Lost: Season 3 (2006 - 2007)


Season 3

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Lost asks its audience to suspend their disbelief in ways that can be extremely trying for the grounded sci-fi show, but its character-driven plot holds season three together.



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Air date: Oct 4, 2006

An airplane breaks in half in the blue sky over an idyllic suburban setting, and as the inhabitants of the homes emerge to cast their glances upward it quickly becomes apparent that the downed plane is Oceanic Flight 815, and that the people watching from below are the dreaded Others. As Jack awakens on a steel table in a securely locked room, Sawyer regains consciousness in an above ground cage and Kate finds herself in a locker room with the malevolent Mr. Friendly. Mr. Friendly does his best to convince Kate to take a shower and change into some clean clothes as a woman who introduces herself as Juliet appears on the other side of a Plexiglass wall to try and calm a visibly agitated Jack. Flashing back to the past when Jack's marriage was dissolving, the captive doctor recalls the time he became obsessed with discovering the identity of his wife's new lover. Meanwhile, back on the surface, Sawyer discovers that he can manipulate a bizarre contraption in his cage to earn a fish biscuit, water, and grain as Mr. Friendly locks up Kate in an adjacent cage. Later, when Juliet returns to speak with Jack, he successfully manipulates her to enter the room before holding her hostage with a broken piece of plate and demanding to be set free. Henry attempts to prevent Jack from leaving by announcing that if he opens the door they will all die. When Jack does open the door, a violent flood comes washing in and Henry escapes to safety. Eventually, Jack and Juliet work together to access the emergency drain button, after which Juliet knocks Jack unconscious. Upon awakening back in his room Jack learns that he is being held in an underwater aquarium known as the Hydra station. Finally broken, he humbly allows Juliet to enter his room with some food.

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Air date: Oct 11, 2006

While Sayid's attempt to locate Jack places Sun and Jin directly in harms way, the conflicted doctor receives a tempting offer from his captors. Sun recalls the time when she lied to her father about breaking a glass ballerina. Though she knew that blaming it on the maid would have dire consequences for the struggling laborer, she did so anyway. Despite the fact that her father knows she is lying, he reluctantly accepts her story. Back on the sailboat, Sun, Jin, and Sayid await the arrival of Jack, Kate, Michael, Hurley, and Sawyer. Though Sayid proposes that they sail around the mountains to build another signal fire, Jin rejects the idea citing Sun's rapidly deteriorating health. Eventually, Jin and Sun allow Sayid to do whatever he deems necessary. After learning from Colleen that Sayid has a sailboat and may be moving in on them, Ben instructs Colleen to assemble a team to go intercept the vessel. As Colleen sends Pickett off on the mission, a furtive kiss between the two is unknowingly witnesses by Jack and Kate. When Pickett attempts to lay down the law, Kate's attempt to stall him results in Sawyer getting zapped. Out at sea, Sayid finds the dock where Michael and Walt were released and suggests building the new signal fire there. But Sayid's plan runs even deeper than that, because he soon admits to Sun that he intends to draw the Others out with the fire and kill all but two. When that is done, he will play the surviving pair off one another for information. Eventually, Jin figures out the plan and becomes furious with Sun for deceiving him about it. Back in Sun's past, Jar Lee showers her with gifts but ultimately fails to convince her to leave Jin. After Mr. Paik discovers Jae Lee and Sun together, he informs Jin that Jae Lee has been stealing from him and that he must be killed for the transgression. Despite Jin's protests, Mr. Paik insists that the job be done. Jin subsequently delivers a devastating beating to Jae Lee along with a warning to leave the country. While Jin thinks this will be enough to make Jae Lee disappear forever, someone else has a more permanent solution in mind. In a jungle clearing, Sawyer's escape plan goes suddenly awry, eventually prompting Pickett to zap him into unconsciousness. When Colleen surprises Sun on the boat, a struggle ensues that ends with Sun shooting Colleen in the gut. Their escape plan having failed miserable, Sawyer and Kate are thrown back into the cages as Ben listens to their entire discussion on the monitors. Upon repeating his offer to a broken Jack with visible proof that the Others have contact with the outside world, the doctor slowly finds himself buying into the proposal.

