
January 11, 2007
UNKNOWN works as a puzzle and it provides a fine ride for audiences. It has audacity and invention and marks the emergence of a couple of behind-the-scenes talents to watch.
December 15, 2006
There's a good little thriller lurking somewhere in the depths of "Unknown," but it never quite rises to the surface.
December 15, 2006
You wish some of the plot holes had been spackled better.
December 14, 2006
The gimmick is all worn out, the script never makes us believe its epidemic of memory loss could ever happen, and its crescendo of third-act plot twists play like a desperate patch job on a concept that just didn't come off.
December 14, 2006
A nifty little psychological crime thriller that suggests a Treasure of the Sierra Madre for the postindustrial age.
December 8, 2006
It's a good gimmick, but still a gimmick, and we're left with more confusion than tension.
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