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Critic Consensus: A tasteless unintentional parody of the life it attempts to dramatize, Wired butchers John Belushi's memory with a misguided screenplay and unnecessary recreations of classic performances.

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This film, loosely-based on the book by Bob Woodward, follows the career of comedian John Belushi (Michael Chiklis) as his spirit is guided through the past by the Angel Velasquez (Ray Sharkey).
R (adult situations/language, nudity)
Comedy , Drama , Science Fiction & Fantasy
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Michael Chiklis
as John Belushi
Ray Sharkey
as Angel
J.T. Walsh
as Bob Woodward
Patti D'Arbanville
as Cathy Smith
Lucinda Jenney
as Judy Belushi
Gary Groomes
as Dan Aykroyd
Alex Rocco
as Arnie Fromson
Clyde Kusatsu
as Coroner
Billy Preston
as Himself
Tom Bower
as Detective
Earl Billings
as Detective
Dakin Matthews
as Washington Post Editor
J.C. Quinn
as Comedy Coach
Stephen Vinovich
as Studio Executive
Steve Vinovich
as Studio Executive
Matthew Faison
as Doctor Robbins
Jon Snyder
as Film Director
Finis III Henderson
as Morgue Attendant
Amy Michelson
as Photographer
Blake Clark
as Jenkins
Scott Plank
as Herb Axelson
Brooke McCarter Jr.
as Punk Rocker
Richard Feldman
as Studio Page
Ned Bellamy
as Forrest
John Apicella
as Loading Supervisor
Joe Urla
as Stage Manager
Diane Behrens
as Typist
Roger Rook
as Coroner's Assistant
Ron Perkins
as Record Producer
Drew Pillsbury
as Morgue Nurse
Allan Thomas
as Blues Brother and SNL Band Member
Charles Holman
as SNL Cast Member
Nancy DeCarl
as Hotel Manager
Pete Willcox
as Elvis Impersonator
A.C. Meadows
as Colonel Impersonator
Neil Portnow
as Band Leader, King Bee
Keith Joe Dick
as Man in Club
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Given the impossibility of his assignment, Michael Chiklis doesn't do half badly as Belushi -- he`s clearly a better actor, though not necessarily a better comic, than the original -- but otherwise Wired can claim only camp value.

Full Review… | May 4, 2014
Chicago Tribune
Top Critic

The result is a film that hedges its bets but still manages to portray the destructive power of drugs.

Full Review… | May 4, 2014
Chicago Tribune
Top Critic

What you're left with is a vague portrait of the artist as the victim of too much, too soon.

Full Review… | May 4, 2014
Philadelphia Inquirer
Top Critic

You leave this movie unenlightened about who John Belushi really was, or why he abused himself so badly.

Full Review… | May 4, 2014
Orlando Sentinel
Top Critic

The crippling flaw in the film lies in its mix of surface daring and inner funk. Inside, it keeps flinching.

Full Review… | May 4, 2014
Los Angeles Times
Top Critic

Relentlessly offputting.

Full Review… | March 26, 2009
Top Critic

Audience Reviews for Wired

Surprised Chiklis ever recovered from such a bull$hit attempt by the producers at telling this story.

bill secor
bill secor

I had never seen Wired until this week. Never wanted to see it, for whatever reason. I love truly terrible movies, I watch SNL, have since I was a kid, I certainly like Chiklis a lot, after his career recovery. Good god. The only explanation, trite as it may be, I can come with for this movie is that a bunch of people decided that the best way to make a movie about Belushi was do a lot of coke themselves. This is one of those movies where absolutely everything that can be done wrong, it's done wronger. No wonder it's unavailable, it's like watching that Roger Corman Fantastic Four movie. Gah.

Robert Lee
Robert Lee

AN ULTIMATE ANTI-DRUG MOVIE. The morning after John Belushi died on March 5, 1982, my friends and I on our school-bus were talking about the speed-ball ("fireball") John Belushi died from and how somebody else must have injected the speed-ball into John Belushi's arm because "how else could a fatal dose of cocaine and heroin be injected into an arm of a dead guy". At the moment of the conversation about speedballs and cocaine and heroin being the ingredients in a speedball, I fully understood that Cocaine and Heroin are drugs that can kill you and injecting drugs into your arm is almost a sure way to die. Because of John Belushi, I am probably still alive today; having LEARNED that Cocaine kills and Heroin also kills. WIRED based on the Bob Woodward biography of John Belushi is an ULTIMATE REMINDER (or SYMBOL) to me of what cocaine and heroin do to a person. Drugs turned John Belushi, a truly LOVING and LOVABLE guy into an absolute MONSTER to wreak-havoc on his loved-ones and us fans who loved him dearly as well. If you die from a drug overdose, WIRED tells me every time I think of it, the manner people who die of drug overdoses are immortalized: people's memory of you will always be partially eclipsed by the way you died and how you treated people. WIRED the movie suffers from people in John Belushi's real life not co-operating with the production and making the actual filmmakers fearful and demoralized and discouraged from making a great film. WIRED feels like the filmmakers were on cocaine themselves during part of the time they put the film together. There are clearly two stories (perhaps two screenplays even) being run, acted, and edited simultaneously: first there's the angel taking John Belushi's ghost around in a taxi and there's another "movie" in side WIRED that's totally unaware of the John Belushi-Ghost movie's existence which is about Bob Woodward's researching his book abut John Beluyshi's life. In other words WIRED is a mess of a film that through the symbology of its very existence illustrates/EPITOMIZES a very messy life and a very messy death and all of the messy feelings and memories everyone old enough to have "known" John Belushi holds for John Belushi. WIRED is 100% because WIRED is a perfect reminder of the pain and suffering cocaine and heroin brings-upon everyone. (in fact my neighbor died of a heroin overdose 11 years ago; heroin literally took the little 21 year old kid over and turned a very talented young man into a monster who died from the drug)

Gordon Terry
Gordon Terry

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