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Baskets: Season 2 Reviews

January 20, 2017
This is about Baskets, a show that made enough of an impact that Louie Anderson won a very much deserved Emmy but that not too many people are writing think pieces about. But maybe they should be
January 19, 2017
The chemistry between Anderson and Galifianakis drives the best parts of the new season, but it's not at the expense of sharp humor, biting irony and plummeting self worth rendered funny by its sheer hopelessness.
January 18, 2017
Baskets will never be a walk in the park. And it no doubt remains too dark for many. Some rays of light are showing, though... Nothing overly warm and toasty, mind you. But some welcome little thaws.
Full Review | Original Score: B+
January 17, 2017
As before, Anderson is something beyond brilliant. Making tender a role that could easily become grotesque, he is completely alive as Christine. There isn't a line that comes from his mouth that doesn't seem to have been born in the moment he speaks it.