Billy Zane

Billy Zane

Highest Rated: 96% Back to the Future (1985)

Lowest Rated: 0% Mercenaries (2012)

Birthday: Feb 24, 1966

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Actor Billy Zane kicked off his stage career in his hometown of Chicago. Able to harness his spoiled-brat countenance and quirky gestures to invoke either sympathy or repulsion, Zane has been seen principally in secondary roles in such films as Back to the Future (1985), Memphis Belle (1990), Orlando (1992), and Posse (1993). His most flamboyant role was as the young drifter who -- obvious to everyone but the hero and heroine -- is not what he seems in the Australian thriller Dead Calm (1989). Zane had a rare starring role in the filmization of the once popular comic strip The Phantom (1996), in which he showed off his lithe, muscular physique in a form-fitting purple body suit and performed many of the stylish film's daring stunts himself. The following year he had a lead role in the most successful film of his career, playing Kate Winslet's vile fiancé in Titanic. Zane is the younger brother of film and TV actress Lisa Zane.


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25% Samson King Balek $4.5M 2018
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No Score Yet The Adventure Club Langley 2017
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22% Zoolander 2 as Himself $29.8M 2016
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60% Flutter Edwin the Dentist 2015
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4% The Roommate Professor Roberts $37.4M 2011
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No Score Yet Mysteria Producer 2011
No Score Yet Journey To Promethea King Laypach 2010
No Score Yet The Confidant Monty 2010
No Score Yet Blue Seduction Mikey Taylor 2009
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No Score Yet Attack On Darfur Bob 2009
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No Score Yet Kurtlar vadisi - Irak (Valley of the Wolves: Iraq) Sam William Marshall 2006
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4% BloodRayne Elrich $1.6M 2006
17% Three (Survival Island) Zack 2006
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No Score Yet Dead Fish Virgil 2004
48% Silver City Chandler Tyson $0.9M 2004
60% Vlad Adrian 2004
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No Score Yet Louis L'Amour's The Diamond of Jeru Mike Kardac 2001
64% Zoolander Himself $44.8M 2001
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No Score Yet Dean Koontz's 'Sole Survivor' Joe Carpenter 2000
No Score Yet Howard Hughes: His Women and His Movies Narrator 2000
No Score Yet Susan's Plan Sam 2000
No Score Yet Cleopatra Actor 1999
No Score Yet Nothing to Declare George Putter 1999
No Score Yet Morgan's Ferry Sam 1999
27% I Woke Up Early the Day I Died The Thief Producer 1998
29% Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World John Rolfe 1998
No Score Yet The Greek Americans Actor 1998
89% Titanic Cal Hockley 1997
43% This World, Then the Fireworks Executive Producer Marty Lakewood 1997
42% The Phantom Phantom/Kit Walker 1996
40% Head Above Water Kent 1996
No Score Yet Danger Zone Rick Morgan Producer 1996
No Score Yet The Set Up Charles Thorpe 1995
38% Tales from the Crypt Presents: Demon Knight The Collector 1995
52% Only You The False Damon Bradley 1994
No Score Yet Flashfire Jack Flinder 1994
No Score Yet Running Delilah Paul 1994
0% The Silence of the Hams Jo Dee Fostar 1994
No Score Yet Reflections in the Dark Colin 1994
73% Tombstone Mr. Fabian 1993
37% Poetic Justice Brad 1993
84% Orlando Shelmerdine $57.8K 1993
38% Sniper Richard Miller 1993
29% Posse Col. Graham 1993
No Score Yet Betrayal of the Dove Dr. Jesse Peter 1992
No Score Yet Lake Consequence Billy 1992
No Score Yet Blood & Concrete: A Love Story Joey 1991
No Score Yet Megaville Palinov/Jensen 1991
67% Memphis Belle Val Kozlowski 1990
No Score Yet Femme Fatale Elijah 1990
No Score Yet Millions Actor 1990
No Score Yet Going Overboard Actor 1989
82% Dead Calm Hughie Warriner 1989
No Score Yet The Case of the Hillside Stranglers Kenneth Bianchi 1989
65% Back to the Future Part II Match 1989
58% Critters Steve Elliot 1986
No Score Yet Brotherhood of Justice Les 1986
96% Back to the Future Match $3M 1985


88% Curfew
87% DC's Legends of Tomorrow
P.T. Barnum 2017
67% Guilt
Stan Gutterie 2016
67% Mad Dogs
Milo 2016
88% Community
Honda Boss 2015
No Score Yet Barabbas
Barabbas 2013
No Score Yet Lopez Tonight
Guest 2010
7% The Deep End
Cliff Huddle 2010
77% Samantha Who?
Winston Funk 2009
No Score Yet Charmed
Drake/Robin Drake 2005
No Score Yet Boston Public
Matthew Baskin 2001
82% Tales from the Crypt
Guest 1993
89% Twin Peaks
John Justice Wheeler 1991
No Score Yet Murder, She Wrote
Tony 1988


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Cal Hockley says: Where are you going? To him?! To be a whore to a gutter rat?

Rose DeWitt Bukater says: I'd rather be his whore than your wife.

Cal Hockley says: I make my own luck

Cal Hockley says: I make my own luck.

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Spicer Lovejoy says: So do I.

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Cal Hockley says: Not the better half.

Cal Hockley says: Where are you going? To him? To be a whore to a gutter rat?

Rose DeWitt Bukater says: "I'd rather be his whore than your wife"

Rose DeWitt Bukater says: I'd rather be his whore than your wife.

Cal Hockley says: God himself could not sink this ship

Cal Hockley says: God himself could not sink this ship.

Cal Hockley says: Where are you going? To him? To be a whore to a gutter rat?

Rose DeWitt Bukater says: I'd rather be his whore than your wife.

Cal Hockley says: I hope you two are happy together!

Richard Miller says: You piss your pants and learn to love it

Richard Miller says: You piss your pants and learn to love it.

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Marty Lakewood says: There aren't enough tears for all this sorrow.