Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990 - 2000)

Beverly Hills, 90210

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The trendy, long-running drama about pretty kids with ugly problems followed a pack of Gen-Xers from high school to post-collegiate life, while turning the cast into teen idols and helping Fox buff its youth-oriented image. Soapy and addictive, it tackled serious issues aplenty, including date rape, gun control, bulimia, steroids and substance abuse of every sort. It spun off the similarly popular 'Melrose Place' and offered early gigs to Hilary Swank, Peter Krause, Dean Cain and Vivica A. Fox.

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1999, FOX, 27 episodes

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1998, FOX, 26 episodes

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1997, FOX, 31 episodes

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1996, FOX, 32 episodes

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1995, FOX, 32 episodes

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1994, FOX, 32 episodes

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1993, FOX, 32 episodes

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1992, FOX, 30 episodes

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1991, FOX, 28 episodes

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1990, FOX, 23 episodes


Jason Priestley
as Brandon Walsh
Randy Spelling
as Randy Sanders
Shannen Doherty
as Brenda Walsh
Luke Perry
as Dylan McKay
Jennie Garth
as Kelly Taylor
Ian Ziering
as Steve Sanders
Tori Spelling
as Donna Martin
Gabrielle Carteris
as Andrea Zuckerman
Carol Potter
as Cindy Walsh
Joe E. Tata
as Nat Bussichio
Jason Wiles
as Colin Robbins
Ann H. Gillespie
as Jackie Taylor Silver
Douglas Emerson
as Scott Scanlon
Matthew Laurance
as Mel Silver
Katherine Cannon
as Felice Martin
Michael Durrell
as Dr. John Martin
Christine Elise
as Emily Valentine
Nicholas Pryor
as Chancellor Milton Arnold
Mark D. Espinoza
as Jesse Vasquez
Tiffani Thiessen
as Valerie Malone
Jed Allan
as Rush Sanders
Jamie Walters
as Ray Pruit
John Reilly
as Bill Taylor
Vincent Young
as Noah Hunter
Hilary Swank
as Carly Reynolds
Lindsay Price
as Janet Sosna
Daniel Cosgrove
as Matt Durning
Kerrie Keane
as Suzanne
Mark Kiely
as Meyers
Joey Gian
as Kenny
Josh Taylor
as Jack McKay
Christine Belford
as Samantha Sanders
Josie Davis
as Madeline
Denise Y. Dowse
as Mrs. Teasley
Scott Paulin
as Prof. Randall
Cress Williams
as D'Shawn Hardell
Dana Barron
as Donna's Friend
Jeffrey King
as Charley
Dan Gauthier
as Dick Harrison
Jennifer Grant
as Celeste Lundy
Alan Toy
as Professor
Stephanie Beacham
as Dylan's Mother
Nancy Paul
as Laura Rye
Cory Tyler
as Freshman 2
Jane Daly
as Molly
David Gail
as Stuart
Michael Stoyanov
as Kelly's Friend
Brooke Theiss
as Leslie Sumner
Robert Gossett
as Det. Woods
Jason Carter
as Roy Randolph
Jon Gries
as Dylan's Dealer
Michael Cudlitz
as Tony Miller
Scott Williamson
as Coach Reilly
Tim Dunigan
as Matt Brody
Billy Vera
as Duke Weatherill
Rachel Davis
as Dr. Browning
Jenny O'Hara
as Pam Scanlon
Daniel Dae Kim
as Dr. Sturla
Heather McAdam
as Betty/Sarah
Corin Nemec
as Driscoll
Michael Trucco
as Noah's Brother
Denise Dowse
as Mrs. Teasly
Greg Vaughn
as Donna's Friend
Leslie Ishii
as Janet's Mother
Mary Crosby
as Claudia Van Eyck
Carl T. Evans
as Jonathan
Mercedes Kastner
