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Season 4

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Lost regains its mojo in a fourth season that reaffirms the show's place as one of TV's most unique undertakings.



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Air date: Jan 31, 2008
Air date: Feb 7, 2008
Air date: Feb 14, 2008
Air date: Feb 21, 2008
Air date: Feb 28, 2008
Air date: Mar 6, 2008
Air date: Mar 13, 2008
Air date: Mar 20, 2008
Air date: Apr 24, 2008
Air date: May 1, 2008
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The survivors choose sides (Jack or Locke?) in Series 4, which spans nine days (Dec. 21-30, 2004) and opens with the castaways awaiting rescue by the offshore freighter crew. But when four strangers arrive on the island via helicopter, Jack (Matthew Fox) and others begin to question the intentions of their supposed rescuers: physicist Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies), cultural anthropologist Charlotte Lewis (Rebecca Mader), medium Miles Straume (Ken Leung) and pilot Frank Lapidus (Jeff Fahey). All four have a personal motive for coming to the island---and it soon becomes clear that rescuing the castaways is not their top priority. The primary objective of the freighter crew, sent by Charles Widmore (Alan Dale), is to capture Benjamin Linus (Michael Emerson) and bring him back alive. Some castaways, including Hurley (Jorge Garcia), Claire (Emilie de Ravin) and Sawyer (Josh Holloway), are troubled by Charlie's final warning about the freighter folk and decide to follow Locke (Terry O'Quinn), who has no interest in leaving the island, to the Dharma barracks. Sayid (Naveen Andrews) and Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) eventually find their way to the freighter, where Desmond deals with strange side effects related to his travels. Upon their arrival, they are surprised to see a familiar face among the crew members. Long-gone Flight 815 survivor Michael (Harold Perrineau) has infiltrated Widmore's freighter and is acting as a mole for Ben. Off the island, frequent flash-forwards (first employed during the series-changing Series 3 finale) reveal six castaways do finally make their way home. The identities of the Oceanic Six, as they're dubbed by the media, are gradually unveiled throughout the season, as are the lies they told regarding the fates of their fellow passengers. They may have made it home safely, but it's certainly not a happily ever after for the Oceanic Six. It soon becomes evident that the island is not yet finished with them, and neither is Ben.


Jorge Garcia
as Hurley
Josh Holloway
as Sawyer
Jeremy Davies
as Daniel Faraday
Jeff Fahey
as Frank Lapidus
Nestor Carbonell
as Richard Alpert
Alan Dale
as Charles Widmore
Mira Furlan
as Danielle Rousseau
Grant Bowler
as Capt. Gault
Lance Reddick
as Matthew Abbadon
John Terry
as Christian Shephard
M.C. Gainey
as Mr. Friendly/Tom
Andrea Gabriel
as Noor `Nadia' Abed Jaseem
Byron Chung
as Mr. Paik
Sonya Walger
as Penny Widmore
June Kyoko Lu
as Mrs. Paik
Lillian Hurst
as Carmen Reyes
Cheech Marin
as David Reyes
Veronica Hamel
as Margo Shephard
Michelle Forbes
as Karen Decker
Susan Duerden
as Carole Littleton
Noah Craft
as Hendricks
Jill Kuramoto
as Anchorwoman
Shawn Doyle
as Duncan Forrester
Susan Gibney
as Melissa Dunbrook
Edward Conery
as Auctioneer
Beth Broderick
as Diane Jansen
Rebecca Tilney
as Emily's Mother
Armando Pucci
as Italian Man
Lanny Joon
as Dr. Bae
Simon Rhee
as Shopkeeper
Patrick Torres
as ER Doctor
Necar Zadegan
as Translater
Doug Hutchison
as Horace Goodspeed
Azure McCall
as Mrs. Gardner
Matthew Pederson
as Physical Therapist
Christine Kim
as Admitting Nurse
Yetide Badaki
as Desk Clerk
Kanayo Chiemelu
as Tunisian Man
David Yew
as Chinese Security Agent
Kaveh Kardan
as Merchant
Sarah Duval
as Melissa
Charles Henry Wyson
as John Locke (Age 5)
George Cheung
as Chinese Ambassador
Faran Tahir
as Ishmael Bakir
Phil Abrams
as Gellert
Caleb Steinmeyer
as John Locke (Age 16)
James Locke
as Mechanic
Michael Cudlitz
as Mike Walton
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Critic Reviews for Lost Season 4

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ABC's dense, unblinking and occasionally surreal tale moves into its fourth season Thursday with its compass still in good working order.

Jan 31, 2008 | Full Review…

The show has got its mojo back.

Jan 31, 2008 | Full Review…

How great is it that "Lost" can still make the pulse race and the brain tingle?

Jan 31, 2008 | Full Review…

Lost continues to be one of the most confounding series in TV history. Its fans are legion, and they are loyal, willingly following every twist, turn, and dead hobbit thrown their way. But I'm not one of the ones the island is calling back.

Apr 26, 2018 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…

I won't for a second pretend that I understand what's happening. But Lost is once again one of the most fascinating, involving and flat-out fun-to-watch shows on TV.

Jun 5, 2014 | Full Review…

This is a world of wonder for those who loved booking trips to The Twilight Zone, spending time in Twin Peaks and looking into cases from The X-Files.

Jun 5, 2014 | Full Review…

This year "Lost" gets everything right that the show got wrong at the start of last season.

Jan 31, 2008 | Full Review…

There's plenty to shock, that's for sure.

