The Simpsons: Season 6 (1994 - 1995)


Season 6
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    Oof, that was Rotten.

    Meh, it passed the time.

    It’s good – I’d recommend it.


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Air date: Sep 4, 1994

After taking advantage of a community "pool on wheels" that rolls into their neighborhood during a summertime heat wave, Bart (voice of Nancy Cartwright) and Lisa (voice of Yeardley Smith) decide to badger Homer (voice of Dan Castellaneta) and Marge (voice of Julie Kavner) into getting a swimming pool. The new pool makes the Simpsons the most popular family in the neighborhood, but Bart doesn't get much of a chance to enjoy his new status; he soon breaks his leg while trying to dive into the pool from his tree house. For the most part confined to his room, Bart wiles away his time by spying on the neighbors with a telescope, and one night he sees Ned Flanders (voice of Harry Shearer) digging what looks like a grave in his back yard. Bart then overhears Ned saying "I'm a murderer!" and comes to the conclusion that Ned has snapped and killed his wife, Maude (voice of Maggie Roswell). Bart and Lisa soon start playing detective, determined to uncover the evidence of Ned's wrongdoing. "Bart of Darkness" was first aired on September 4, 1994.

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Air date: Sep 11, 1994

Lisa Simpson (voice of Yeardley Smith) is used to being the star student at Springfield Elementary School, but when a new student arrives, for the first time Lisa has a true rival in her intellectual powers. Allison Taylor (voice of Winona Ryder) is bright, a top student, and even a gifted saxophone player, and while Lisa ought to be friends with Allison, she's confused and a bit angry at the notion of being second best for the first time. After taking the first chair in the school band's saxophone section away from Lisa, Allison looks to be a shoo-in to win the coveted diorama competition; unable to beat Allison's best efforts, Lisa accepts an offer from Bart (voice of Nancy Cartwright) to sabotage Allison's presentation. Meanwhile, Homer (voice of Dan Castellaneta) finds 100 pounds of sugar lying by the side of the road after a truck crashes; Homer is convinced he's found a windfall that will earn him a fortune, while Marge tries to convince him you can't sell dirty sugar door to door. "Lisa's Rival" first aired on September 11, 1994.

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Air date: Sep 25, 1994

A family discussion of love yields stories (seen in flashbacks) that all end in heartbreak. Voices: Julie Kavner, Dan Castellaneta, Yeardley Smith, Nancy Cartwright.

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Air date: Oct 2, 1994

Marge makes Homer promise not to embarrass her when they visit Itchy & Scratchy Land, "the violentest place on earth."

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Air date: Oct 9, 1994

Semi-corrupt public official Mayor Joe Quimby (voice of Dan Castellaneta) is up for re-election, and radio talk-show host and Republican activist Birch Barlow (voice of Harry Shearer) is determined to put a more conservative candidate in office. Looking for the right man to run against Quimby, Barlow and his right-wing brain trust think they may have found their man in Sideshow Bob (voice of Kelsey Grammer), convicted felon, former children's entertainer, and nemesis of Bart Simpson (voice of Nancy Cartwright). After Barlow's radio campaign results in Sideshow Bob's early release, Bart and Lisa (voice of Yeardley Smith) help Mayor Quimby in his campaign against the charismatically evil Bob, but Quimby spoils his own campaign and Bob wins with a projected 100 percent of the vote. However, an anonymous tipster tells Bart and Lisa that something was not cricket with the election, and the kids make a shocking discovery as they examine Springfield's polling records. Sideshow Bob Roberts also features a guest voice-appearance by noted disc jockey and music archivist Dr. Demento as himself; the episode first aired on October 9, 1994.

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Air date: Oct 30, 1994

Late October brings yet another trio of comic nightmares from The Simpsons. In The Shinning, Homer (voice of Dan Castellaneta) gets a job as winter caretaker at a resort hotel high in the mountains owned by Mr. Burns (voice of Harry Shearer). The maintenance man, Groundskeeper Willie (voice of Castellaneta), discovers Bart (voice of Nancy Cartwright) shares his psychic gift of "shinning" ("You mean 'shining'?" "Shh! You wanna get sued?!?"), which comes in handy when Homer snaps under the pressure after finding the hotel has no beer or television. Time and Punishment finds Homer trying to fix a toaster and somehow becoming unstuck in time, encountering any number of alternate histories as he zooms back and forth from the prehistoric age to the "present." And in Nightmare Cafeteria, Bart and Lisa (voice of Yeardley Smith) notice that students kept after school for detention are disappearing, as the cafeteria is suddenly serving an abundance of rich, meaty dishes, leading the quickly shrinking number of students to wonder if Principal Skinner (voice of Shearer) and Lunchlady Doris (voice of Doris Grau) are resorting to cannibalism. "Treehouse of Horror" first aired on October 30, 1994.