as Kelly's Sister
Shawn Batten
as Officer
Kathleen Noone
as Ruth Keats
Art Hindle
as Detective Rendell
Beth Taylor
as Mrs. Brody
Denise Downs
as Counselor
Arva Holt
as Det. Pena
Kymberly S. Newberry
as Ellen Clayton
Martin Kildare
as Ski-Patrol Chief
Valerie Landsburg
as Cathy Genson
Ken Jenkins
as Pastor William Neal
Robb Derringer
as Andrew Emery
Rod McCary
as Rob Lanza
Stephen Rowe
as Serge Menkon
Claudette Nevins
as Vivian Carson
Ken Lerner
as Jerry Korman
Natalie Venetia Belcon
as Janice Williams
William S. Taylor
as Dean Trimble
David Lascher
as Kyle Connor
Julie Adams
as Cindy's Mother
Wendy Benson
as Darla Hansen
Kathy Evison
as Kathy Fisher
Sam Saletta
as Youngster
Leigh Taylor-Young
as Noah's Mother
Robia La Morte
as Jill Flemming
Scott Jaeck
as Chapman
Grant Show
as Jake Hanson
Fatima Lowe
as Production Manager
Leilani Jones
as City Attorney
Tony Todd
as Dr. Tate
Nikki Fritz
as Stripper
Stan Ivar
as Glen Evans
Richard Roundtree
as Robinson Ashe
Amy Hess
as Robin
Melinda Culea
as Dr. Donner
Norman Parker
as Fletcher
Guy Boyd
as Gerald Keats
Clayton Rohner
as Dr. Miles Foxe
Yavone Evans
as Tara's Mother
Michele Abrams
as Kelly's Friend
Andi Chapman
as Angela Rhodes
Jane Rogers
as Jane Schulze
John Walcutt
as Bruce Paxton
Jessica Alba
as Teen Mother
James Handy
as Tom Rose
Matthew Faison
as Dr. Gordon
Pat Crowley
as Administrator
Erica Yohn
as David's Grandmother
Brandon Douglas
as Charlie Dixon
Arthur Rosenberg
as Superintendent Ephardt
Ray Wise
as Noah's Father
David Sherrill
as Jack Canner
Sarah Aldrich
as Noah's Friend
Brant Cotton
as Walter Hawkins
Patricia Conklin
as Mrs. Brower
Meg Wittner
as Mrs. Shaw
Christine Healy
as Dr. Phillips
John Harrington Bland
as ADA Derek Hall
Carla Montana
as Exchange Student
Don Barnes
as Walker
Scott Terra
as Peter Foley
Tina Lifford
as Felicity Ashe
Craig Hurley
as Falcone
Alan Fudge
as Judge Stanton
Betty K. Bynum
as DA Steiner
Brendan Ford
as Jankowski
Leslie Bega
as Maryanne
Clyde Kusatsu
as Parole Officer
Richard C. Hearst
as Rob's Manager
James O'Sullivan
as Rushnell Sanders
Robert Rockwell
as Grandpa Bill Beevis
Lar Park Lincoln
as Tammy Kane
Gloria Loring
as Mrs. Cleveland
Pat Crawford Brown
as Mission Woman
Mike Hagerty
as Tim Ferrell
Aki Aleong
as President Quintero
Peter Sherayko
as Stage Driver
Jim Hatch
as Coach
Kim Morgan Greene
as Dayna Sawyer
Marte Boyle
as Dr. Littman
Benjamin Smith
as Warren Gruzin
June Lockhardt
as Donna's Grandmother
Grayson McCouch
as Larry Lincoln
Jack Maxwell
as Wakefield
Lainie Kazan
as Grandma Rose
George McDaniel
as Terry Wilson
Doren Fein
as Jessica Korman
Jordana Stiro
as Designer
Shadoe Stevens
as Sonny Sharp
Nancy Sorel
as Gloria Richland
Mary Layne
as Dr. Baldwin
Ricco Ross
as Miles Caufield
Matt Nolan
as Chuckie Wilson
Cyril O'Reilly
as Frank Padilla
Marnie McPhail
as Mrs. Merrick
Season Hubley
as Noah's Attorney
Deborah Goodrich
as Brandon's Co-Worker
Bill Cross
as Curtis
Juanita Jennings
as Isaiah's Mother
Nicholas Coster
as Chancellor Arnold
Joan Pringle
as Connie Shayes
Karen Roe
as Linda
James Karen
as Reverend
Al Ruscio
as David's Grandfather
Jim Pirri
as Burke Cahill
Nicholle Tom
as Freshman 1
David Dean
as Travis
David Cromwell
as Pickering
Tembi Locke
as Lisa Dixon
Carl Evans
as Jonathan
David Purdham
as Conway Holland
Kevin Rahm
as Deputy DA
Joel Brooks
as Dr. Van Fertle
Christine Mitges
as Grace Feldman
Cathy Podewell
as Con Victim
