Yellowstone: Season 1 (2018)


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Yellowstone proves too melodramatic to be taken seriously, diminishing the effects of the talented cast and beautiful backdrops.



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Air date: Jun 20, 2018
Air date: Jun 27, 2018
Air date: Jul 11, 2018
Air date: Jul 18, 2018
Air date: Jul 25, 2018
Air date: Aug 1, 2018
Air date: Aug 8, 2018
Air date: Aug 15, 2018
Air date: Aug 22, 2018

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Kevin Costner
as John Dutton
Wes Bentley
as Jamie Dutton
Kelly Reilly
as Beth Dutton
Luke Grimes
as Cory Dutton
Dave Annable
as Lee Dutton
Cole Hauser
as Rip Wheeler
Gil Birmingham
as Thomas Rainwater
Danny Huston
as Dan Jenkins
Josh Lucas
as Young John
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Critic Reviews for Yellowstone Season 1

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Through its first three episodes, Yellowstone is big and broad and a little too full of misfires.

Jun 19, 2018 | Rating: C+ | Full Review…
Top Critic

New networks (or rebranded networks) often need noticeable pedigree to attract attention, but they don't need a dud. This geyser never goes off.

Jun 21, 2018 | Rating: C- | Full Review…
Top Critic

Costner's a master at engendering sympathy for potentially unsympathetic positions - did I mention how good he looks on a horse? - and Yellowstone isn't subtle in setting up the opposition, casting Danny Huston...

Jun 20, 2018 | Full Review…

Fist-clenching may be a novel approach, also a self-negating one, and Yellowstone -- good writing, solid cast, nice views aside -- can also be a bummer at times.

Jun 20, 2018 | Rating: 3/4 | Full Review…
Top Critic

Prevails as a compelling study of power, while it chews on what really makes a cowboy in 2018.

Jun 19, 2018 | Full Review…

If these cowboys respect hard work, loyalty, and driving a doggone Ford, why are there so many overtly silly things?

Jan 3, 2019 | Rating: 4.7 | Full Review…

Aiming for iconic modern Western status, with a star that lives and breathes that stuff, Yellowstone ends up being more of a poor man's Dallas with few bubbles in the soap, if you know what I mean?

Dec 27, 2018 | Full Review…

This new drama captures its own unique environment but oftentimes stumbles over its own ambitions.

Nov 24, 2018 | Rating: 3.0/4 | Full Review…

In our modern era of global interconnectivity, the episodic premises of Yellowstone play out like a breath of fresh mountain air.

Sep 5, 2018 | Rating: 7/10 | Full Review…

Yellowstone gets bogged down in minutia and politics, and generally winds up being about as exciting as watching a zoning-commission meeting.

Jul 8, 2019 | Full Review…
Top Critic

Audience Reviews for Yellowstone: Season 1

  • 1d ago
    My favorite show on TV currently is SEAL team but that is only because Yellowstone doesn't have enough episodes to the season. I absolutely love this show and our entire family can not wait each week to talk about the developments from the previous week.
  • 2d ago
    Even I like the actors the series is deadly boring and uninteresting. A total sleeping pill. Typically this gets high RT ratings. How this gets a 2. season is out of my understanding, even renewed for season 3, absolute ridiculous - so, if you can't sleep... watch it, does wonders.
  • 3d ago
    I am having a hard time liking anyone or feeling like the relationships, motives etc... are believable. Everyone's life seems horrible and lacking any love or hope or fun. It would encourage me to continue watching if we cared about any of the characters. It is well acted and the setting is beautiful, but I am not invested in any of the characters. Hope the writing picks up:)
  • Aug 07, 2019
    Great series set in breathtaking vistas. Kevin Costner is fantastic as the patriarch. A truly binge worthy series. Drama, sex, violence and a broken family. Business as usual !!
  • Aug 02, 2019
    My favorite show at the moment! Such a good series, Kevin Costner at his best. Him and Cole Hauser make the show. Plus it has Ryan Bingham performing on it, whats not to love about this show.
  • Jul 29, 2019
    Great ,very complex family and some great characters set on a huge ranch in Picturesque Montana. Really enjoyed the show and hopefully we get lots of series, has potential to grow into one hell of a show...
  • Jul 15, 2019
    The show is well produced. But, the characters are so unreal. Who would want to belong to such an awful family? Who would choose to work at such a violent, cruel place? There is never any genuine, tender feelings expressed among family members. there isn't a real friendship among any of the people who work there and must live together. Everyone is cruel and delights in hurting one another. No one smiles, they only sneer. These characters are all one-dimensional and it grows tiring after a short amount of time. Costner, a fine actor; has one facial expression every week, a scowl. And, what has happened to his voice? He all but growls his lines. Personally, I resent how the daughter is portrayed. She makes her business deals provocatively dressed and is not above sealing a deal by tumbling into bed with someone. She's supposed to be the tough, smart one in the family, why then does everything have to center around her sexuality? This show reminds me of the old B-Western movies. Only in this show, everyone wears a black hat and there never is a hero.
  • Jul 11, 2019
    The show is very entertaining start to finish and always leaves you wanting more more more! Keep'em coming!
  • Jul 02, 2019
  • Jun 29, 2019
    So many good intentions here, but it ultimately fails to engage me. The plot lines are way too heavy and the idea of Costner against the world is beaten into us too much. Some levity is badly needed here and the expository dialogue has to go. Also, we need to really feel the beauty of Montana. Wide sweeping drone flyovers are not enough. If the place is what everyone is fighting over, show it to us in its glory. Unfortunately, the show feels as if it was written by "transplants" like the ones they mock in the series... If a western show is what you seek, I suggest the Longmire series over this which pulled me in right away. I also thought that show captured the essence of the Native American plight in a more thoughtful and original way.

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