Sep 25, 2020
This juvenile, unnecessary, and utterly pathetic madness can barely be considered a comedy; the jokes are so immature and flat that it more closely resembles a tragedy.
Jun 18, 2012
A witless and utterly predictable comic fantasy about a misfit turned hero.
Dec 29, 2010
Really dumb, but many teens love it anyway.
Jul 10, 2010
An agreeable yet forgettable comedy...
Aug 12, 2009
There's an innocence to The Waterboy that makes the picture part slapstick and part fairy tale...The only problem with letting kids see this Adam Sandler movie? They might want to see another one. [Blu-ray]
Jul 24, 2009
A predictable, formulaic, dumb comedy that has about as much depth as Bobby . . . unless you think of it in Forrest Gump terms, and then it begins to get a little less offensive and a little funnier.
Oct 18, 2008
Though unabashedly goofy, this comedy also boasts some subtly ingenious moments of mirth.
Jun 2, 2008
The formulaic mix of mirth and mayhem is aimed way down the MTV food chain...
Jun 2, 2008
Perfectly watchable, undemanding fun, but you can't help thinking that a slightly darker tone would have gone a very long way.
Jun 2, 2008
Hands up anyone who shelled-out cash at the cinema to see this pathetic sporting comedy...What were you thinking of?
Jul 23, 2007
The Waterboy is scrappy and funny and achieves its modest aim, which is to make us laugh like grade-schoolers. The doofus boy triumphs again.
Jan 26, 2006
The direction is as blunt and vacant as the plotting, the jokes are obvious and the performances (with a couple of exceptions) charmless.
Dec 6, 2005
No stretching involved, but he delivers. It's a safe date film.
Jul 21, 2005
The film is amiably goofy.
Apr 9, 2005
It's a piece of comic fluff that has lots of laughs and appeals to the kid in us all.
Apr 2, 2005
Feb 28, 2005
The Waterboy is a disappointment, even by standards associated with Adam Sandler's work.
Jan 29, 2005
Adam Sandler movies are like kumquats -- you either like them or you don't.
May 22, 2003
God knows, it tries, but most of the jokes fall flat, and the movie never gets off the ground.
May 20, 2003
The Waterboy should have been sacked long before it reached the theater.