Nashville (2012 - 2018)



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Country music stars juggle their careers, relationships, family and the ever-changing industry.

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Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2017, ABC/CMT, 15 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2016, ABC/CMT, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2015, ABC/CMT, 21 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2014, ABC/CMT, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2013, ABC/CMT, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: Nashville promotes catchy pop-western tunes and plays to non-fans of the genre with its sharp atmosphere and its stellar narratives.

2012, ABC/CMT, 21 episodes


Connie Britton
as Rayna James
Hayden Panettiere
as Juliette Barnes
Clare Bowen
as Scarlett O'Connor
Chris Carmack
as Will Lexington
Will Chase
as Luke Wheeler
Eric Close
as Teddy Conrad
Charles Esten
as Deacon Claybourne
Oliver Hudson
as Jeff Fordham
Jonathan Jackson
as Avery Barkley
Sam Palladio
as Gunnar Scott
Maisy Stella
as Daphne Conrad
Lennon Stella
as Maddie Conrad
Powers Boothe
as Lamar Wyatt
Aubrey Peeples
as Layla Grant
Robert Wisdom
as Coleman Carlisle
Tilky Jones
as Sean Butler
Jen Richards
as Allyson Del Lago
Rhiannon Giddens
as Hallie Jordan
Cameron Scoggins
as Zach Welles
David Alford
as Bucky Dawes
Ed Amatrudo
as Glenn Goodman
Judith Hoag
as Tandy Wyatt
Nicholas Jandl
as Dr. Caleb Rand
Laura Benanti
as Sadie Stone
Michiel Huisman
as Liam McGuinnis
Jessy Schram
as Cash Gray
Dana Wheeler-Nicholson
as Beverly O'Connor
Keann Johnson
as Colt Wheeler
Christina Chang
as Megan Vannoy
Derek Krantz
as Handsome Man
Riley Smith
as Markus Keen
Todd Truley
as Marshall Evans
J.D. Souther
as Watty White
Wyclef Jean
as Dominic King
Rya Kihlstedt
as Marily Rhodes
Charlie Bewley
as Charles Wentworth
Keean Johnson
as Colt Wheeler
Alexa PenaVega
as Kiley York
Cynthia Kaye McWilliams
as Gabriella Manning
Alicia Witt
as Autumn Chase
Jay Hernandez
as Dante Rivas
Burgess Jenkins
as Randy Roberts
Christina Aguilera
as Jade St. John
Sumalee Montano
as Dr. Kitley
Briana Venskus
as Gina Romano
Rex Linn
as Bill Lexington
Derek Hough
as Noah West
Pam Tillis
as Herself
Mandy June Turpin
as Cynthia Davis
Paul Schackman
as David Mannis
Josh Coxx
as Wade Cole
Steve Kazee
as Riff Bell
Gunnar Sizemore
as Micah Brenner
Anne Holt
as Herself
Jay Wilkison
as Pete Collins
Anne Holt
as Herself
Donn Lamkin
as Joey Bacanti
J.J. Rodgers
as Deb Butler
Quinn Schuler
as Reporter
Cory M. Grant
as Tony Ward
Boo Arnold
as Brock Butler
Charlotte Ross
as Ruth Bennett
Michael Rose
as Justin Ramer
Jaren Johnston
as Guitar Player
Cory Allen
as Hipster Producer
Joyce Brew
as Stylist
Bridget Berger
as Assistant
Madison Lintz
as Dana Butler
Zac Brown
as Himself
Dan Auerbach
as Himself
Paras Patel
as Staffer
Joy Behar
as Herself
Ashley Thomas
as Jeff's Assistant
Storme Warren
as Reporter
Terri James
as Dr. Christina Winkler
Thomas Rhett
as Himself
Mario Van Peebles
as Henry Benton
Scott Reeves
as Noel Laughlin
Mark C. Collier