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Air date: Nov 6, 1994

One day at Springfield Elementary School, Bart Simpson (voice of Nancy Cartwright) and his fellow fifth graders are introduced to their new classmate, Jessica Lovejoy (voice of Meryl Streep -- yes, that Meryl Streep), who is the daughter of local parishioner Reverend Lovejoy (voice of Harry Shearer). For Bart, it's love at first sight, and he attempts to convince Jessica he's a perfect gentleman in order to win her over. Jessica, however, regards Bart with indifference, and when he is invited over to dinner and repeats an off-color joke he heard Martin Lawrence tell on his Fox TV show, Bart figures he's blown his last chance. But Bart quickly discovers Jessica has a rebellious streak, and is attracted to his mischievous nature. After a while, however, Bart decides that Jessica's thirst for preteen delinquency is more than he can handle ("You're turning me into a criminal, when all I want to be is a petty thug"); Jessica responds by stealing the money from the collection plate at her father's church one Sunday, and framing Bart for the crime. "Bart's Girlfriend" first aired on November 6, 1994.

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Air date: Nov 13, 1994

After the Springfield Schools institute a new "Academic Alert" policy informing parents if their children's grades are falling, Lisa Simpson (voice of Yeardley Smith) is the last student anyone would expect to merit a warning letter. But Homer (voice of Dan Castellaneta) and Marge (voice of Julie Kavner) are startled to learn Lisa may flunk out one of her classes -- gym. To make up for her PE classwork, Lisa is told she can join an athletic team, but she doesn't seem well suited enough for any school sports to make the cut. Bart (voice of Nancy Cartwright) is playing on a Little League hockey team, and one day at practice he starts throwing stuff at his sister. Lisa picks up a hockey stick and quickly bats the items away; Apu (voice of Hank Azaria), who coaches another team, sees Lisa in action and recruits her as their new goalie. With Lisa guarding the net, her team goes on a winning streak, and Bart notices his sports-minded father is showing Lisa a lot more attention than he's ever shown before. An intense rivalry grows between the kids, which is intensified when Lisa and Bart's teams are to face off for the league championship; Marge tries to convince her children that they don't need to compete for affection, while Homer urges them, "I want to see you both fighting for your parents' love!" "Lisa on Ice" first aired on November 13, 1994.

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Air date: Nov 27, 1994

When the annual Candy Industry Trade Show comes to Springfield, noted sugar enthusiast Homer Simpson (voice of Dan Castellaneta) arrives to load up on free samples, with his embarrassed wife, Marge (voice of Julie Kavner), in tow. Homer's feeble willpower is quickly stretched to the breaking point, and he swipes the rarest item at the show -- a gummy Venus de Milo, "carved by gummy artisans who work exclusively in the medium of gummy." After arriving home from the show, Marge asks Homer to give the babysitter, feminist-minded college student Ashley Grant (voice of Pamela Hayden), a ride home. As Ashley is getting out of the car, Homer notices the precious gummy Venus de Milo is stuck to her bottom, and he quickly peels it off; Ashley is certain Homer was making a sexual advance, and accuses him of harassment. As Ashley and a group of protesters set up camp on the Simpsons' front lawn, a tabloid TV reporter interviews Homer, and through the magic of editing makes him sound like a subnormal degenerate, so suddenly Homer is the pariah of the community. "Homer Badman" also features the voice of Dennis Franz, who stars in a quickie TV movie modeled after Homer's notoriety, "Homer S.: Portrait of an Ass-Grabber." The episode first aired on November 24, 1994.

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Air date: Dec 4, 1994

Homer and Grandpa take to the road to sell Grandpa's miracle passion potion, but old resentments resurface between father and son when they pass by their old house. And Bart and Milhouse wonder where all the grown-ups have gone.

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Tv Season Info

Series 6 opens with "Bart of Darkness," a clever parody of Hitchcock's "Rear Window" in which Bart believes he witnesses neighbor Ned Flanders killing his wife. Interestingly, the finale is also a murder-mystery spoof (this time of the "Dallas" episode "Who Shot J.R.?"), as cruel billionaire Mr. Burns is shot and everyone in Springfield is a potential suspect. Elsewhere, the Simpsons clan take a vacation to Itchy & Scratchy Land, but their trip to the cartoon-themed amusement park goes horribly awry when the animatronic characters turn into killing machines. The series also contains one of the show's most-touching episodes, "Lisa's Wedding," in which Lisa learns from a fortune teller what will happen to her friends and family in 15 years' time, and in the process grows closer to her father.

