Doctor Who: Season 12 (2020)

Season 12
Doctor Who

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Doctor Who's twelfth outing adds welcome nuances to Jodie Whittaker's Doctor and some scary new layers of horror to some of the series' most terrifying villains.



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    Oof, that was Rotten.

    Meh, it passed the time.

    It’s good – I’d recommend it.


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Air date: Jan 1, 2020

Intelligence agents around the world are under attack from alien forces, so MI6 turn to the only people who can help: the Doctor and friends. As they travel the globe looking for answers, attacks come from all sides.

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Air date: Jan 5, 2020

In another dimension, a terrifying plan to destroy humanity is about to reach fruition. The Doctor and her friends aim to defeat a deadly alliance.

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Air date: Jan 12, 2020

A luxury holiday on an alien planet beckons for the Doctor and the team.

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Air date: Jan 19, 2020

The Doctor and her companions land in 1903, and must find out who is sabotaging Nikola Tesla's generator plant at Niagara Falls.

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Air date: Jan 26, 2020

Trigger-happy space police the Judoon target 21st-century Gloucester, prompting the Doctor, Yaz, Ryan and Graham to race back to Earth to prevent them from doing too much damage to the cathedral city.

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Air date: Feb 2, 2020

Team Tardis investigates the connection between a missing astronaut, birds behaving strangely in Peru, and a U.S. naval officer who washes up on a Madagascan beach.

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Air date: Feb 9, 2020

From ancient Syria to present day Sheffield, and out into the wilds of space, something is stalking the Doctor and infecting people's nightmares.

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Air date: Feb 16, 2020

The doctor and her gang arrive at the Villa Diodati at Lake Geneva in 1816 on the night that inspired Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. However, the villa proves to have ghostly presences all its own, and the doctor is forced into a decision of earth-shattering proportions.

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Air date: Feb 23, 2020

In the far future, the Doctor and her friends face a brutal battle across the farthest reaches of space to protect the last of the human race against the deadly Cybermen.

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Air date: Mar 1, 2020

In the season finale, the Cybermen are on the march while they hunt down the last remaining humans. And, as lies and truths are revealed, nothing will ever be the same for the Doctor.

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Tv Season Info

Kicking off 2020, the Thirteenth Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) returns, resuming her time-and-space travels with friends Ryan (Tosin Cole), Yasmin (Mandip Gill) and Graham (Bradley Walsh).

Cast & Crew

Tosin Cole
Ryan Sinclair
Bradley Walsh
Graham O'Brien
Jodie Whittaker
The Doctor
Mandip Gill
Yasmin Khan
Alex Austin
Matthew Doman
Richard Highgate
Paul Bailey
Rhiannon Clements
Mickey Lewis
Matthew Rohman
Simon Carew
Matt Carver
Jon Davey
Lili Miller
Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin
Anjli Mohindra
Queen Skithra
Jo Martin
Ruth Clayton
Thapelo Maropefela
Alec Mercer
Nida Manzoor
Vinay Patel
Maxine Alderton
Ed Hime
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Critic Reviews for Doctor Who Season 12

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Jodie Whittaker is quite a good Doctor, her cheerful Northern accent and bouncy enthusiasm bringing an infectious energy to the whole Time Lord malarkey.

Jan 22, 2020 | Full Review…

It's a more confident effort than Series 11, & its failures are more interesting, but it struggles to move beyond some fundamental flaws in Chris Chibnall's vision.

Apr 11, 2020 | Rating: 6/10 | Full Review…

There is plenty to like in this season..but for all of that, viewers are given very little reason to care, with nothing that feels at all consequential or memorable.

Mar 24, 2020 | Rating: 6/10 | Full Review…

After fifteen years of watching this show religiously on the day of release, I almost quit entirely.

Feb 15, 2020 | Full Review…

An episode that manages to pack a lot in without feeling too busy or overstuffed, and give us a few historic surprises along the way.

Jan 31, 2020 | Full Review…

Season 12 begins with an explosive flair and gives hope for this franchise's future. [Full Review in Spanish]

Jan 16, 2020 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…

Doctor Who's 12th season is a radical step in the right direction.

Jan 7, 2020 | Full Review…

It was from the off just big blithering fun, as were the best of the Bond movies on which this two-parter is based:.

Jan 6, 2020 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Doctor Who: Season 12

  • Dec 14, 2020
    They really should rename this to Dr Who Cares. Please stop ruining beloved shows.
  • Dec 01, 2020
    Jodie Whittaker is a fantastic actress but unfortunately the writing and direction of the show overshadows her otherwise convincing portrayal as The Doctor. The blatant disregard for already established events in the show's recent and classic history have completely alienated me from a programme where instead of just watching and waiting for a new writer/Doctor/producer, I am completely alienated and upset that my once-beloved epic TV series I've been watching since I was 10 years old has become a steaming pile of mess.
  • Nov 13, 2020
    The writing is absolutely horrendous, jodie could have been an incredible Doctor, if she had the chance too. I'm just trying my best to push through it as i love Doctor Who, and i really want to enjoy it but can't. It's PC that's ended this amazing franchise.
  • Nov 13, 2020
    Past seasons had a better blend of acting ability and story telling. Nearly every episode feels like a weak BBC documentary, trying to forcibly educate its viewers. A weak string of enemies bring no sense of tension. There are no new concepts or memorable moments that would place this in history as anything special. Each episode seems to be based on one aspect of mainly historical events. With this franchise being used as a speaking platform. Sad attempt, boring, dull. This feels like it was created by hallmark. There are much better ways of telling stories.
  • Nov 11, 2020
    I thought S11 was bad! S12 manages to lower the bar further reaching what seems to be its nadir with the embarrassingly bad Orphan 55. I don't believe any of the writers have seen any previous episodes as this, my favourite program since I was a child, is the first of 2 places where dr who's back story doesn't line up with what they present here (aka Ruth Doctor). With hindsight, they might've been better getting this actor to play the MAIN doctor as JW sadly lacks the gravitas needed for this role! JW never researched this role and it shows. JW's doctor lacks depth or dynamic. It's really hard to take someone seriously in a sci fi setting when they talk with an accent more at home on Coronation Street. It's also hard to like JW as she's insulted a demographic in the fan base of which I am in. It doesn't feel like DW, the stories are weak and preachy! The production values are good but there's just no substance, which makes S11 & 12 the DW equivalent of One Directiion. Most of the companions just stand there and add nothing to the overall plot. Still, there's always the Christmas special to look forward to. Wait, wha...??
  • Sep 29, 2020
    Second poor season of the show in a row now
  • Sep 26, 2020
    You ruined the original timeline and story's
  • Sep 25, 2020
    What happened to the Doctor Who themes we knew and loved? This is... just... shameful and cringy writing. Even Moffat was better...
  • Sep 25, 2020
    So awful to destroy the cannon
  • Sep 23, 2020
    This is the worst writing, the worst acting and the worst doctor. I can't stand this season, blah. Move on please...

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