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MacGyver (2016 - )






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MACGYVER, a reimagining of the classic series, is an action-adventure drama about 20-something Angus "Mac" MacGyver, who creates a clandestine organization within the U.S. government, where he uses his extraordinary talent for unconventional problem-solving and his vast scientific knowledge to save lives. Joining his team on high-risk missions around the globe is maverick former CIA agent Jack Dalton; Riley Davis, an unpredictable computer hacker with a chip on her shoulder; Wilt Bozer, Mac's roommate and the newest agent on the team; and Matty Weber, a legend in Covert Ops and the director of operations at the Phoenix Foundation. Under the aegis of the Department of External Services, MacGyver takes on the responsibility of saving the world, armed to the teeth with resourcefulness and little more than bubble gum and a paper clip.

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Aired Fri, Oct 19, 2018

Guts + Fuel + Hope
MacGyver: Season 3, Guts + Fuel + Hope

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Fri, October 26, 2018

Dia de Muertos + Sicarios + Family
MacGyver: Season 3, Dia de Muertos + Sicarios + Family

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2018, CBS, 7 episodes

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2017, CBS, 23 episodes

Critics Consensus: Despite using spare parts from countless successful TV procedurals, the new MacGyver fails to cobble together a compelling show.

2016, CBS, 21 episodes


Lucas Till
as Angus "Mac" MacGyver
George Eads
as Jack Dalton
Sandrine Holt
as Patricia Thornton
Justin Hires
as Wilt Bozer
Tristin Mays
as Riley Davis
Meredith Eaton
as Matty Webber
Isabel Lucas
as Samantha Cage
Kate Bond
as Deidre
Aina Dumlao
as Andie Lee
Tate Donovan
as Oversight
Lance Gross
as Billy Colton
Tracy Spiridakos
as Nikki Carpenter
Amy Acker
as Sarah Adler
Emerson Brooks
as Charlie Robinson
William Mapother
as "The Client"; Daniel Holt
Sheryl Lee Ralph
as Mama Colton
Grant Springate
as Little Mac
Javicia Leslie
as Jesse Colton
Jermaine Rivers
as Frank Colton
Anthony Starke
as Henry Fletcher
Marco Rodriguez
as Luis Gomez
Luna Lauren Velez
as Cassandra Glover
Philip Fornah
as Marine #3
Brady Bond
as Cassian
Daniel Dae Kim
as Chin Ho Kelly
Siobhan Fallon
as Ilene Preskin
Cheyenne Haynes
as Vanessa Frank
Ricky Russert
as Lt. Samuel Diaz
Sonia Rockwell
as Blonde Woman/Sofia
John Heard
as Arthur Ericson
Amiah Miller
as Valerie Lawson
Elya Baskin
as Alexander Orlov
Arye Gross
as Dr. Isaac Herman
Vinnie Jones
as John Kendrick
Bruce McGill
as Detective Greer
Marco Sanchez
as Mr. Diaz
Anthony DiRocco
as Aaron Deckard
Zulay Henao
as Cynthia
Kasha Kropinski
as Katarina Wagner
Michael Des Barres
as Nicholas Helman
Michael O'Keefe
as Harry MacGyver
Sir Brodie
as Deputy Warden
François Chau
as Richard Sang
Frank Whaley
as Douglas Bishop
Grace Park
as Kono Kalakaua
Joe Ando-Hirsh
as Daniel Lee
David Piggott
as Sergei Neilschuk
Jeananne Goossen
as Harper Hayes
Kamar de los Reyes
as Captain Delarosa
Alicia Coppola
as Ambassador Roberts
Gary Weeks (II)
as Agent Tanner
Darla Delgado
as Agent Briggs
Richard Thomas Kohberger
as David Arthur Faraday
Jocko Sims
as Jimmy Green
Olex Krupka
as Victor Levkin
Zoe Addison Smith
as Annabella Pena
Raoul Trujillo
as Joaquin "El Noche" Sancola
Mark A. Sheppard
as Fake Dr. Zito
Taylor Wily
as Kamekona
Assaf Cohen
as Joshua Abdal Khalid
Christopher Heyerdahl
as David Arthur Faraday
Isaiah Stratton
as Commander Wheeler
Greg Perrow
as Travis Long
Walter Tabayoyong
as Dr. Laqman Megat
Robert C. Treveiler
as FBI Saic Joseph
Rachel Kylian
as German Assistant
Gregory Alan Williams
as Julian Halsey
Daisy Pareja
as Mrs. Diaz
Jesse C. Boyd
as Ryan Thorpe
Andrea Powell
as Doctor Nakani
Michael Tow
as Agent Cho
Bianca Malinowski
as Panny Parker
Arjay Smith
as Detective Turner
Nelson Bonilla
as Dominguez
Elisha Henig
as Ethan Jericho
Wole Parks
as Caleb Worthy
Danielle Lyn
as Receptionist
Jabari Marshall
as Tall Guard
Andrew Ayala
as Admiral Rodriguez
Sophie Edwards
as Betty Lous Jensen
Jeremy London
as Chuck Lawson
Jarreth J. Merz
as Eric Wexler
Daniella Alonso
as Dr. Alejandra Rosa