Cast & Crew

Dan Castellaneta
Homer Jay Simpson
Yeardley Smith
Lisa Simpson
Hank Azaria
Moe Szyslak/Apu Nahasapeemapetilon/Chief Clancy Wiggum/Dr. Nick Riviera/Carl Carlson
Nancy Cartwright
Bartholomew Jo-Jo "Bart" Simpson/Nelson Muntz
Julie Kavner
Marge Simpson
Harry Shearer
Principal Seymour Skinner/Ned Flanders
Pamela Hayden
Milhouse Van Houten
Maggie Roswell
Maude Flanders / Helen Lovejoy / Others
Marcia Wallace
Mrs. Krabappel / Others
Phil Hartman
Man in Radio Commercial / Mobster / Troy McClure
Russi Taylor
Dr. Hibbert's Daughter / Sherri / Terri / Martin Prince
Jon Lovitz
Selma's cigarette
Henry Corden
Fred Flintstone
Winona Ryder
Allison Taylor
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News & Interviews for The Simpsons: Season 6

Critic Reviews for The Simpsons Season 6

All Critics (7) | Top Critics (2)

By the time of its sixth season, The Simpsons had been around long enough to institute its own tropes, traits, and conventions, but the première episode of that sixth-season still displays a rebel streak.

Nov 15, 2017 | Full Review…
Top Critic

... a mix of caustic satire and embracing humanity scarcely found outside of Renoir, Sturges, and Altman, least of all on primetime TV.

Nov 14, 2017 | Rating: 4/5 | Full Review…

Rolling into its sixth season in high gear, "The Simpsons" continues as the best justification of Fox's relative permissiveness. It's also arguably the funniest series on the air.

Nov 13, 2017 | Full Review…
Top Critic

While airing such a summer-y episode at the beginning of fall must have felt like quite a tease... the episode is one of the show's best at depicting classic kids' behavior.

Jun 13, 2018 | Full Review…

No matter how many times I watch it, classics like "Two Dozen and One Greyhounds" and "Itchy and Scratchy Land" will never lose their humor, and of course, there's always that good old "Treehouse of Horror".

Nov 15, 2017 | Rating: 5/5 | Full Review…

Watching Season Six inspires hope, rather than despair, for the upcoming season.

Nov 8, 2017 | Full Review…

... I'm running out of ways to say how great The Simpsons is...

Oct 25, 2017 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for The Simpsons: Season 6

  • Sep 09, 2017
    "Let us all bask in television's warm glowing warming glow." – Homer Simpson. Season Six is another of the perfect seasons of The Simpsons. There's not a bad episode in the lot, and the humor is outrageously hilarious. Leaving whatever tethers to reality it had behind, the show embraces the absurd with the family fighting off a robot uprising at the Itchy & Scratchy amusement park ("Itchy & Scratchy Land"), Homer becoming the leader of a secret society ("Homer the Great"), Bard discovering a comet that's headed straight for Springfield ("Bart's Comet") and starting a feud with Australia ("Bart vs. Australia"), and a gypsy giving Lisa a vision of her future ("Lisa's Wedding"). The writing is especially creative; full of a lot of clever satire and fun parodies. And in a particularly bold move, the season concludes on a cliffhanger, event episode, "Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One)": a riff on the "Who Shot J.R.?" arc from Dallas. Additionally, there are dozens of celebrity cameos, including Winona Ryder, Dennis Franz, Anne Bancroft, Patrick Stewart, Mel Brooks, and a Cheers reunion. Incredibly ambitious, The Simpsons' sixth season continues to experiment and try new things.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Sep 06, 2020
    Super duper impressed with this badass season
  • Aug 09, 2020
    Ok best season yet and funny
  • Jul 03, 2020
    I still love the Simpsons, and i will forever love them. Super funny, satirical and irreverent.
  • Jul 18, 2019
    This year's Treehouse of Horror parodies one of my favorite horror movie and an epic cliffhanger from ‘Who Shot Mr. Burns Part One'.
  • Feb 20, 2019
    The Simpsons series 6 is one of those weaker series because they make very serious issue look like they're joke and that they are not that big of a deal when they are. So that is why this is one of those weaker series. But fortunately this series is saved by the best treehouse of horror episode and from episode 12 (Homer The Great) until the series finale (Who Shot Mr Burns Pt. 1). So I think you should watch this series if you can handle sensitive issues being a joke.
  • Nov 26, 2016
    Season 6 is the best season of The Simpsons, and one of the best seasons of all time. Of the 25 episodes 24 of them are 10/10 material each one being a classic of comedic and heart-warming story-telling. The one exception is the clip show which is entertaining but doesn't compare to rest, then again little does.
  • Mar 25, 2014
    Best season of the Simpsons!
  • Feb 14, 2014
    While the Simpsons remained TV's funniest, sharpest, and subversive show throughout the 90s, it really reached it's peak for this season. Classic episodes like Bart of Darkness, Lisa's Wedding, Grandpa Vs. Sexual Inadequacy and a whole slew more (including the best Treehouse of Horror installment) really makes this season stand out, and it's still highly re-watchable, quotable and enjoyable today.
  • Jan 30, 2014
    Funny at times but sometimes it isn't funny at all, show has been going on too long now i think, overall it is isn't too bad

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