Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 4 (2017 - 2018)

Season 4
Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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Riotous shenanigans still reign supreme, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine's fourth season also broaches controversial issues with its trademark compassion and eloquent humor.



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    Oof, that was Rotten.

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    It’s good – I’d recommend it.


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Air date: Sep 20, 2016

Part 1 of 3. In the fourth-season premiere, Jake and Holt continue their new lives in Florida under the Witness Protection Program while Jimmy remains at large, but their identities may be revealed after a video of the pair goes viral.

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Air date: Sep 27, 2016

Part 2 of 3. Jake and Holt end up on the other side of the interrogation table after being caught plotting an attack on Figgis. Meanwhile, a questionable new captain takes over at the precinct.

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Air date: Oct 4, 2016

Conclusion. The team take a road trip to Florida to help Jake and Holt take down Jimmy Figgis, but an unexpected injury and Sheriff Reynolds thwart their plan. Then, Jake and Amy have an awkward reunion.

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Air date: Oct 11, 2016

A crossover event that concludes on "New Girl" begins with Jake enlisting Jess' help with a case during her visit to New York. Meanwhile, Holt researches methods to improve office morale; and Amy wonders why Rosa takes such long breaks.

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Air date: Oct 18, 2016

The squad compete in the precinct's annual Halloween heist in hopes of winning this year's title of Ultimate Detective Slash Genius.

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Air date: Nov 15, 2016

Rosa and Pimento decide to get married, leading the whole squad to prep for their wedding under Amy's direction. Meanwhile, Jake and Gina struggle in their search for Pimento's grandmother's ruby earrings.

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Air date: Nov 22, 2016

Jake pulls out all the stops in hopes of impressing Amy's father, a former cop, at her family's Thanksgiving dinner. Elsewhere, Charles is on turkey duty; and Holt helps Pimento cope with the fact that he can no longer work for the NYPD.

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Air date: Nov 29, 2016

Terry meets his lifelong hero, a famous author, after the man receives death threats. Elsewhere, Gina forces her way into the Boyle clan of cousins in hopes of choosing the next family vacation; and Holt's furious when Amy sides with Kevin in an argument about a math puzzle.

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Air date: Dec 6, 2016

Jake and Holt help Captain C.J. with a tough case. Meanwhile, Terry's eco-friendly initiative causes a feud when he demands that Gina ditch her space heater; and Rosa and Boyle visit a foot-massage parlor while taking a break during the night shift.

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Air date: Dec 13, 2016

Jake helps Charles search for a Christmas present for his son, but the pair end up facing off against a Latvian crime ring in the process. Elsewhere, the team prepare for their annual Christmas carol competition against their rivals, the MTA.

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Tv Season Info

Return to the precinct for the fourth series of hilarity and hijinks at the hands of New York's not so finest.

Cast & Crew

Joel McKinnon Miller
Detective Norm Scully
Dirk Blocker
Detective Michael Hitchcock
Stephanie Beatriz
Detective Rosa Diaz
Joe Lo Truglio
Detective Charles Boyle
Andre Braugher
Captain Ray Holt
Melissa Fumero
Detective Amy Santiago
Chelsea Peretti
Gina Linetti
Gina Gershon
Lt. Melanie Hawkins
Jason Mantzoukas
Adrian Pimento
Fernando Martínez
Sarah Baker
Michael Gantz
Detective Dyson
Ken Marino
"C.J." Jason Stentley
Abigail Marlowe
Daniella Andrade
Dutch Johnson
Billy Ocampo
David Miner
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News & Interviews for Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 4

Critic Reviews for Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4

All Critics (13) | Top Critics (7)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been on a tear since the end of last season, successfully implementing a serialized arc.

Jan 9, 2019 | Rating: B+ | Full Review…

Whoever suggested that the former Homicide detective and the rascally SNL truant would make a sure-fire dynamic duo deserves a gold shield.

Sep 19, 2016 | Full Review…

For a series to have yet addressed this subject, it was a relief that the hit series -- now on its fourth run -- tackled the subject head-on in a spirit that remained true to the show.

