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Six Feet Under (2001 - 2005)

Six Feet Under (2001 - 2005)





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Life---and death---at a family-owned funeral home in Los Angeles plays out in this provocative, at times macabre series created by Oscar-winning screenwriter Alan Ball (`American Beauty'). A recipient of several Emmys, it's a compelling, superbly acted drama laced with considerable wit and poignancy. Each episode begins with a fresh corpse (including the clan's patriarch in the premiere), which usually has something to do with the ongoing dysfunction in and around the Fisher household.

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Critics Consensus: Six Feet Under offers a fitting end for the Fishers by concluding the way it began: an unexpectedly beautiful rumination on life, death and grief.

2005, HBO, 12 episodes

Critics Consensus: Six Feet Under overreaches in its fourth season, with twists and story arcs that feel more contrived than compelling, though its willingness to venture boldly into the dark also proves occasionally exhilarating.

2004, HBO, 12 episodes

Critics Consensus: Six Feet Under's third season dials down the comedy in favor of creepier narratives -- a challenge its cast is more than up to.

2003, HBO, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: Six Feet Under's deliberately paced second season is less endearing than the first, but the engaging ensemble remain reason enough to watch.

2002, HBO, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: Six Feet Under's unusual setting provides a perfect backdrop for the macabre meditations on mortality made by its brilliant, brooding cast.