as Frankie Gray
Abby Glover
as Brittany
Dianne Dixon
as Debate Monitor
Rebecca Tilney
as Valerie Cheng
Ron Pope
as Himself
David Burke
as Dr. Sugrue
Melanie Chandra
as Stephanie Leigh
Jon Menick
as Mr. Mason
Sid Evans
as Himself
Blair Garner
as Himself
Ron Clinton Smith
as Officer Dunigan
Kate Orsini
as Kate Fordham
Mark Oliver
as Paul Worley
Daniel May
as Dr. Wilson
Jim Gleason
as Dr. Lewis
Ward Smith
as Police Chief
as Herself
Shane McRae
as Patrick Miller
Lyle Friedrichs
as Journalist
Terri Clark
as Herself
Richard A. Smith
as Casey Turner
Michelle Rivera
as Female Cop
Adam Boyer
as Baseball Hat
Michael Bryan Pierce
as Musical Director
Cam Brainard
as Himself
Nick Gomez
as Santiago
Anthony Ruivivar
as Brett Rivers
Lindsay Ayliffe
as Judge Belson
Cyndi Martino
as Carla Bucklin
Jason Pullman
as Rock Shepard
Joe Nichols
as Himself
Vincent Ventresca
as Vince Pierce
James DuMont
as Bobby Delmont
Ric Reitz
as Dr. Richards
Chuck Wicks
as Himself
Michael Nardelli
as Craig Hale
Scott Takeda
as Dr. Lau
Tony Sears
as Sen. Richard Stern
Tosha Thompson
as Melissa Mirch
Kip Moore
as Himself
Bralyn Stokes
as Photographer
Shane Tallant
as Stage Manager
Tony Sears
as Sen. Richard Stern
Wilbur Fitzgerald
as Bill Walters
Matt Lowe
as Steve
Robbie Davis
as Director
Brit Shaw
as Olivia Wentworth
Kate York
as Herself
Diana Strayer
as Marcella Omo
Alex Livinalli
as Luke's Assistant
Jess Cagle
as Himself
David Burke
as Dr. Sugrue
Jeremy Sande
as Male Patron
Sewell Whitney
as Jake Bristol
Jason Alan Smith
as Col. Stephen Mason
Rico Roman
as SSGT Gaines
Seth Rabinowitz
as Karaoke Jockey
Danny Rowe
as Roadie
John Hamlin
as CMT Producer
Todd Bush
as JM Pearlman
Lori Mitchell
as Newscaster
Maurice Johnson
as FBI Agent
John Neisler
as Lamar's Attorney
Jon Berry
as Assistant Candidate
Dan Vinson
as AA Speaker
Lela Altman
as Anne Hanke
Ray Dallimore
as Tour Manager
Stan Dunlap
as Portrait Photographer
Elyse Fike
as Venue Employee
Mike Seely
as Big Jim Jackson
Doug Frasure
as Director
Holly Morris
as Wardrobe
Jennifer Spriggs
as Charlotte Slatter
Greg Webb
as Engineer
Tyler Andrews
as Papparazzo
Holly Watson
as Dotty Peck
Fernando Martínez
as Security Guard
R. Keith Harris
as Livestream Director
Veda Wilson
as Elderly Neighbor
Fernando Martínez
as Security Guard
Kristen McFann
as Newscaster
Linds Edwards
as Soul Patch Producer
Claudia Church
as Female Doctor
Tabitha Douglas Warren
as Female Choreographer
Mike Parker
as Old School Producer
Robert Larriviere
as Stage Director
Lauren Jones
as Organizer
Lowell Perry
as Lawyer #1
AJ Gilmer
as Fan #2
Terrence Lening
as Messenger
Ron McCoy
as Meeting Secretary
Jim O'Rear
as Creepy Silent Producer
Drew Matthews
as Bartender
Victoria Galen
as Zoo Keeper
Mitch Eakins
as Customer
Anthony Nguyen
as Photographer
Danelle Corbin
as Bartender
Juan Pont Lezica
as Photographer
Henry Arnold
as AA Speaker
Zinnia Lane
as Cathy Jensen
Jared Simon
as Rob Stuart
Marcus Lewis
as Joe the Bouncer
Fernando M. Martinez
as Security Guard
Bill Szymanski
as Bartender
Rhes Low
as Appraiser
Cinda McCain
as Carrie Franklin
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