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Air date: Oct 18, 2006

In the aftermath of the hatch explosion, the fates of Locke, Mr. Eko, and Desmond are finally revealed as Locke flashes back to the time he once spent in a highly secretive commune. Upon awakening in the jungle, a severely disoriented Locke notices Desmond running by completely naked. Before Locke can call out to him though, Desmond has already disappeared. Locke is mute, and determined to finally find out the truth about the island. When Locke returns to the camp and begins constructing a sweat lodge, Charlie is assigned the task of standing guard just outside the structure. The vision that Locke experiences after consuming a bowl of mysterious paste is remarkable in its vividness: Boone is pushing a wheelchair-bound Locke through the Sydney airport, explaining that someone on the island is in great danger and that Locke is their only hope for salvation. While at first it's difficult to discern who it is that is in such mortal danger, the discovery of Mr. Eko's bloodied "Jesus stick" followed by a vicious polar bear is all Locke needs to set out on his rescue mission. His mind drifting back to his former life in northern California, Locke recalls picking up a hitchhiker named Eddie and taking him back to live with his "family" in a remote, farm-like community. While the group accepts Eddie with open arms, it's fairly obvious that they have some secrets to hide. Back on the island, Locke and Charlie set out in search of Mr. Eko only to be confronted by a polar bear. When Locke throws a knife at the bear and it nearly strikes Hurley instead, the frightened Hurley cautiously makes his way back to the camp. On his way back Hurley crosses paths with the naked Desmond, who makes a mysterious comment about a speech by Locke in which he stated he would go after Jake, Kate, and Sawyer; the only problem is, that speech never happened. Back on the commune Eddie knows that the family is keeping a secret and voices a pointed desire to get in on the action. Though Locke makes good on his promise to discuss the matter with the leaders of the group, they already know that Eddie is an undercover cop looking to gather evidence against them. In the tense standoff that follows, Locke holds Eddie at gunpoint and prepares to do whatever is necessary to protect his "family."

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Air date: Oct 25, 2006

Sawyer and Kate discover just how serious their captors are about ensuring they stay securely locked away, prompting Sawyer to recall the time he previously spent in jail with a man accused of stealing $10 million from the government. Soon after Sawyer rigs his cage so that he and Kate can make a clean getaway, Ben shows up to reveal that the electricity has been shut down and pummels the ex-con until he is unconscious. After waking up strapped to a table, Sawyer struggles as the Others jam a stick into his mouth and send a needle plunging deep into his heart. In order to convey the gravity of what they have just done, Ben produces a caged rabbit and proceeds to startle the critter - which promptly keels over and dies. According to Ben, the Others have placed an explosive pacemaker in Sawyer's heart that has been specially designed to self-destruct if his heart-rate exceeds 140 beats per minute. Should Sawyer reveal this development to Kate, they promise to place one in her as well. Later, after the two are placed back in their cages, Kate wants to escape but can't understand Sawyer's hesitation. Frustrated, Sawyer recalls the time he met a man named Munson in prison that stole $10 million from the government and was rumored to have stashed it for retrieval upon his release. Back in the Others' compound, Colleen is rushed into the operating room after being shot by Sun. When Jack proves unable to save Colleen's life, a furious Pickett heads directly for Sawyer's cage and delivers a beating that only ceases once Kate admits to their captor that she is indeed in love with Sawyer.

