Jodie Whittaker

Jodie Whittaker

Highest Rated: 94% Good Vibrations (2012)

Lowest Rated: 8% A Thousand Kisses Deep (2011)

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British actress Jodie Whittaker grew up in a working-class industrial town in Northern England, discovered a passion for theater in mid-adolescence, and left secondary school at 16 with the intention of becoming an actress. Following a transitional period that witnessed her journeying across the U.K. and taking a series of odd jobs, she applied and was accepted to the elite Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. A spate of minor professional assignments followed, including a few television roles and work on-stage at the legendary Globe Theatre, but she scored her first international success -- the one that catapulted her from unknown ingénue to marquee name -- with Venus, a sweet-natured, slice-of-life comedy drama about a young waif who waltzes into the world of a grizzled old man in his final days (eight-time Oscar nominee Peter O'Toole) and changes them both. Whittaker followed up that assignment with stage work in a Neil LaBute play, then appeared in the comedy remake St. Trinian's (2007) and starred opposite Viggo Mortensen in the disturbing period piece Good (2008), about a well-meaning literature professor in the 1930s (Mortensen) who finds himself suddenly swept up into the ranks of the Nazi party thanks to his willingness to make moral compromises.


Highest Rated Movies



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82% Journeyman Actor 2017
80% Black Sea Chrissy 2015
79% Get Santa Actor $1.8M 2014
No Score Yet Ollie Kepler's Expanding Purple World Actor 2013
No Score Yet Ashes Ruth 2012
94% Good Vibrations Ruth Hooley 2012
36% One Day Tilly $13.8M 2011
90% Attack the Block Sam $0.9M 2011
No Score Yet The Night Watch Vivian Pearce 2011
8% A Thousand Kisses Deep Actor 2011
No Score Yet Harmony (Hamoni) Mia 2010
56% White Wedding Rose $11.4K 2010
56% Perrier's Bounty Brenda 2010
No Score Yet Wish 143 Actor 2010
No Score Yet Swansong: Story of Occi Byrne Bridget Byrne 2010
14% St Trinian's II: The Legend of Fritton's Gold Beverly 2009
32% Good Anne 2008
31% St. Trinian's Beverly 2007
89% Venus Jessie $3.3M 2006


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Dennis says: Yes to the first two, no to the last one.

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Maurice says: Pleasure I like. I try to give pleasure. It' all I can recommend to anyone.

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