2001, HBO, 13 episodes


Peter Krause
as Nate Fisher
Michael C. Hall
as David Fisher
Frances Conroy
as Ruth Fisher
Lauren Ambrose
as Claire Fisher
Rachel Griffiths
as Brenda Chenowith
Freddy Rodriguez
as Federico Diaz
Richard Jenkins
as Nathaniel Fisher Sr.
Mathew St. Patrick
as Keith Charles
Ben Foster
as Russell
Justina Machado
as Vanessa Diaz
Jeremy Sisto
as Billy Chenowith
Joanna Cassidy
as Margaret Chenowith
Lili Taylor
as Lisa Kimmel Fisher
Chris Messina
as Ted Fairwell
Patricia Clarkson
as Sarah O'Conner
Robert Foxworth
as Bernard Chenowith
Rainn Wilson
as Arthur Martin
James Cromwell
as George Sibley
Ivonne Coll
as Vanessa's Therapist
Kathy Bates
as Bettina
Ed O'Ross
as Nikolai
Mo Collins
as Charity Organizer
Kathy Bates
as Bettina
Garrison Hershberger
as Matthew Gilardi
Tim Maculan
as Father Jack
Dina Waters
as Tracy Montrose Blair
Aysia Polk
as Taylor
David Noroña
as Gary Deitman
Anne Ramsay
as Jackie Feldman
Arye Gross
as Frank Muehler
Grant Show
as Scott Axelrod
Geoffrey Nauffts
as AVM Specialist
Beverly Todd
as Lucille Charles
Julie White
as Mitzi Dalton Huntley
Wendy Schaal
as Vickie Dimas
Brian Poth
as Marc Foster
Jenna Fischer
as Sharon Kinney
Matt Malloy
as Roger Pasquese
Mare Winningham
as Eileen Piper
Bill Cobbs
as Mr. Jones
Tracy Middendorf
as Adele Swanson
Sean O'Bryan
as Tom Wheeler
Kimberlin Ann Brown
as Soap Actress
Dennis Christopher
as Kevin, Kevin Lamb
Karmin Murcelo
as Paco's mother
Jennifer Mason
as Missy Yager
Justine Machado
as Vanessa Diaz
Hayden Tank
as Young Nate
Nolan North
as Soap Actor
Lisa K. Wyatt
as Kroehner mortician
John Capodice
as Tommy Romano
Mary Gross
as Floral instructor
Chandler Swanson
as Mark Devine
Veronica Hart
as Viveca St. John
Alexandra Holden
as Becky Maxwell
Jake Gridley
as Anthony Finelli
Manuel E. Urrego
as Dance Teacher
C.J. Sanders
as Anthony
Missy Yager
as Jennifer
Harriet Sansom Harris
as Catherine Collins
Sandra Purpuro
as Barbara Romano
Nan Martin
as Rita Piper
Evan Handler
as Scott Smith
Kendre Berry
as Durrell
Arthur Taxier
as Marcus Foster Sr.
Page Kennedy
as Josh Langmead
Evan Hander
as Scott Philip Smith
Candy Brown Houston
as Det. McBride
Carol Ann Susi
as Pauline Romano
Sandra Oh
as Porn Starlet
Anthony Vatsula
as Bob Griffin
Adam Scott
as Ben Cooper
Matt Ross
as Daniel Showalter
Glenn Fitzgerald
as Aaron Buchbinder
Sarah Rafferty
as Rachel Mortimer
Joan McMurtrey
as Patsy Foster
Dean Norris
as Det. Shea
Ted Marcoux
as Sam Finelli
Christina Carlisi
as Judy Romano
Megan Austin Oberle
as Callie Mortimer
Jim Ortlieb
as Andrew Wayne Milne
Donna Bullock
as Karen Pepper
Daniel Zacapa
as Mr. Suarez Jr.
Dale Raoul
as Rosemary
David Andrews
as Michael Piper
James Pickens Jr.
as Roderick Charles
Tara Karsian
as "Dr. Dave" Coordinator
Julie Ariola
as Dorothy Milne
Scott Atkinson
as Kevin Miller
Jim Holmes
as Kevin's Friend #1
Josh Radnor
as Will Jaffe
Julie Brown
as Sissy Pasquese
Joe Basile
as Morgue Attendant
Judith Baldwin
as Paula Mortimer
Anne Dudek
as Allison Williman
Jed Allan
as Dr. Feinberg
Deirdre O'Connell
as Isabel Silvera
Silas Weir Mitchell
as Dion Corelli
Graham Beckel
as Carl Williman
Chris Pine
as Young Sam
Richard Penn
as Attorney
Chase Ellison
as Young George
Tony Perez
as Paco's father
Lindsey Parks
as Jeannie Fritzen
Larry Drake
as Inspector Gerson
Maria Carmen
as Graciela
Pamela Bowen
as Friend in Lavender
David Knell
as Kevin's Friend #2
Mageina Tovah
as Pink Haired Girl
Claudette Sutherland
as Cynthia Showalter
Andrew Prine
as Ed Kimmel
Amanda Carlin
as Friend in Green
Todd Merrill
as Kevin's Friend #3
Edward Conery
as Jim Showalter
Marty Belafsky
as Bakery Worker
John Billingsley
as Boring Man
Zachary Quinto
as Hip Student
Zach Shaffer
as Marc's boyfriend
Ann Cusack
as Linda Hoviak
Janice Lynde
as Mrs. Sibley
Lisa Banes
as Victoria
Eric Payne
as Police captain
Ken Abraham
as Bowling buddy
Christopher Michael
as Deadwagon Attendant
Patrick Cavanaugh
as Dillon's father
Ann Weldon
as Aunt Jeanie
Mike Hagerty
as Tom Jaffe
Tenaya Cleveland
as Massaging Student
Jim Beaver
as Prison Officer
Bahni Turpin
as Wolf's girlfriend
Bruce Nozick
as Mark Feldman