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Air date: Nov 1, 2006

The demons of the past return to taunt Mr. Eko as Locke leads a search party into the jungle hoping to locate the missing castaways. Upon awakening from a dream about the time he and his brother Yemi were caught stealing food from the church pantry, Mr. Eko awakens to find Yemi in the tent imploring him to confess his past sins. Meanwhile, Ben brings Jack to Colleen's funeral, but denies that the tumor is his when the grieving doctor presses for information. When Sayid updates locks after returning to the camp with Jin and Sun, Locke suggests trying to use the computer at the Pearl station to contact the Others. Perhaps if they can start a dialogue with their enemies there is a chance that Jack, Kate, and Sawyer will be released. As Locke speculates that Mr. Eko is on his way to the plane that sits atop the Pearl station entrance, Mr. Eko recalls the time he returned to the church following Yemi's death. After informing Amina that he is Father Yemi's replacement, the pair hears gunshots outside. Emeka and the gang have come to demand the vaccine, casually killing an innocent woman to prove just how serious they are. Should they not have the vaccine when the gang returns a few days later, the situation promises to deteriorate even further. After stumbling through the foliage delirious and suffering multiple hallucinations, Mr. Eko has a confrontation with the smoke monster that ends with Locke, Desmond, Sayid, Nikki, and Paulo appearing on the opposite side of the river. As the group makes their way to the Pearl station, Ben reveals that his plan to break Jack was ruined when Jack saw the x-rays, a conversation that culminates with the leader of the Others humbly asking the doctor to save his life. As Mr. Eko's thoughts drift back to Nigeria once again, he recalls his plans to steal the vaccine for himself and the violent slaughter that followed. In the aftermath of the violence the church is boarded up since it is no longer sacred, leaving Mr. Eko to feel as if he owes his brother a church. Deep in the Hydra station, Juliet pretends to show Jack a movie while pleading with him to kill Ben during the operation while making it look like an accident. Simultaneously, in the Pearl station, Sayid fails in his efforts to contact the Others but is shocked to see a mysterious man in one of the few working monitors. As Yemi appears to Mr. Eko again demanding that he repent for his sins, Mr. Eko refuses, claiming that he didn't sin since he killed to protect his family. Just as Mr. Eko defies his brother, the smoke monster appears to deliver a devastating blow. As Locke kneels down to comfort Mr. Eko in his final moments, the dying man delivers an ominous warning.

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Air date: Nov 8, 2006

As Jack makes his final decision regarding Ben's offer, Kate begins to fear that Pickett may finally follow through on his grim promise to kill the rebellious Sawyer. Back in more carefree days, Kate is in her hotel room admiring her wedding veil when a policeman knocks on the door demanding to be let in immediately. When the door flies open Kate and her future husband Kevin joyously embrace one another. Though Kate may be having second thoughts about the union, Kevin confidently assures her that love will see the couple through any future struggles. Back on the island, a look at Ben's x-rays and medical files leads Jack to believe that Ben's tumor will be inoperable within the week. If Ben has any hope for survival, he will need to be operated on immediately; the only catch is that jack refuses to operate. Later Sayid voices skepticism when Locke claims that an animal killed Mr. Eko. Though Sayid eventually gets Locke to admit that it was the "monster" that killed Mr. Eko and not a wild animal, Locke doesn't believe in monsters anymore. Back at the Others' compound, an alarm sounds as Alex emerges from the jungle on a frantic search for her boyfriend. She claims that the rest of the Others killed him and that Sawyer is next. Later, Juliet tells Kate that the only way she can save Sawyer's life is to convince Jack to operate on Ben. Though she does her best to pursued Jack to follow through with the operation, Jack is infuriated that she would believe anything they say. Back at the wedding alter, Kate flinches when the minister mentions the importance of honesty in marriage since her groom doesn't even know her real name. She later phones the U.S. Marshal pursuing her and pleads with him to call off the chase, and is shocked that he agrees on the condition that she finally settle down. When Sawyer reveals to Kate that he is glad Jack won't operate on Ben, she escapes from her cage and breaks into his. Suddenly overcome with emotion and passion, the imprisoned couple connects like never before. Back at the camp, Locke lays Mr. Eko to rest and finally receives his message as a mysterious figure unlocks Jack's door back at the Hydra station. After making his way to the monitors, Jack is crushed to see Kate and Sawyer making love in Sawyer's cage. Suddenly, Ben appears directly behind Jack, who agrees to perform the operation if Ben makes good on his promise to get Jack off of the island. In a flashback, Kate is relieved to discover that she isn't pregnant as suspected. Realizing that she will never settle down, the newly married fugitive makes a hasty departure. As Jack begins to operate on Ben, Pickett rushes to Sawyer's cage and prepares to execute him while Kate watches. Things quickly take a turn for the chaotic, however, when Friendly calls back to the operating room on his walkie-talkie and Jack threatens to let Ben die if they don't allow Kate and Sawyer free. The only way Jack will know for sure that they have escaped is if Kate radios him once they are safe and tells him the story she shared on the day of the crash. Though Kate responds that she's not going anywhere without Jack, he screams at her to run.

