Firefly Season 1

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Praised for his selflessness in rescuing River (Summer Glau) from the Academy, Simon (Sean Maher) quips, "I selflessly turned us both into wanted fugitives." The Serenity encounters a seemingly abandoned cargo ship, a short-range vessel reconfigured to carry settlers. Shepherd Book (Ron Glass) insists that they board the ship to see if anyone needs help. Mal (Nathan Fillion) agrees to check it out, because there might be something valuable aboard to scavenge. Mal and Zoe (Gina Torres) board the ship, where it seems like everyone left in a hurry. Mal calls over some others to help pilfer the farming supplies, but soon finds what remains of the ship's passengers, and realizes they were attacked by the dreaded Reavers. Horrified, he orders everyone back to the Serenity, but before they can leave, Jayne (Adam Baldwin) is attacked by the ship's sole survivor (Branden Morgan). Mal manages to subdue the distraught young man, and they take him to the Serenity's infirmary. "It doesn't matter we took him off that boat, Shepherd," Mal tells Book, "It's the place he's gonna live from now on." Mal soon discovers that the Reavers left a booby trap for any potential rescue ship, and the Serenity will be blown up if they try to detach themselves. Just as Kaylee (Jewel Staite) manages to disarm the trap, the Serenity runs up against a massive Alliance ship. Simon and River are hidden away, as Mal and the rest of the crew are questioned by a strident young Alliance commander (Doug Savant). Meanwhile, the survivor snaps, and begins emulating the Reavers, viciously attacking his rescuers.

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