Jan 9, 2019 | Full Review…

The show has loosened up considerably this season, and it's fun to see it try new things and play outside the box.

Jan 9, 2019 | Rating: 5/5 | Full Review…

An incredibly sharp comedy, letting everyone from Andy Samberg at his goofiest to Andre Braugher at his most deadpan shine.

Jan 9, 2019 | Full Review…

It's a dark, somewhat depressing, yet very funny episode (and season premiere) of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Sep 21, 2016 | Rating: B+ | Full Review…

Diverse cast is handled with sensitivity and affection, each character fully realized with his or her own quirks.

Aug 8, 2019 | Rating: A- | Full Review…

It has some funny bits and one-liners. It's entertaining, but maybe a little boring. Kind of similar to how Jake and Holt feel about their witness protection lives.

Jan 9, 2019 | Rating: 3.5/5 | Full Review…

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has kept up its sharp humor and creative storylines, arguably getting better as it continues into its fourth season.

Jan 9, 2019 | Full Review…

[Samberg] and Braugher are perfect, so perfect that we almost want them to stay in Florida together forever.

Sep 23, 2016 | Rating: 8.7/10 | Full Review…

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is as good as ever and [a] welcomed half-hour reprieve from the real world.

Sep 21, 2016 | Rating: 8/10 | Full Review…

For the most part the comedy series feels the same while making minor changes in each episode, and while that might often be seen as a hindrance to shows, it's exactly what has made Brooklyn Nine-Nine so resilient over the years.

Sep 20, 2016 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 4

  • May 13, 2020
    Just when you thought they couldn't top themselves, here comes Season Four of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The crew manages to deliver some raunchy humor but also displaying more character development that's very social-commentary-based that's effective. Overall, the season spares no laughs or gags and is truly one of the best comedies on television. 4.7/5
    Eugene B Super Reviewer
  • Feb 03, 2021
    As usual, this season of B99 delivers its usual wit and humour that I have come to know and love. Some interesting story arcs have kept the show alive and prevented it from losing origianlity and focus. I'm having a great time with this show, it's absolutely hilarious and can't wait for S5 Quote - "I assure you, my Mother's not a vibrator" - Captain Holt Rating - 4/5
  • Oct 12, 2020
    While maintaining the overall level of comedy, Season 4 took a further operation in the real plot, not only the turbulent reversal, but also the most common operation of the drama series. Probably from this time on, what the audience liked most about the nine nine was not only the initial attractive laughing point, but also the characters themselves and the development between them.
  • Sep 11, 2020
    Season 4 is great! The Coral Palms plot with Jimmy Figgis is the best plot in the whole series! Compelling and still funny, its great!
  • Aug 30, 2020
    This show jumps the shark at the start of season 4 and afterwards only has a glimmer of its former self here and there.
  • Aug 16, 2020
    9.4/10 Just as good as the previous season, it might even be better. There is so much more to these characters now and the way this season starts and ends was magnificent. I can't get enough of this show, even the filler episodes get better each time.
  • Jul 02, 2020
    Super good season, I really do love this show and it just keeps getting better and better
  • Apr 25, 2020
    Likely the best season yet for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, thanks to even more frequent guffaws, and more thoughtful scripts. As with so many of Michael Schur's programs, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is so perfectly cast that it's worth watching from that gear alone. The characters are even more fleshed out this year, and it goes into heavier subject matter than past seasons, including an episode that deals with racial profiling. It also concludes with one of the series best cliff-hangers, showing that Schur's sit-coms can outdo plenty of serialized dramas in terms of creating engaging arcs. One of the best shows on network TV, and likely to remain so for a while.
  • Jan 24, 2020
    Está serie demuestra que no importa la cantidad de elenco o efectos especiales que tenga una serie. Lo importante es la trama y mantener a la audiencia entretenida. Increíble
  • Jan 22, 2020
    La serie demuestra bajo estima en comedia, pero sus actores se esfuerzan en dar todo por sus personajes, se llega a desarrollar el climax, pero el guion no le ayuda

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