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Air date: Feb 7, 2007

As Ben slowly bleeds to death on the operating table, Sawyer and Kate find an unexpected ally in their attempt to escape the island. Jack has ceased to operate, claiming that he will let Ben die if the Others don't allow Kate and Sawyer to escape. When Juliet gives orders to kill the fleeing pair, Jack tells Friendly that she was the instigator of the plan all along. Suddenly, a severely weakened Ben calls out and asks to speak with Juliet alone. Flashing back to the time before she came to the island, Juliet recalls the time her sister was in the hospital receiving chemotherapy. Juliet furtively gives Rachel a shot, and Rachel wonders aloud if her sister is growing hesitant do to the presence of Edmund Burke. Edmund is not only the head of the research lab, but Rachel's ex-husband as well. Juliet's fears about Edmund were apparently well founded too, because he soon warns his ex wife that he will report her to the authorities if she doesn't let him in on her research and publishing. While Richard Alpert from Mittelos BioScience longs to lure Juliet away from her current job, she knows that Edmund won't let her out of her grant before the work is done. Later, Edmund meets with a grim end and Alpert assures Juliet that the offer still stands and that she will be home in time to see her sister give birth. Meanwhile, back on the island, Juliet's conversation with Ben has prompted her to change her position on the escape plan: if Jack continues the operation, Sawyer and Kate will walk free. Out in the jungle Sawyer and Kate run across Alex, who promises to lead them to a boat if they help free her boyfriend Karl. As the trio makes their way to the compound where Karl is being held, Jack resumes operating on Ben. Now that Kate and Sawyer have fulfilled their end of the bargain, Alex leads them to the boat where all four prepare to set sail. But their departure is interrupted when Pickett emerges from the jungle prepared to kill Sawyer and Juliet tells Alex that Ben will kill Karl if Alex tries to leave.

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Air date: Feb 14, 2007

After inviting Hurley and Charlie to a secret meeting with Sayid and Locke to discuss maintaining calm after the recent death of Mr. Eko, Desmond suddenly stands up and breaks into a sprint. Sayid, Hurley, Locke, and Charlie directly on his heels, everyone witnesses Desmond dive into the water to save a drowning Claire. After dragging her ashore, Desmond resuscitates her and all seems well. But Charlie wants to know how Desmond knew what was happening, and he isn't buying into Hurley's claims that Des can see the future. In order to get the truth, Charlie hatches a foolproof plan: he will get Desmond drunk on whiskey from Sawyer's stash and question him while his defenses are down. While the first part of the plan works like a charm, Desmond refuses to discuss the details of the vision. Charlie calls Desmond a coward, a taunt that prompts the drunken castaway to attack before recalling the events that unfolded when he turned the fail-safe key. As a bright flash nearly blinded everyone who witnessed the incident, Desmond remembered a pivotal moment from before he joined the Army.