Eyas Younis
as Agent Qassim
Deborah Mace
as Jenaveev
Neal Kodinsky
as Dmitry Pavlovich
Kenneth Trujillo
as Agent Alvarez
David Carr
as Bill Kearns
Joshua Childs
as NASCAR Pit Crew
India Batson
as Tiffany
Keith Meriweather
as Truck Driver
Luna Velez
as Cassandra Glover
Bobby Hernandez
as Muscular Lookout
Benjamin Taylor
as Bulgy Neck Vein
Hunter Burke
as Phillip
Michael Harding
as Ed Morris
as Marco
Lobo Sebastian
as Alfred Pena
Jane Rumbaua
as Tina Pham
Dennis Boutsikaris
as Elliot Lambeau
Selena Anduze
as Agent Bannister
Edwin Walker
as Bartender
Raphael Sbarge
as Ralph Jericho
Greg Sproles
as Maintenance Man
Pat Dortch
as FBI Director Ted Dryer
Brandon O'Dell
as Phoenix Tech
Jay Devon Johnson
as Colonel Martinez
Josh Stamberg
as Paul "Deacon" Hern
David Midura
as Daniel Kettner
Joselin Reyes
as Sarah Frank
Matt Mercurio
as Officer Donnie Sandoz
Martin Harris
as Virgil Kahn
Allie McColloch
as Caroline Grant
Maz Siam
as Ten of Spades
as Goliath
Santiago Segura
as Officer Cardoza
Alan T. Coleman
as Shoving Guard
Amor Owens
as Reporter
Susan Macke Miller
as Cindy Morris
Michael Graziadei
as Homeless Man
Elizabeth Tavares
as Lead Tech/Dying
Ashton Leigh
as Assistant
Samira Izadi
as Real Estate Agent
Danielle Deadwyler
as Brunette Agent
Josefina Boneo
as Agent # 1
Joshua Brady
as Simon Tran
Tony DeMilo
as Armin Morsofian
Christine Horn
as National Security Advisor
Tze Yep
as Lead Security Guard
Bob Bost
as Priest
Olivia Welch
as Little Girl
Bianca Malinoswki
as Penny Parker
Niko Nicotera
as The Ghost
Jeffrey David Anderson
as Guilherme Barbosa
Lowrey Brown
as Emil Beck
Kurt Yue
as Pilot
Ana Ayora
as Kamila
Matt Skollar
as Oman Munoz
Troy Rudeseal
as Dr. Zito
Dheeaba Donghrer
as Snooty Clerk/Charles
Zoe Smith
as Annabella Pena
Anthony Nguyen
as Bomb Squad Officer
Kyle Kennedy
as Coast Guard Admiral
Brad Brinkley
as LAPD Officer
Roger Floyd
as Enzo Lemaire
Han Soto
as Fitzgerald "Fitzy Cheng
Adela Tirado
as Maribel Vargas
Ilia Volok
as Roman Mareks
Cedric Greenway
as Lead Guard
C.S. Lee
as FEMA Director Sam Hopkins
Ryan Lewis
as Ronald Winter
David MacDonald
as Agent Vincent Whittaker
Benjamin Wood
as Joao Barbosa
Douglas Olsson
as Secretary of Defense
Jesse Luken
as Owen Palmer
Kirill Sheynerman
as Armenian Enforcer
Blake Burgess
as Agent # 2
Billy Blair
as Creepy Guy
Gregg Christie
as CIA Director
Angela M. Davis
as Staff Member
Kevin Patrick Murphy
as Martin Chapman
Ava Davila
as Adriana
Jouse Guttierez
as Hector Ruiz
Brad William Henke
as Jonah Walsh
Parker Wierling
as Teenage Geek
Amanda Lavassani
as Michelle Baker
Rose Bianco
as Valeria
Andrew Yun
as South Korean Leader
Bill Stinchcomb
as DIA Director
John Atwood
as Preacher
Jeff Sprauve
as Russ- Student
Martin Pena
as Zarate Soldier
as Server
Owen Harn
as Sidney Lanier
Armando L. Leduc
as Bank Manager
Kent De Mond
as Serbian Agent
Andre Pushkin
as Big Spetsnaz
Tenaya Cleveland
as Trauma Surgeon
Nicole Marie Johnson
as Well Dressed Woman
Tim Sitarz
as Vincent
Richie Stephens
as Serhiy Yaroslav
Tony McFarr
as Big Man
Daisy Galvis
as Nurse Puga
Candace Moon
as Christine
Serdar Kalsin
as Lead Guard
Amy Hui
as Nurse
Lloyd Pitts
as Gate Guard
Lucia Scarano
as Ms. Glass
Carlos Guerrero
as Alfredo Barrios
Inge Uys
as Dutch Tech
Ian Gregg
as Young Man
Ricky Catter
as Peruvian Cop
Cristian Gonzales
as Cartel Guard # 1
Joel Rush
as Darryl
Don DiPetta
as Armed Guard
Kamran Shaikh
as Guard # 1
Davide Ishmael
as Well Dressed Man
Gil Darnell
as Oleg Vadim/Voice
Joseph Melendez
as Col. Zarate
Yan Dron
as Russian MP # 1
Tara Jones
as Reporter
Nik Kash
as Samir
Javier Vazquez Jr.
as Cartel Guard # 3
Robin F. Baker
as Dutch Cop # 1
Mario Temes
as Bro # 1
Joshua Hinson
as Frat Brother
Camille Chen
as Emily Espinoza
Vas Sanchez
as Jorge Villareal
Jorge Longoria
as Hospital Guard # 1
Stephan Jones
as Assassin
Carl Kennedy
as Phoenix Tech
Ray Benitez
as Sergeant
Cindy Chu
as Mayumi
Shinar Frazier
as Suited Limo Driver
Kikey Castillo
as Judy Munoz
Dalon Huntington
as Airport Security
Valerie Sue Love
as Flight Attendant
Mark Riccardi
as Mafia Hitter
Robert Catrini
as Lawrence Rowell
Georgui Kasaev
as Mareks Soldier
Van Dron
as Bad Guy
Ethan McDowell
as Guard # 1
Derek Alfonso
as Terrorist # 2
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