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Walt's lies have pushed Skyler to her limit. She leaves with the kids. Meanwhile, Jesse blames himself for Jane's death and goes into rehab.


Bryan Cranston
as Walter White
Anna Gunn
as Skyler White
Aaron Paul
as Jesse Pinkman
Dean Norris
as Hank Schrader
Betsy Brandt
as Marie Schrader
RJ Mitte
as Walter White Jr.
John De Lancie
as Donald Margolis
Sam McMurray
as Dr. Victor Brave
Krysten Ritter
as Jane Margolis
Philip Howell
as O.M.I. Attendant
David House
as Dr. Delcavoli
Juliet Lopez
as O.M.I. Officer
Kieran Sequoia
as Local Correspondent
Richard Williams
as Community Leader No. 1
Daniel Halleck
as Community Leader No. 2
Bob Odenkirk
as Saul Goodman
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