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Air date: Feb 21, 2007

As the Others charge Juliet with the killing of Pickett and prepare to pass judgment on her, Jack recalls his time as an outsider in Thailand while doing everything in his power to ensure that she is not executed. Friendly has announced that Jack is about to be moved from his cell at the Hydra station. As Jack is leaving, he notices that Juliet is being placed in his old cell by an unfamiliar woman named Isabel. Friendly tells Jack that Isabel is the Others' sheriff, and that Juliet is the subject of her latest investigation. Out in the water, Kate and Sawyer row towards their island while arguing over whether or not to go back and rescue Jack. Any hope for a rescue attempt seems quickly dashed by Karl, however, when he informs the pair that Ben will most certainly kill them should they be foolish enough to return to the Others' compound. Meanwhile, Juliet asks Jack to help Ben overcome the infection that has developed on his back in hopes that it will make the rest of the Others have mercy on her. Jack refuses, subsequently flashing back to his encounter with a beautiful but mysterious woman in Thailand. After a chance meeting on the beach, Achara takes Jack to a restaurant where her brother is a cook and informs the vacationing American that she has been blessed with a special gift. While she refuses to divulge the true nature of this gift, Jack stubbornly presses her anyway. Eventually, Jack's follows Achara to a local tattoo parlor, where she admits that she can see a person's true identity and that she marks them with ink so they will always know who they really are. Though Achara is reluctant to do this for Jack, he forces the issue and she eventually relents. Back on the island, Isabel asks Jack if Juliet proposed the murder to Ben. Jack lies and says that she did not, but Isabel remains skeptical. Afterward Jack is placed in Sawyer's old cell, and Alex shows up with a proposition: If Jack can save Ben's life, then Ben can save Juliet.

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Air date: Feb 28, 2007

Hurley discovers a minivan on the island, prompting him to flash back to the time he and his father attempted to fix an old Camaro. After visiting Libby's grave to tell her how much he misses her, Hurley notices a visibly upset Charlie moping around nearby and quickly walks over to see what's bothering his old friend. It seems that Desmond's prediction about Charlie's death has got the former rock star down. Hurley is convinced that the whole thing is his fault, but before he can make his point Vincent shows up carrying a skeletal human arm that still grips a pair of car keys. Chasing Vincent into a nearby clearing, Hurley notices a tipped-over minivan in the brush. While none of the other castaways seem particularly interested in his find, Hurley does manage to convince Jin to take a break from his English lessons and give it a look. At the same time Jin and Hurley realize that the man in the minivan was making a beer run, Sawyer and Kate bicker back and forth as they make their way back to the camp. When their attempt to leverage the minivan fails, Hurley finds his thoughts drifting back to the time when television reporter Tricia Tanaka interviewed him for the grand re-opening of Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack. Immediately after the disastrous interview, a meteor slammed into the Chicken Shack killing Tanaka and her entire crew. Hurley is convinced that the death was his fault, and his claim of being cursed is only further reinforced when he recalls the time his father returned home after abandoning the family when Hurley was just a child; the pair had once planned on rebuilding a Camaro together, but the project stalled when dad skipped town. Sawyer too attempts to lend a little muscle in getting the minivan up and running, but it seems that everyone has lost hope except for Hurley. Later, David admits that the only reason he returned was for the money. Perhaps if Sawyer, Jin, and Charlie could push the van over the crest and Hurley successfully pops the clutch everyone will realize the value of remaining hopeful even in the most trying times. Meanwhile, Kate persuades a reluctant Rousseau to help her rescue Jack from the Others before it's too late.

