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At the conclusion of last season, a distraught Peter returned to his otherworldly origins to reconnect with his roots and his birth mother (guest star ORLA BRADY). When the Fringe Team mobilized to retrieve Peter, it was seen as an attack on the alternate universe and led to an intense situation with Walter and Olivia pitted against their doppelgangers in a race against time. William Bell made the ultimate sacrifice that paved the way for Peter to return over here with Walter and a disguised alternate Olivia at his side. This extraordinary turn of events shockingly left an imprisoned Olivia over there. The quest to retrieve Peter from the parallel universe will raise questions about identity and choices next season. In the Season Three premiere, a disoriented Olivia fights to find her way home, and we are introduced to her mother, Marilyn (guest star AMY MADIGAN). Meanwhile, Peter and Walter try to move on with their lives unknowingly alongside the alternate Olivia.


Anna Torv
as Olivia Dunham
Joshua Jackson
as Peter Bishop
John Noble
as Dr. Walter Bishop
Blair Brown
as Nina Sharp
Lance Reddick
as Phillip Broyles
Jasika Nicole
as Astrid Farnsworth
Andre Royo
as Henry Arliss Higgins
Amy Madigan
as Marilyn Dunham
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