David Peterson
as "Nessum Dorma" Soloist
Caroline Lagerfelt
as Alternate Wife
Brian Stepanek
as Melissa's Ex-Fiance
Paul Hayes
as Joe Marti
Anna Gunn
as Madeline
Joyce Greenleaf
as Mrs. Murdoch
Gwendolyn Whiteside
as Woman on Boat
Tereza Rizzardi
as Melinda Bloch
David Carrera
as Lisa's Boyfriend
Darren Le Gallo
as School Boy No. 1
Erik Stolhanske
as Man on Boat
Momo Tashima
as Mrs. Su
Lori Alan
as Macy's Saleswoman
Timothy Landfield
as Marv Chenowith
Lenny Wolpe
as Gregory Fasteau
Mandy June Turpin
as Crying Widow
Fred Stoller
as Telemarketer
Jim Ryan
as A/C repairman
Veronica Lauren
as Dillon's mother
Van Epperson
as Angry man
Netta Most
as Sylvia Feldman
Ted Garcia
as TV reporter
Terence Knox
as Larry Wadd
Barbara Tarbuck
as STD Clinic Doctor
Nick Toth
as Will's Eulogizer
Melissa Paul
as Female Bruncher
Jason Matthew Smith
as Basher No. 1
Blaine Pate
as Redneck
Frank Birney
as Walter Kriegenthaler
Scott Torrence
as School Boy No. 2
Michael Flynn
as Jan Van Hoozen
Elaine Kagan
as Eileen Goldberg
Colton James
as Josh Feldman
Jessica D. Stone
as Young Brenda
as The Crematorium Band
Jenette Goldstein
as Obstetrician
Denalda Williams
as Becky's Manager
Cheryl White
as Abigail
Michael Flynn
as Jan Van Hoozen
Santo C. Ragno
as Gay Bruncher #1
Elayn Taylor
as Nurse #1
Eric Keith
as Newlywed Man
Linda Klein
as Delivery room doctor
Stephen Snedden
as Alternate Son
Anastasia Basil
as Record Store Cashier
Peggy Miley
as Landlady
Billy Rieck
as Basher No. 2
Luck Hari
as Tahira
Larry Sullivan
as Deputy Wheeler
Linda Cevallos
as Teacher's Partner
Paula Malcomson
as Woman in Bar
Mimi Michaels
as Brenda's female client
Tate Taylor
as Job Applicant No. 1
David Shatraw
as Shiatsu Client
Sarah Lancaster
as Alternate Daughter
J. Paul Rogen
as Callie's Friend #1
Joel David Moore
as Video Clerk
Lenora May
as Freckles' Mom
Harry S. Murphy
as Kroehner funeral director
Joel Moore
as Video Clerk
Alan Lambert
as Gay Bruncher #2
Gunther Jensen
as Fundamentalist No. 1
Eddie Jemison
as Casket salesman
Terri Hanauer
as Diane Buckner
Roger Velasco
as Young man with tatoos
Alicia McCutcheon
as Soap-Watching Wife
Stewart Skelton
as Fundamentalist No. 2
David Ursin
as Processing officer
Bill Doyle
as Police Officer
Raymond O'Connor
as Man on Phone
Gary Bristow
as Convenience Store Robber
Jeremy Roberts
as Callie's Friend #2
Jeremy Gushkin
as Student Volunteer
Scott Alan Smith
as Job Applicant No. 2
Beans Morocco
as Freckles
Ben Scott
as Butcher
Smith Cho
as Art Student #1
Ken Takemoto
as Funeral Guest
Ken Davitian
as Krikor Hovanessian
Scott Paetty
as Hairdresser
Bob Richardson
as Homeless Man
Dana Desmond
as Art Teacher
Dennis Cockrum
as Chris Buckner
David Doty
as Schaeger
Romy Rosemont
as Professor
Violetta Gevorkian
as Anahid Hovanessian
Julia Vera
as Cleaning Woman
Quinby Jasch
as Hannah Grace
Shawn Carter Peterson
as Art Student #2
Kiyoko Yamaguchi
as Funeral Guest
Shashawnee Hall
as Richard Longmead
Gail Borges
as Mrs. Tully
Jonathan Brent
as One-night stand
Patrice Walters
as Anesthesiologist
Amy Wheaton
as Female Student
Kyle Mullaney
as Boy Asking for Cheese
Eric Ustian
as Waiter at Resort
Markus Rudel
as Three-Way Guy
Christina Cabot
as Hiking Woman
Frank Crim
as Convenience store clerk
Adam Nelson
as Match-Lighting Guy
Dee Freeman
as Susan Longmead
Bobbin Bergstrom
as Scrub Nurse
Ben Weber
as Hiking Man
Herschel Bleefeld
as Male Student
Eve Sigall
as Bartender
Jamie McShane
as Paramedic
Jack Grinnage
as Minister
Ron Rogge
as Smog Check Technician
Magda Harout
as Anahid's Mother
Barbara Gruen
as Plan Woman No. 1
Bree Michael Warner
as Plan Woman No. 2
Susan Merson
as Realtor
Tim Ryan
as Father with Bird
Evan Arnold
as Graduate
Greg Shamie
as Guy in Car
Jillian Henry
as Daughter
Leo Marks
as Actor with Hat
Leo Marks
as Actor with Hat
Sonja Alarr
as Federico's Dance Partner
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Series Details

TV Network: HBO
Premiere Date: Jun 3, 2001
Genre: Drama
Executive Producers: Robert Greenblatt, Alan Poul, Alan Ball, David Janollari, Bruce Eric Kaplan, Christian Williams
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