Heroes Reborn: Season 1 (2015 - 2016)

Season 1
Heroes Reborn

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Focusing on special effects and unearned melodrama at the expense of the original's initially intriguing narrative, Heroes Reborn is a series revival with seemingly limited prospects.



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Air date: Sep 24, 2015
Air date: Sep 24, 2015
Air date: Oct 1, 2015
Air date: Oct 8, 2015
Air date: Oct 15, 2015
Air date: Oct 22, 2015
Air date: Oct 29, 2015
Air date: Nov 5, 2015
Air date: Nov 12, 2015
Air date: Nov 19, 2015
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Ordinary people discover they have extraordinary powers in this retooling of the TV show "Heroes".

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I can't explain NBC's decision to revive a drama that so recently died ignominiously. But I know that the two-hour premiere didn't lure me back in; just when I thought I was out, I was.

Sep 21, 2015 | Rating: D | Full Review…

Often confusing, requires some Heroes expertise, but some striking special effects.

Sep 24, 2015 | Rating: B- | Full Review…
Top Critic

I'd recommend jumping on-board. We have more options in 2015. It's just as easy to jump back off.

Sep 24, 2015 | Full Review…

Heroes Reborn reintroduces a world clogged with new characters and conspiracies to unravel, but it's so hell-bent on being convoluted that those mysteries quickly lose their appeal.

Sep 24, 2015 | Full Review…

If you didn't watch Heroes, there's no point in trying this series. If you loved Heroes, this is a stinging disappointment. It is sad that NBC is repeating itself, and doing it so badly.

Sep 24, 2015 | Full Review…

The three episodes that were provided for review keep the various plotlines moving efficiently. One gets the feeling that the lines will eventually converge, which is not always the case in these large-ensemble dramas.

Sep 24, 2015 | Full Review…
Top Critic

It's still early - the characters are still developing, secrets are still being dug up, and powers are still getting.. actually... forget this.

Jun 18, 2018 | Rating: 7/10 | Full Review…

The addition of topical vernacular like "truther" to a tired superhero narrative, does not a "rebirth" make.

Jun 15, 2018 | Full Review…

I wish that Jack Coleman and his character had been better served by the material. I wish that he'd gotten more time, or at least more scenes that packed a punch. I wish he'd at least gotten to wear his glasses in the end.

Dec 12, 2017 | Full Review…

it was hard to maintain interest in this juvenilia that should never have graduated from comic book concept to the small screen.

Jun 14, 2017 | Full Review…

Fortunately, Heroes Reborn is one of the few revivals that has benefited from a much-needed hiatus and is giving viewers a story that's actually worth telling.

Sep 21, 2015 | Full Review…

Finally, a reboot that works - Heroes Reborn resets its pieces onto the season one playing board with a new mystery, new characters, and new powers that all lead to some fantastically bizarre moments of television.

Sep 19, 2015 | Rating: 8/10 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Heroes Reborn: Season 1

  • Aug 14, 2016
    A limited miniseries (and possible backdoor to a new series), Heroes Reborn is an action-packed sci-fi thriller. After Noah Bennet learns of a cover up for a terrorist attack that killed his daughter he goes searching for the truth, meanwhile a shadowy corporation tracks down and captures people with powers as part of a desperate plan to save humanity. Several original series characters make appearances, but for the most part the cast is all new (except for Jack Coleman). And the superpowers featured include a nice mixture of new abilities and old ones. Also, the writers do a good job with the serial storytelling (which is quite impressive given how integral time-travel is to the overall plot). Still, it doesn't quite feel as epic and compelling as the original series was. Yet despite its shortcomings, Heroes Reborn delivers a lot of intense drama and exciting action.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Jun 03, 2016
    I thought the idea was pretty good and finally having a character like Tommy was fresh air. The real issue was the special effects and the villains. The overall threat was real but the motivations for the characters lacked any real punch. The conclusion was intriguing but in case you don't know the heroes lore, this will probably never come to be. I loved having the universe back but a new show runner would help as the show has grown to be fatally flawed without any interest in returning to greatness.
    Brendan N Super Reviewer
  • May 16, 2019
    Heroes Reborn tries to win back the crowd that it lost 5-6 years ago with a darker tone, changing of characterizations and having even the characters both from the original series and this "event miniseries" either die or be doomed to uncertain fates. Some of them don't even show up in the series proper! But whilst the performances are still good and there's a slightly increased amount of action sequences, Heroes Reborn suffers from excessive melodrama, uninteresting villains, bad special effects and poor timing. I know Tim Kring remains optimistic about this show but maybe NBC should've striked while the iron was hot and wrapped everything up with a one-hour TV movie when it was announced it wouldn't get picked up for a fifth season. Being released in 2015 where more mature adult-oriented superhero shows such as those set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe means that its flaws stick out more. And its not like the effects can be strictly blamed on a TV budget seeing how by the time this sequel series premiered we already had TV shows with high production values such as Game of Thrones and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Good effort overall but sadly, Heroes Reborn just isn't good. Writers' Strike or no Writers' Strike back in 2007, they probably should've stuck with the original plan of "American Horror Story: Superhero Edition"
  • Feb 05, 2018
    I can't believe it was canceled. Its as good as supergirl. I'm totally serious.
  • Nov 10, 2016
    Heroes Reborn Season 1 Still rolling with the typical Heroes storytelling style, Heroes Reborn season 1 is both a perfect redemption and a new low for the Heroes TV series.
  • Aug 20, 2016
    The Story is sometimes difficult to follow, it is not entirely clear what drives some of the characters. I think it would have been much better with fewer story twists and a clearer separation between the good and thebad guys.
  • Jun 29, 2016
    Love this show... When will we get the next volume?
  • Jun 04, 2016
    While being no match to season 1 of the original, Heroes reborn does manage to tell a decent story which wraps up neatly in the finale. Overall though you cant help but feel underwhelmed especially with some of the resolutions of the supporting characters.
  • May 20, 2016
    As someone who enjoyed the previous run of Heroes, I enjoyed this reboot, however it was not without fault. When the villain's back-story is reviewed it is so generic that I felt angry, and while some of the original characters appear to tie the story together the series seems intent on murdering them so as to avoid relying on actors who have moved on in their careers. That said, if you enjoyed the original, you'll enjoy this as well.
  • May 04, 2016
    The characters took some time to get used to but I found it to be a decent season, and a good reintroduction.

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