Dec 29, 2010
As pretty and light as a feather on the wind.
Dec 30, 2006
Dec 26, 2003
In the tradition of the also nearly wordless Atlantis and Microcosmos… educational voiceover narration is superfluous: It's enough simply to see.
Aug 12, 2003
Winged Migration is a quite astounding feat of cinema.
Jul 11, 2003
After seeing these natural wonders, the elaborate special effects of such films as The Hulk and The Matrix Reloaded will seem like cheap parlor tricks.
Jul 11, 2003
The photography is radiant.
Jul 6, 2003
As magnificent as it is perplexing.
Jun 27, 2003
Flight as sheer freedom couldn't be better demonstrated.
Jun 27, 2003
A film that will leave you dreaming about what it would be like to step off the edge of the world and discover you could fly.
Jun 27, 2003
A life-affirming story that's enthralling, inspiring and poignant.
Jun 20, 2003
It's a beautiful and oddly restful experience.
Jun 20, 2003
This is a movie to be seen and savored. And savored again.
Jun 20, 2003
The movie offers ample amounts of power, poetry and even humor.
Jun 20, 2003
A feat of diligence -- and not just on the part of its feathered subjects.
Jun 19, 2003
It's a heady, exultant ode to life.
Jun 17, 2003
Jun 13, 2003
Winged Migration is, without question, the best documentary about birds I have ever seen.
Jun 12, 2003
For those who dream of soaring with eagles -- or gliding with geese or hovering with herons -- the euphoric Winged Migration literally offers a bird's-eye view of the world's most majestic vistas.
Jun 11, 2003
A fascinating motion picture.
Jun 11, 2003
Whether we're seeing a startled flock taking sudden flight or zapping into a mountain lake to catch fish, our eye is constantly bedazzled.