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The Pacific (2010 - 2010)

The Pacific (2010 - 2010)





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The Pacific is a miniseries based on the battle that took place in the Pacific Ocean; it was the first Marine Division's Battle. It narrates and depicts the war, through the eyes of young serving Marines, that took place between Japan and America. Loosely based on the works based on "With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa" and "Helmet for My Pillow".

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Critics Consensus: An honest, albeit horrifying, exploration of World War II, The Pacific is a visually stunning miniseries not for the faint of heart.

2010, HBO, 10 episodes


James Badge Dale
as Robert Leckie
Jon Seda
as John Basilone
Joseph Mazzello
as Eugene B. Sledge
Ashton Holmes
as Sid Phillips
Henry Nixon
as Hugh Corrigan
Jon Bernthal
as Manuel Rodriguez
Joshua Biton
as J.P. Morgan
Tom Budge
as Ronnie Gibson
Josh Helman
as Lew 'Chuckler' Juergens
Keith Nobbs
as Wilbur 'Runner' Conley
Jacob Pitts
as Bill 'Hoosier' Smith
William Sadler
as Lewis 'Chesty' Puller
Rami Malek
as Merriell 'Snafu' Shelton
Martin McCann
as R.V. Burgin
Brendan Fletcher
as Bill Leyden
Leon Ford
as Edward 'Hillbilly' Jones
Scott Gibson
as Capt. Andrew Haldane
Dylan Young
as Jay De L'Eau
Conor O'Farrell
as Dr. Sledge
Linda Cropper
as Mary Frank Sledge
Gary Sweet
as Sgt. Elmo 'Gunny' Haney
Annie Parisse
as Lena Riggi Basilone
Lelia Goldoni
as Dora Basilone
Mark Casamento
as George Basilone
Caroline Dhavernas
as Vera Keller
Dwight Braswell
as Steve Evanson
Andrew Lees
as Pvt. Oswalt
Noel Fisher
as Pvt. Hamm
Joseph R. Sicari
as Salvatore Basilone
Ashley Zukerman
as 2nd. Lt. Mac
Simon Bossell
as Corpsman Stern
Stephen Leeder
as Maj. Gen. Alexander Vandegrift
Paul Pantano
as Angelo Basilone
Betty Buckley
as Marion Leckie
Nathan Corddry
as Pvt. 'Loudmouth'
Joshua Close
as Edward Sledge
Nicholas Cooper
as Army Officer
Chris Haywood
as John Leckie
Matt Craven
as Dr. Grant
Ben Esler
as Charles Tatum
Freddie Joe Farnsworth
as 1st Lt. Thomas Stanley
Chris Foy
as Pvt. 'Kathy' Peck
Brandon Keener
as Charles Dunworthy
Ian Meadows
as Cecil Evans
Craig Ball
as Cpl. Ruddiger
Les Hill
as Ben Sohn
Sam North
as Replacement Marine
Tiger Saito
as 8-year-old Okinawan Boy
Zoe Carides
as Mama Karamanlis
Frank Aldridge
as Troop Train Porter
Anna Torv
as Virginia Grey
Sean Bunch
as Scavenging Marine
Luigi Lucente
as Carlo Basilone
Kaoru Sato
as Old Dying Woman
Akos Armont
as Billie Joe Crumpton
Laurence Breuls
as 1st Lt. Larkin
Tony Nikolakopoulos
as Baba Karamanlis
Alex Gowdie
as Red Cross Girl
Geordie Taylor
as Army Lieutenant
Adam Booth
as Ralph Briggs
Kate Bell
as Mary Houston Phillips
Grant Cartwright
as Capt. Midnight
Shingo Usami
as Defiant Japanese Prisoner
Richard Healy
as Lodge Speaker
Reg Gorman
as Elderly Man on Trolley
Adelaide Clemens
as Registrar Girl
Eamon Farren
as John Powell
Boni Yanagisawa
as Okinawan Mother
Nathin Butler
as Young Private
Nathan Lovejoy
as Sgt. Crease
André De Vanny
as Crazy Marine
Yutaka Izumihara
as Japanese Soldier
Rohan Nichol
as 2nd Lt. Lebec
Nikolai Nikolaeff
as Rear Echelon Man
Aaron Cottrell
as Lieutenant
John Brently Reynolds
as Cpl. Charles Womack
Bill Young
as Lt. Col. McMaster
Leeanna Walsman
as Lucy Otis
Richard Huggett
as Maj. Coyle
Matthew Dale
as Sgt. John Marmet
Socratis Otto
as Father Keough
Matthew Green
as Brunette Marine
Sandy Winton
as Capt. Jameson
Sam Parsonson
as William LaPointe
Sam Hall
as Second Marine
Mitch Ryan
as Edward Garland
Adam Lubicz
as Amtrac Driver
Jay Pace
as Prep Chef
Cariba Heine
as Phyllis
Mark Winter
as Relief Cook
Kristin Holland
as Hospital Guard
Pascal Mercay
as Battalion Operations Officer
Ben Ridgwell
as Sous Chef
Kate Kendall
as Betty Leckie
Gareth Rickards
as Wounded Lieutenant
Matt Young
as Army Captain
Catherine McClements
as Catherine Leckie
Toby Schmitz
as Capt. Burns Lee
Heather Mitchell
as Mrs. Keller
Stephen Pease
as Betty's Husband
Christopher Stollery
as Catherine's Husband
Nick Tate
as Tom Smee
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Series Details

TV Network: HBO
Premiere Date: Mar 14, 2010
Genre: Drama
Executive Producers: Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, Gary Goetzman, Tony To, Bruce C. McKenna, Eugene Kelly, Graham Yost
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