Rome: Season 2 (2007)


Season 2

Critics Consensus

Pulp meets prestige in Rome's sensational second season -- though its style sometimes outweighs its substance.



Critic Ratings: 28


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User Ratings: 55

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Air date: Jan 14, 2007

The first episode of Rome's second season begins exactly where Season One left off, with the murder of Julius Caesar on the Ides of March in the year 44 BCE. The power struggle that follows is set in motion when, thanks largely to the machinations of Caesar's scheming niece Atia (Polly Walker), her young and callow son Octavian is announced as heir to the throne--infuriating Caesar's closest ally Marc Antony (James Purefoy).

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Air date: Jan 21, 2007

Tensions grow between Antony and Octavian in the wake of Caesar's death. Meanwhile, having lost everything, Vorenus takes a job keeping local gangs in line.

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Air date: Jan 28, 2007

As the split between Antony and Octavian worsens, Cicero aligns with the latter. Meanwhile, Vorenus attempts to quell a burgeoning gang-war.

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Air date: Feb 4, 2007

Pullo informs Vorenus that his children are still alive. Meanwhile, Atia survives a murder attempt.

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Air date: Feb 11, 2007

The return of his children leaves Vorenus a changed man, leading him to broker peace among the local gangs. Meanwhile, Atia encourages Octavian and Antony to unite against Brutus.

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Air date: Feb 18, 2007

With their forces combined, Octavian and Antony plan an attack against Brutus and Cassius' army. Back in Rome, Pullo and Vorenus are tasked with killing Brutus' supporters.

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Air date: Mar 4, 2007

With Brutus dead and his army defeated, Octavian and Antony discuss dividing the empire. Meanwhile, Levi contemplates assassinating Prince Herod.

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Air date: Mar 11, 2007

Eirene is secretly poisoned by Gaia. Meanwhile, Octavian takes a wife and forces Antony to leave Rome for Egypt.

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Air date: Mar 18, 2007

In Egypt with Cleopatra, Antony attempts to use their grain supplies to provoke war with Octavian.

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Air date: Mar 25, 2007

The series finale finds Antony and Cleopatra's armies defeated by Rome's forces under Octavian. Fearing a threat to his position, Octavian orders Pullo to assassinate young Caesarion.

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Tv Season Info

Series 2 of this drama set during the era of the Roman Empire opens in the wake of Caesar's death.

Cast & Crew

Kevin McKidd
Lucius Vorenus
Ray Stevenson
Titus Pullo
Polly Walker
Atia of the Juli
James Purefoy
Mark Antony
Tobias Menzies
Marcus Junius Brutus
Lindsay Duncan
Servilia of the Junii
Max Pirkis
Gaius Octavian
Kerry Condon
Octavia of the Julii
Simon Woods
Gaius Octavian Caesar
Allen Leech
Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa
Ian McNeice
Coral Amiga
Vorena the Elder
Bruno Heller
Executive Producer
William J. Macdonald
Executive Producer
John Milius
Executive Producer
Anne Thomopoulos
Executive Producer
Frank Doelger
Executive Producer
Lucy Richer
Executive Producer
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Critic Reviews for Rome Season 2

Audience Reviews for Rome: Season 2

  • Jul 23, 2021
    I've watched and re-watched both series numerous times. Just top class. Dramatic, brutal, interesting, suspenseful and funny. Excellent.
  • Jun 04, 2021
    The best that television has ever offered. My all time favorite series.
  • Apr 02, 2021
    The writing lacked authenticity, the actors sounded like people of this century. Very woke which is getting monotonous. Too many pointless sex scenes. We aren't shocked or even titillated anymore because we're bombarded with them. Very bland & predictable characters. Nobody stood out as great. More like a soap opera rather than an epic story.
  • Mar 08, 2021
    Rome season 1 is perfection for me, with impeccable casting for almost every character, namely Vorenus, Pullo, Attia and Brutus. Season 2 however, was a huge step down in terms of writing, there are frequent unstated time jumps, and jarring disorganised plotlines that are far less developed than in the prior season. This is probably due to the cramming of three seasons into one. There's also a disappointing recasting of Octavian, and a complete character change, from a charming and shrewd interlocutor, to a socially inept creep, incapable of appearing likeable. I gave this review a high rating only because the first season was so great. I would urge any readers of this review to watch the first season, and only that.
  • Nov 18, 2020
    Absolutely marvelous. A tremendous series that still stands the test of time. The budget was so large they had to cut this to 2 seasons. Well worth it. Great ensemble cast. Polly Walker and James Purefoy are brilliant as Atia of the Julii and Mark Anthony respectively. Atia's contest with Servilia of the Junii (Lindsay Duncan), although not based on history is great to watch.
  • Aug 14, 2020
    Good season. It perfectly shows life in Imperial Rome with its many adventures. I advise viewing.
  • Jun 17, 2020
    A masterpiece!!! Rome one of the best tv shows of all time, it is sad that it only had two seasons.

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