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This episode opens with the funeral of Jumpy #9, a pet frog who is ceremoniously launched in a model rocket. At school, Malcolm (Frankie Muniz) finds himself the target of an obnoxious bully, Kevin (Robert Grovich), who torments Malcolm by calling him "Stinky," repeating everything he says, and cutting in front of him in the lunch line. Pushed to the breaking point, Malcolm leaps on Kevin and beats him up. In the infirmary with the sobbing boy, Malcolm learns that Kevin is only seven years old and still plays with Teletubbies. Malcolm is wracked with guilt, and it only makes things worse that his family doesn't seem to care. Hal (Bryan Cranston) is preoccupied with chopping down the tree in the front yard, while Reese (Justin Berfield) is actually proud of Malcolm's actions. "It sends a good message to our enemies," he says. Malcolm unsuccessfully seeks spiritual guidance from several denominations before deciding to atone by running in a charity marathon. Meanwhile, at military school, Francis (Christopher Kennedy Masterson) and Stanley (Karim Prince) set out to foil Commandant Spangler's (Daniel Von Bargen) plans to give a terrifying anti-sex lecture to the school's impressionable underclassmen.


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