Mar 6, 2018 | Rating: 4/4 | Full Review…

With Season 4, gone are the now-redundant flashbacks, replaced by genuinely compelling flash-forwards to a time when Jack, Kate and several others have escaped, and a gradual reveal as to how the present and future narratives converge.

Oct 20, 2017 | Rating: 4/5 | Full Review…

Lost is currently better than most fantasy/sci-fi because it's as interested in character as it is in its alternate-world construct or its ideas about the time-space continuum.

Jun 6, 2014 | Rating: A- | Full Review…

Lost: Season 4, or, the year Lost got its wow back.

Jun 6, 2014 | Rating: B+ | Full Review…

By and large, they (Lindelof and Cuse) did well with Season Four.

May 15, 2014 | Rating: B+ | Full Review…
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Audience Reviews for Lost: Season 4

  • Dec 31, 2018
    You know how you can really tell if a show is good? You rewatch it every other year and make others watch it with you just so you can talk about it with them lol... Yes I do that :P
  • Dec 28, 2018
    Although some of JJ Abrams notorious "mystery boxes" keep unraveling new ones, Lost still flourishes as a character-first drama, and still keeping the audience mesmerized by its thrilling endings and cliff-hangers.
  • Nov 04, 2018
    Para mim, a quarta temporada teve um rumo estável, diferentemente do que muitos dos espectadores pensam. A produção fez um ótimo trabalho com as histórias que foram criadas, mas os "flashes forwards" fizeram-me ficar perdido em muitos momentos.
  • Aug 17, 2018
    The fourth season of "Lost" got four stars from me because of two words: "thrills" and "answers."
  • May 30, 2018
    I love this show, there's so much I could say this show but it might take a while lol! John Locke is my favorite but I love the rest so much as well, Never lost in my heart and brain, see what I did there lol.
  • Mar 05, 2017
    Before my current re-watch of LOST, if you would have asked me what my favorite single season of the show was, I would have said "Season Four" without much hesitation. I remember watching that season live while the episodes were airing and just being blown away at the new twists and turns and revelations being thrown at the viewers week after week. What I found going back and soaking it all in again, however, is that this may be the first season of LOST that is actually better enjoyed in that format (rather than binging all the way through). Though starting in the S3 finale ("We have to go back, Kate!"), LOST is a definitively different show starting this season. There is a reason why the premiere is titled "The Beginning of the End". Gone are the days of it being a show primarily about a group of plane crash survivors trying to get off a deserted island. The show has gotten so much bigger by this point that it has now morphed into "what does it all mean" instead of "will they survive". This was completely uncharted territory for network TV at the time (similar fare today plays out pretty routinely on cable and streaming outlet shows), and I have tremendous respect for the show runners in how they handled it all. One might think this show would end with the fate of whether the Oceanic 815 survivors get off the island, but here we are roughly half way through the show's run and that question has essentially been answered (now we just get the pieces of how it all happens). For three seasons, viewers had been watching what was essentially a survivor/mystery show. In S4, it moves more confidently into the realm of "sci-fi", introducing more paranormal elements (such as time-travel) into the mix, while still always making sure to circle back and keep the show about the characters. This season produced some of the most iconic images and scenes of the entire show. Bearded future-Jack, the Oceanic Six, Ben waking up in the desert, Desmond & Penny's phone cal...these were all great, iconic show moments that transpired during the course of this groundbreaking season. Yes, the show had a bit of a different feel to it, but make no mistake: this is still dramatized television at its finest. Like I said, I think the main reason I have to drop this season to 4.5 stars is because it doesn't necessarily hold up quite as well as its predecessors in terms of episode-by-episode fast viewing. Another one of the changes the show makes (besides the philosophical one described above) is that it really focuses more on each individual episode telling its own unique story. Whereas the flashbacks of Seasons 1-3 always did that, the on-island stuff was usually pretty linear (or at least always charging forward as put of one continues narrative). Here in Season 4, that doesn't always happen. There is a decent amount of "sitting around waiting" from both the Jack/Locke camps on the island, the even the flash-forwards hit a bit of a dry patch in the middle episodes (one problem being that only new character Daniel Farraday is truly great...Miles, Charlotte, & Lapidus are not as interesting yet as perhaps set up to be). So, while the revolutionary change in storytelling tactic felt huge when watching these episodes live, it is dulled slightly with the passage of time due to the fact that the episodes aren't quite as "bursting at the seams" like previous seasons. Also, in terms of full disclosure here, this was the season kind of jerked around by the Writers Guild strike, so one can't help but wonder how that may have affected week-to-week cohesiveness both in front of and behind the camera. Ultimately, though, S4 represents the complete transition of LOST from "survival show" to "epic saga". We do start to get some answers and brought up to speed about a lot of events that had transpired in the previous three seasons. Sure, more questions are raised too, but the show runners were also aware that two more seasons were on the books. I always give the writers of this show the benefit of the doubt, because I can appreciate how difficult of a task they had and how brilliant their solutions often were. This is a show that always subverts expectations, which was something almost impossible to do on network TV at that time. It can be a bit jarring to see such a shift in story and tone, but ultimately it is for the better, as it opens up so many new story avenues and possibilities.
  • Jan 13, 2017
    Incrível Melhor temporada de Lost, por todas as reviravoltas, viagens no tempo e tensão constante do primeiro ao último episódio.
  • Oct 28, 2016
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  • Aug 14, 2016
    Leaves you questioning and wanting more. You definitely become invested in the characters.
  • Jul 24, 2016
    Both heartbreaking and heartwarming. "Lost: Season 4" brings an emotional arc to the lost and we get a touching and intriguing idea of what really is going on on that island.

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