Alfonso Arau

Alfonso Arau

Highest Rated: 97% Coco (2017)

Lowest Rated: 20% Scandalous John (1971)

Birthday: Jan 11, 1932

Birthplace: Not Available

Mexican actor and director Alfonso Arau's first American film role was as bloodthirsty bandit Herrera in Sam Peckinpah's The Wild Bunch (1969), a role he would later parody (albeit with a straight face) in the 1986 comedy Three Amigos! U.S. filmgoers were by and large unaware that Arau had long been a popular vaudeville, theater, and TV performer, and had built his Mexican film reputation as an independent producer/director, beginning with 1969's The Barefoot Eagle. Arau reached the plateau of art-house idolatry when he decided to adapt a novel about the mystical aspects of gourmet cooking, written by his wife Laura Esquivel. The subsequent film, Like Water for Chocolate (1993), ended up as one of the most profitable foreign movies ever exhibited in America and won a number of international awards as well as multiple Silver Ariels, Mexico's equivalent of the Oscar. Arau followed Like Water for Chocolate with A Walk in the Clouds two years later. Arau's first American film as a director, it starred Keanu Reeves as a WWII veteran who poses as the husband of a pregnant young woman in order to help her preserve her standing within her family. Despite great anticipation surrounding its release, the film proved to be a critical and commercial disappointment.

Highest Rated Movies



97% Coco Papa Julio $208.5M 2017
No Score Yet I Heart Shakey Raoul 2012
No Score Yet L'imbroglio Nel Lenzuolo Director 2010
No Score Yet Ni Muy, Muy... ni Tan, Tan... simplemente Tin Tan Actor 2005
No Score Yet Zapata - El sueño del héroe Director 2004
No Score Yet A Painted House Director 2003
No Score Yet The Magnificent Ambersons Director 2002
43% Committed Grampy 2000
No Score Yet Picking Up the Pieces Director Doctor Amado 2000
44% A Walk in the Clouds Director 1995
87% Like Water for Chocolate (Como Agua para Chocolate) Producer Director 1992
No Score Yet Stones for Ibarra Chuy Santos 1988
No Score Yet Camino largo a Tijuana Chino 1988
No Score Yet Dynamite and Gold Indio 1988
36% Walker Raousset 1987
46% Three Amigos! Guapo 1986
No Score Yet Tacos De Oro Director 1986
84% Romancing the Stone Juan 1984
77% Used Cars Manuel 1980
No Score Yet Mojado Power Actor 1979
67% Posse Peppe 1975
No Score Yet Tivoli Actor 1974
No Score Yet Nest of Virgins (el rincón de las vírgenes) Lucas Lucatero 1974
No Score Yet Calzonzin Inspector Director Calzonzin 1973
No Score Yet El Jardin De La Tia Isabel Actor 1971
20% Scandalous John Paco 1971
79% El Topo Bandit No.1 1970
90% The Wild Bunch Herrera 1969
No Score Yet Operacion Carambola Actor 1967
No Score Yet Viaje A La Luna Actor 1958
No Score Yet El Casto Susano Actor 1952
No Score Yet Jovenes En La Zona Rosa Actor


No Score Yet Miami Vice
Jorge Cruz 1987
No Score Yet Bonanza
Simon 1972


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