The Nude Organist
Monty Python's Flying Circus Season 3

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A Scotsman threatens to blow up an airliner, only to be ejected from the sketch by the show's director. A discussion of the significance of the Nude Organ Player is set aside in favor of "New Housing Developments," which depicts a British housing project populated entirely by literary characters from Dickens, Bronte, Milton, Hardy, and Samuel Butler -- most of whom end up working on a new highway system. Ken Very Big Liar and Clement Onan hire the Amazing Mystico to hypnotize people into thinking that they're living in a new building. Superintendent Harry "Boot In" Swalk discusses the recent wave of unauthorized hangings. A pair of morticians conduct a guided tour of their digs, during which the Lord Mayor's brain comes loose. Paraguay's Francisco Huron and Britain's Don Roberts compete in the Men's Hide and Seek Olympic Finals. The Cheap Laughs invade the home of Roger and Beatrice Robinson. And Prof. Herman Khan, director of the Institute for Split-Crotch Panties, investigates the financial structure of the planet Algon. Carol Cleveland, Marie Anderson, and Mrs. Idle made brief appearances in "The Nude Man," which first aired December 14, 1972.


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