Jane Marla
as Mrs. Ashe
Bruce French
as Dr. Abrams
Gordon Thomson
as Kyle Parish
Tai Babilonia
as TV Announcer
June Claman
as Grandma Georgette Walsh
Kaitlin Hopkins
as Lisa Murchinson
Lori Sebourn
as Eberlee
Rebekah Carlton
as Mary, Too
June Lockhart
as Donna's Grandmother
Charmin Lee
as Nurse Schipper
Tricia O'Neil
as Mrs. O'Lare
Christian Hoff
as Jeff Stellar
Jon Kean
as Noah Levy
Marcus Smythe
as Scott Coveny
Maura Soden
as Alex's Mother
Judith McConnell
as Trust Officer
Michael Milhoan
as Border Guard
Nichole Tom
as Sue Scanlon
Harvey Vernon
as Justice of the Peace
Eck Stone
as Mawn Yoto
Ken Weiler
as Car Museum Employee
Sydney Brown
as Holly Marlow
Michael McDermott
as Darla's Dylan
Julie Cobb
as Group Leader
John Lafayette
as Sterling Penn
Jode Leigh Edwards
as Donna's Friend
Teddy Lane Jr.
as INS Officer
Al Rodrigo
as Detective
Lisa Williams
as Barbara Korman
Nicholas Guest
as Ivan Trotz
Matthew Fairchild
as Chuck Grant
Scott Gurney
as Kelly's Companion
Carrie Dobro
as Sgt. Cohen
Richard Danielson
as Cole Younger
Peter de Anda
as Father Ledley
Francine York
as Chapel Manager
Sean O'Bryan
as Charlie Dixon
as Himself
Jennifer Aspen
as Girl with Dylan
Dom DeLuise
as Magic Morton
Bruce Gray
as Craig Ramming
Rich Cooper
as Record Exec
Monica Allison
as Dylan's Sponsor
John H. Ingle
as St. Claire
Susan Lentini
as Dr. Karen Haller
Bess Meisler
as Andrea's Grandmother
James Noah
as Dr. Gillette
Cynthia Szigeti
as Madame Raven
Danielle Wiener
as Child Model
Randy Gardner
as Assistant Coach
Dorit Sauer
as Groupie
Rick Zieff
as Bobby Pandolfo
Mike Genovese
as Colin's Father
Ric Coy
as Brian
Brian Vaughn
as Stewart
Micah Rowe
as Spencer
Mary Kate McGeehan
as Ms. Signorelli
Jack Heller
as Dershenbaum
Bernie Kopell
as Dr. Beldon
Phil Morris
as Det. Hayes
Bill Mondy
as Hotel Manager
Tim Lounibos
as Reporter
Julie Wright
as New Mother
Cam Neely
as Himself
Pasha Grishuk
as Pasha Grishuk
Lucy Liu
as Courtney
Page Moseley
as Group Manager
Miguel Pérez
as Mel Borland
David Kagen
as Brenda's Attorney
Karen Rosen
as Dana's Roommate
Margot Rose
as Kelly's Professor
Robert Pine
as Valerie's Attorney
Dean Cochran
as Football Hero
Rosie Malek-Yonan
as Nurse Barbara
Carla Toutz
as Dr. Fowler
Richard Gant
as Inspector
Ron Duguay
as Himself
Kimberly Bailey
as Assistant DA
Michael Devorzon
as Detective Bob
Hal Havins
as Salesman
Shanna Reed
as Patricia
Pasean Wilson
as Judy Spencer
Bob Kirsh
as Donald
Richard Biggs
as Dr. Lecksis
Emily Cutler
as Lou Nebitts
Julie Caitlin Brown
as Dr. Michaels
Greg Finley
as Conrad Scanlon
Walton Goggins
as Mike Muchin
Brenda Varda
as Mrs. Foley
Dierk Torsek
as Dr. Kramer
Yuri Ogawa
as Dottie
Renee Altieri
as Counselor
Tom Virtue
as Louis Behr
Lisa Thornhill
as Karen Lewis
Richard Keats
as Christian Sutton
Beth Meisler
as Grandma Rose
Danny Woodburn
as Leprechaun
Jill Remez
as Prosecutor
Damara Reilly
as Croupier No. 1
Ted Hayden
as Dr. Petty
Janet Carroll
as Patsy Regan
Matt Winston
as Stuart Patton
Judith Hoag
as Wendy Reiner
Mimi Lieber
as Melanie Silverman
Zach Bostrom
as Henry Regan
Robyn Bliley
as Chrissy
Sue Giosa
as Ms. Zuckerman
Scott Ellis Loring
as Paul Spencer
Freeman Michaels
as Patrick Durning
Alice Krige
as Anne Beresford
Jamie Borgman
as Trish Edwards
Walker Brandt
as Juliane Durning
Danny Mora
as Everardo
Don Calfa
as Howard Stern
Gili Lang
as Michael
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