Will & Grace (1998 - )

Will & Grace (1998 - )




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Snappy hit about a straight woman and a gay man who are best friends.

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Aired Thu, Mar 21, 2019

Will and Grace Tell a Lie
Will & Grace: Season 10, Will and Grace Tell a Lie

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2018, NBC, 16 episodes

Critics Consensus: Will & Grace reunites its ever-hilarious cast for a revival season that picks up right where the show left off 11 years ago -- adding a fresh relevance and a series of stories that make sharply funny use of the passage of time.

2017, NBC, 16 episodes

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2005, NBC, 24 episodes

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2004, NBC, 24 episodes

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2003, NBC, 24 episodes

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2002, NBC, 24 episodes

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2001, NBC, 27 episodes

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2000, NBC, 25 episodes

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1999, NBC, 24 episodes

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1998, NBC, 22 episodes


Eric McCormack
as Will Truman
Debra Messing
as Grace Adler
Sean Hayes
as Jack McFarland
Harry Connick Jr.
as Dr. Leo Markus
Blythe Danner
as Marilyn Truman
Leslie Jordan
as Beverley Leslie
Gregory Hines
as Ben Doucette
Roy Fegan
as Auditor
Rudy Galindo
as Himself
Minnie Driver
as Lorraine Binstock
John Cleese
as Lester Finster
Sydney Pollack
as George Truman
Rip Torn
as Lionel Banks
Eric Gustavson
as Sebastian
Jeff Goldblum
as Frank/Scott
Eric Stoltz
as Tom Cassidy
Gene Wilder
as Mr. Stein
Steven Weber
as Sam Truman
Tim Curry
as Marion Finster
Jo Marie Payton
as Mrs. Freeman
as Herself
Michael Philip
as Imaginary Boyfriend
Reed Alexander
as Jordan Truman
Matt Crabtree
as Stage Manager
Marissa Matrone
as Aunt Angie
Glenn Close
as Fannie Lieber
Jack Black
as Dr. Hershberg
Debra Mooney
as Sister Robert
Joan Collins
as Helena Barnes
Alex Kapp Horner
as Alice Robinson
Victor Garber
as Peter Bovington
Geena Davis
as Janet Adler
Stacy Keach
as Wendell Schacter
Markus Flanagan
as Dr. Jake Loranger
Al Roker
as Himself
Chris Potter
as Michael Kelley
Lea DeLaria
as Nurse Carver
Philip Levesque
as Delivery Man
Scott Patterson
as John Gregorio
Veronica Cartwright
as Judith McFarland
Kyla Dang
as Courtney Truman
Bridget Flanery
as Viv Cassidy
Michael Douglas
as Det. Gavin Hatch
Perry King
as John Marshall
Beau Bridges
as Daniel McFarland
Kirk Baltz
as Glenn Gabriel
J.P. Manoux
as Fannie's Minion
Demi Moore
as Sissy Palmer-Ginsburg
Macaulay Culkin
as Jason `J.T.' Towne
John Edward
as Himself
Sharon Stone
as Dr. Georgia Keller
Doug Ballard
as Robert Lilienfield
Ellen DeGeneres
as Sister Louise
Hal Linden
as Alan Kramer
Alan Arkin
as Martin Adler
Britney Spears
as Amber-Louise
Derek Basco
as Mipanko
Camryn Manheim
as Psychic Sue
Adam Goldberg
as Kevin Rizzo
Gina Morelli
as Grandma
Jason Landau
as Subway Passenger
Lee Majors
as Burt Wolfe
Lynnette Gaza
as Mrs. Poole
Don Perry
as Bertram
Jon Kinnally
as Mitchell
Lucky Vanous
as EMS worker
Mark Ankeny
as Ted Farmer
Shirley Prestia
as Mrs. Pressman
James Black
as Anthony Dukane
Kali Rocha
as Stephanie
Phil Morris
as Dr. Norman
Jason Biggs
as Baby Glenn
Harry Van Gorkum
as Porcelain Paul
Orson Bean
as Professor Dudley
Noel Conlon
as Minister
Anne Meara
as Mrs. Friedman
Cal Bartlett
as Trainer
Steve Ryan
as Lieutenant
Deborah Carson
as Desk Clerk (Margaret)
Black Henry
as Leonard
J. Lucas
as Ruben
Douglas Sills
as Ted Bowers
Lainie Kazan
as Aunt Honey
Fred Applegate
as Dr. Foster
Karen Bankhead
as Burnadean
Kate Albrecht
as Waitress
Chris Hogan
as Earthquake
James Healy Jr.
as Agent Pembleton
Donna Ponterotto
as Woman in Theater
Rod Britt
as Larry
Patrick Kerr
as Choral Director
Paul Witten
as Gallery Owner
Kenneth Mars
as Uncle Sid
Gene Elman
as Uncle Winnie
Nicollette Sheridan
as Dr. Danielle Morty
Andrew Ableson
as Choreographer
Joyce Guy
as Lynette
Hep Jamieson
as Agent Korn
Mic Thompson
as Dancing Cowboy
Jane Downs
as Charlotte
Hansford Rowe
as Minister
Tommy Woelfel
as Coat Check Guy
Bertha Holguin
as Backup Maid
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