Billie Burke

Billie Burke

Highest Rated: 100% Father's Little Dividend (1951)

Lowest Rated: 55% The Barkleys of Broadway (1949)

Birthday: Aug 7, 1884

Birthplace: Washington, District of Columbia, USA

The daughter of a circus clown, American actress Billie Burke became a musical comedy star in the early 1900s under the aegis of two powerful Broadway producers: Charles K. Frohman and Florenz Ziegfeld. Burke's career soared after her marriage to Ziegfeld, which was both a blessing and a curse in that some newspaper critics, assuming she wouldn't have reached the heights without her husband's patronage, gave her some pretty rough reviews. Actually, she had a very pleasant singing voice and ingratiating personality, not to mention natural comic gift that transferred well to the screen for her film debut in Peggy (1915). She had no qualms about adjusting to characters roles upon reaching 40, but she was devoted to the stage and didn't intend to revive her film career - until the crippling debts left behind by Ziegfeld after his death in 1932 forced her to return full-time to Hollywood. At first concentrating on drama, Burke found that her true strength lay in comedy, particularly in portraying fey, birdbrained society ladies. She worked most often at MGM during the sound era, with rewarding side trips to Hal Roach studios, where she appeared as Mrs. Topper in the three Topper fantasy films, played Oliver Hardy's wife in Zenobia (1939) and earned an academy award nomination for her performance in Merrily We Live (1938). A tireless trouper, Burke appeared in virtually every sort of film, from rugged westerns like Sgt. Rutledge (1960) to a pair of surprisingly good two-reel comedies for Columbia Pictures in the late 1940s. If she had done nothing else worthwhile in her seven-decade career, Burke would forever be remembered for her lighthearted portrayal of Glinda the Good Witch in the matchless The Wizard of Oz (1939). In addition to her many film portrayals, Burke was herself portrayed in two filmed biographies of Flo Ziegfeld: Myrna Loy played her in The Great Ziegfeld (1936), while Samantha Eggar took the role in the TV-movie Ziegfeld: The Man and His Women (1978).


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet We're Rich Again Actor 2014
No Score Yet Pepe Herself 1960
88% Sergeant Rutledge Mrs. Cordelia Fosgate 1960
71% The Young Philadelphians Mrs. J.A. Allen 1959
No Score Yet Small Town Girl Mrs. Livingston 1953
No Score Yet Three Husbands Mrs. Whittaker 1951
100% Father's Little Dividend Doris Dunstan 1951
No Score Yet Darling, How Could You! Rosie 1951
93% Father of the Bride Doris Dunstan 1950
55% The Barkleys of Broadway Mrs. Livingston Belney 1949
No Score Yet Breakfast in Hollywood Mrs. Cartwright 1946
No Score Yet The Bachelor's Daughters Actor 1946
No Score Yet The Cheaters (The Castaways) Mrs. James C. Pidgeon 1945
No Score Yet Hi Diddle Diddle Mrs. Prescott 1943
No Score Yet They All Kissed the Bride Mrs. Drew 1942
No Score Yet In This Our Life Lavinia Timberlake 1942
83% The Man Who Came to Dinner Mrs. Stanley 1942
89% Topper Returns Mrs. Topper 1941
No Score Yet One Night in Lisbon Catherine Enfilden 1941
No Score Yet Hullabaloo Actor 1940
No Score Yet The Captain is a Lady Blossy Stort 1940
No Score Yet Irene Mrs. Herman Vincent 1940
No Score Yet And One Was Beautiful Mrs. Julia Lattimer 1940
No Score Yet Eternally Yours Aunt Abbey 1939
98% The Wizard of Oz Glinda the Good Witch $3.9M 1939
No Score Yet Zenobia, (Elephants Never Forget) Mrs. Tibbitt 1939
No Score Yet Topper Takes a Trip Mrs. Topper 1938
No Score Yet The Young in Heart Marmy Carleton 1938
No Score Yet Merrily We Live Mrs. Emily Kilbourne 1938
No Score Yet Everybody Sing Diana Bellaire 1938
89% Topper Henrietta Topper 1937
No Score Yet Parnell Clara 1937
No Score Yet Navy Blue and Gold Mrs. Alyce Gates 1937
No Score Yet The Bride Wore Red Contessa di Meina 1937
100% Craig's Wife Mrs. Frazier 1936
No Score Yet Piccadilly Jim Eugenia Willis, Nesta's sister 1936
62% The Great Ziegfeld Actor 1936
No Score Yet She Couldn't Take It (Woman Tamer) Mrs. Van Dyke 1935
No Score Yet Becky Sharp Lady Bareacres 1935
No Score Yet After Office Hours Mrs. Norwood 1935
No Score Yet Splendor Clarissa 1935
No Score Yet Doubting Thomas Paula Brown 1935
No Score Yet Forsaking All Others Paula 1934
No Score Yet Finishing School Mrs. Helen Crawford Radcliff 1934
No Score Yet Where Sinners Meet Eustacia 1934
No Score Yet Only Yesterday Julia Warren 1933
90% Dinner at Eight Mrs. Oliver Jordan 1933
No Score Yet Christopher Strong Lady Elaine Strong 1933
No Score Yet A Bill of Divorcement Meg Fairfield 1932
No Score Yet Glorifying the American Girl Herself 1929
No Score Yet Arms and the Girl Ruth Sherwood 1917


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Glinda the Good Witch says: Now those magic slippers will take you home in two seconds! Glinda: Toto too!

Dorothy Gale says: Oh! Toto too?

Glinda the Good Witch says: You have no power here! Begone, before somebody drops a house on you, too!

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