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Season 3 chronicles 24 more days on the island (Nov. 28-Dec. 21, 2004) and focuses on the survivors' struggles with the Others and their leader Benjamin Linus (Michael Emerson). Ben, formerly known as captive Henry Gale, was freed by Michael last season, and then Michael delivered Jack (Matthew Fox), Kate (Evangeline Lilly) and Sawyer (Josh Holloway) to Ben in exchange for his son Walt and a get-off-the-island-free ticket. Ben locks Kate and Sawyer in outdoor cages, but that doesn't prevent them from locking lips and taking their relationship to a new level. Jack is imprisoned in the Hydra station, where Ben asks him to remove a tumor from his spine. Jack reluctantly removes the tumor, but uses the surgery to help free Kate and Sawyer. Facilitating their release are Ben's teen daughter Alex (Tania Raymonde) and duplicitous Other Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell), a fertility doctor recruited by the group's seemingly ageless second-in-command Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell) because pregnant women on the island were dying. Back at the beach camp, Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick), who with Locke (Terry O'Quinn) survived the Hatch implosion in the Season 2 finale, has visions of the future, including some that concern and frighten Charlie (Dominic Monaghan); Claire (Emilie de Raven) contracts a mysterious illness; Mr. Eko (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) runs afoul of the Smoke Monster; and Sawyer and Locke clear up their issues with Locke's father (Kevin Tighe). A woman named Naomi Dorrit (Marsha Thomason) parachutes onto the island and tells the survivors that she has come from an offshore freighter sent by British industrialist Charles Widmore (Alan Dale), the father of Desmond's long-lost love Penny (Sonya Walger). Also, Locke appears to forge an alliance with Ben and the Others and meets their supreme leader Jacob, and it becomes clear that Locke is, as Ben puts it, "in communion" with the island.

Critic Reviews for Lost Season 3

All Critics (17) | Top Critics (10)

Satisfying in a sentimental way, the eagerly anticipated finale was neither as challenging as the series at its best, nor as convoluted as the series at its most frustrating. And it left enough questions to keep the watercooler humming for weeks.

Oct 24, 2019 | Full Review…

No other show has the same power to put the viewer in such a profound, almost philosophical state of wondering.

May 15, 2014 | Full Review…

Enough with the no-longer-surprising connections between all the islanders. The characters-bumping-into-other-characters-unknowingly has become such a given it borders on the ludicrous.

Mar 14, 2017 | Rating: C- | Full Review…

Puzzles are meant to be solved, not prolonged. You can only tease viewers so long before they feel like they're being mocked.

Oct 22, 2019 | Full Review…

It's clear that Abrams has a real hunger for hardship and melancholia, given the way the third season is going so far.

Oct 22, 2019 | Full Review…

Why does all this remind me of Twin Peaks -- so originally intriguing with the homecoming queen, the creepy shrink, the dancing dwarf, and the saddle-shoe fetish; so ultimately trivial?

Oct 22, 2019 | Full Review…

I say: Let's stay lost. The first few episodes of season 3 show no weakening of the show's brilliant capacity for springing surprises -- nutty, out-of-the-blue twists -- that feel weirdly probable.

Oct 24, 2019 | Full Review…

We've gotten almost nowhere. Old questions remain unanswered, and yet they just keep dumping more and more crap onto our plates.

May 29, 2018 | Full Review…

Everything culminates in what can be described as one of the best season finales in recent memory.

Apr 3, 2018 | Rating: 8.4/10 | Full Review…

What the producers of the show have done with the recent episodes... is bring Lost back to it's season one greatness.

Apr 3, 2018 | Full Review…

It's possible -- maybe -- that a show that was Lost has found its way once again.

Jun 6, 2014 | Full Review…

The nice thing is that, despite its large scale story about a mysterious island, Lost remains a character based story, keeping us interested in the people on the island and uncovering the mysteries of the show through their own tales.

Jun 5, 2014 | Rating: 4.5/5 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Lost: Season 3

