Uncanny Annie
Into The Dark Season 2



Critic Ratings: 12
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Despite some weak lines, "Uncanny Annie" comes to light as an entertaining season premiere and a worthy addition to the spookiest holiday of the year.

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On Halloween night a group of college students get trapped in a mysterious board game that brings their darkest secrets and fears to life, where they must play to escape...and win to survive.

Cast & Crew

Dylan Arnold
Karlisha Hurley
Camden Toy
The Prankster
Liam Graham
Paul Davis
Alan Blake Bachelor
Chase Horseman
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Critic Reviews for Uncanny Annie

I have a high tolerance for bad dialogue, but "Uncanny Annie" really grates even on that level. The characters here are either yelling about what the game wants them to do or revealing the secrets unearthed by it, and none of it sounds remotely genuine.

Oct 7, 2019 | Rating: 1/4 | Full Review…

Perhaps it is all a metaphor for the zero-sum game which millennials find themselves forced to play in a system rigged against them.

Nov 6, 2019 | Full Review…

I recommend this movie if you are looking for a fun and festive night.... There are some serious elements; but ultimately, you will walk away with a level of joy-and potentially a bit of curiosity as to what other ideas these filmmakers have.

Mar 9, 2020 | Full Review…

Annie's brand of demonic manipulation is no child's play and approved for all ages. Alright, Season 2. Pass go and collect your bonus - but let's see if quality withstands eleven more months.

Oct 23, 2019 | Rating: 7/10 | Full Review…

Solid digital effects work well to create a phantom or two, and while the poltergeist ultimately resembles nothing more than a creepy old perv the combination of performance, editing, and direction make him a chilling presence.

Oct 23, 2019 | Full Review…

Uncanny Annie is the perfect haunt for your holiday. It's fun, it's creative, and it's definitely a film that I will be adding to my list of Halloween horror recommendations...

Oct 20, 2019 | Rating: 7/10 | Full Review…

Overall, UNCANNY ANNIE is a good start to what I'm betting will be an epic second season for the Into The Dark anthology series.

Oct 7, 2019 | Full Review…

The episode does do a lot with its single setting, and it piles on the "Oh shit, what now?" tension to acceptably excruciating levels. The baby-voiced title villain, who giggles as she hands down her cruel punishments, is also pretty great.

Oct 7, 2019 | Full Review…

Uncanny Annie is easily the worst of the Into the Dark episodes yet.

Oct 4, 2019 | Full Review…

The first episode of Into the Dark season 2 sets the bar low enough for the rest of the season to clear it, which gives me hope that things will pick up next month.

Oct 4, 2019 | Rating: 1.5/5 | Full Review…

Uncanny Annie doesn't have much to say but provides an entertaining, slightly creepy experience; it may not have reinvented the wheel, but Uncanny Annie is a spooky-fun time and stands above most others in the series.

Oct 3, 2019 | Rating: 7/10 | Full Review…

Into the Dark's 'Uncanny Annie' is in the same vein as Ready or Not in that the narrative surrounds a devilish game. In this case, the episode's titular game is the most frightening and deadly of the year.

Oct 3, 2019 | Full Review…