  • Jul 25, 2020
    Showing sines of danger Lost is still a compelling show because of its cast and strong mystery.
  • Jun 30, 2020
    Just finished this season...dang. It built and built, and by the time the finale arrived I was ready to explode out of my seat. This is what I want from a show.
  • Dec 22, 2019
    Anddddddddddd..... We're back! Lost season 3 is another out of the park win! The others were great, it had an amazing season finale that REALLY set up season 4. It was really good! Buttttttt... I kinda feel like this season tried to answer questions but just created new ones that were never answered fully. Also a whole half star off for stranger in a strange land. WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THAT EPISODE?! But either way, Lost season 3 is a great season that helps build the rest of the show.
  • Dec 28, 2018
    The character development in this season really blooms and enhances some of the previously established ones, and it also expands on its ever-mysterious mythology.
  • Nov 04, 2018
    Depois das nossas dúvidas terem sido (ainda que pouco) esclarecidas, uma luz surge no túnel. Ainda bem que os escritores sentiram uma necessidade genuína de ampliar a história da série. Já não é mais uma história onde os personagens vêm e vão quando completam o seu propósito.
  • Jul 06, 2018
    The 3rd season of "Lost" is, in my opinion, divided into three: First 1/3 - fantastic Second 1/3 - "meh-ish" Third 1/3 - better than the first 1/3
  • Apr 10, 2018
    its, my favorite season, i like that, the bad thing its some 2 episodes
  • Jun 26, 2017
    Season three has both an amazing beginning and ending. Lots of character depth and intricate storytelling. The entire series is quite wonderful, but only the first three seasons are exceptional.
  • Mar 05, 2017
    The Third Season of LOST is one that always seems to get a bit of a "bad rap". While I will agree that, episode-by-episode, it doesn't quite match up to what came before (and some of what comes after), that probably only speaks to how high the bar had been set for this show, as most of the fare here is still excellent. The only real issue with S3 (hence the 4.5 stars) is that during the middle of the season, it becomes more abundantly clear than at any other time in show history that the writers/producers are stalling, or dragging the story out a bit. This is why we are given episodes like "Stranger In A Strange Land" (where Jack gets the tattoos), "Expose" (the Nikki/Paulo "saga"), or the one where the primary focus is Hurley fixing up an old VW van he finds in the jungle. Taken in isolation, none of these individual episodes are truly bad. But, looking at things as a whole, the middle portion of the season does tread water fairly noticeably until the monumental decision (at least it was at the time) to set an end date for the show (after three more seasons). As soon as that decision was reached, the show gets right back to it's former glory, often even surpassing what came before. Actually, taking a more "macro" view of the season as a whole leads to even more of a positive appraisal, as creatively in S3 LOST continues to push the boundaries of TV drama at that time to their very maximum. In terms of where the main players start the season and then subsequently end the season (both in physical location and character arc), this is the most ambitious slate of episodes yet. Viewers are treated to more backstory on the Ben & Juliet characters, the relationship between the DHARMA Initiative & The Others is finally addressed, and there exists real momentum towards a possible rescue operation (this is a show about people stranded on an island who ostensibly want to get home, after all). The flashbacks also do something pretty sneaky in that, from beginning to end of S3, they really wrap up the character arc backstories that all the flashes have treated viewers to until that point. There's no way for viewers to know that this is happening or why (see my next paragraph about that!), but it happens all the same. This is the last season where flashbacks are used as the primary off-island storytelling device, and as such all those arcs are wrapped up so succinctly and emotionally for each and every character. Then, of course, there is the shocking season finale, in which the entire structure of the show is changed. "Through the Looking Glass" is truly one of the most emotional, challenging, and groundbreaking episodes in the history of dramatic television. After watching, it is clear that the entire season has been building to this, and the big decision to flash forward (instead of backward) opens up entirely new avenues of storytelling possibilities. Of course, in typical LOST fashion, the writers craft the episode in such a way so that viewers likely will not realizing this is happening until the final few epic moments of the episode. I've probably watched this single episode 3-4 times now in its entirety, and each and every time I am amazed by how expertly crafted it is. In all honesty, this was the episode which confirmed to me that LOST was probably my all-time favorite show. So, if anyone tries to tell you that S3 was "the beginning of the end" for LOST, don't believe them! The only reason it dips at all is because such a serialized show as this deserves an end date, and until they got it the production went through its "awkward stage" for 4-5 episodes. To my knowledge, LOST was the first show to ever negotiate its own ending (most shows before it would just bleed viewers until cancelled by the network), so even that was groundbreaking in the world of television. The mystery deepens in S3, many (dare I say almost all) of the character arcs from Seasons 1 & 2 are tied up, and the finale provides the direction which will comprise the "back end" of the show, if you will. For the most part, this is still televised drama at its finest.
  • Aug 14, 2016
    Leaves you questioning and wanting more. You definitely become invested in the characters.

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