Claude Rains

Claude Rains

Highest Rated: 100% Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941)

Lowest Rated: 20% Anthony Adverse (1936)

Birthday: Nov 10, 1889

Birthplace: London, England, UK

Having found limited success as a stage actor in his native England and New York, Claude Rains made a sensational film debut in "The Invisible Man" (1933) and launched a long Hollywood character as a character player whose charm and finely modulated voice graced some of the finest films of the 1930s and 1940s. After another starring turn in "The Mystery of Edwin Drood" (1935), Rains assiduously avoided being typecast in horror films by appearing in the musical "Hearts Divided" (1936), the costume drama "Anthony Adverse," and the romantic drama "Stolen Holiday" (1937), the last being the first of nine films he made with director Michael Curtiz. He went on to co-star in "The Adventures of Robin Hood" (1938) and "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" (1939), before delivering his most iconic performance as the cheerful, but corrupt French police captain Renault in the mother of all classic movies, "Casablanca" (1942). From there, he appeared in a number of acclaimed films like "Now, Voyager" (1942), "Passage to Marseille" (1944), and "Mr. Skeffington" (1944), before delivering another iconic performance as the wanted leader of an underground Nazi movement in Alfred Hitchcock's "Notorious" (1946), which earned the actor his fourth Academy Award nomination. Though he appeared in movies of diminishing quality, he ended his career on a high note with major supporting parts in "Lawrence of Arabia" (1962) and "The Greatest Story Ever Told" (1965), underscoring for Rains a career as one of Hollywood's most popular character actors.

Highest rated movies

Kings Row
Here Comes Mr. Jordan
Four Daughters
The Adventures of Robin Hood
Crime Without Passion
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington




42% 64% The Greatest Story Ever Told King Herod (Character) - 1965
No Score Yet 88% Cops and Robbers Unknown (Character) - 1965
No Score Yet 31% Twilight of Honor Art Harper (Character) - 1963
94% 93% Lawrence of Arabia Mr. Dryden (Character) $6.0M 1962
No Score Yet No Score Yet Battle of the Worlds Prof. Benson (Character) - 1961
No Score Yet 0% Il Pianeta degli uomini spenti (Battle of the Worlds) (Planet of the Lifeless Men) Unknown (Character) - 1961
No Score Yet 20% The Lost World Prof. George Edward Challenger (Character) - 1960
No Score Yet No Score Yet Shangri-La High Lama (Character) - 1960
No Score Yet No Score Yet This Earth Is Mine Philippe Rambeau (Character) - 1959
No Score Yet 56% The Pied Piper of Hamelin Mayor of Hamelin (Character) - 1957
No Score Yet 30% Lisbon Aristides Mavros (Character) - 1956
No Score Yet 0% The Paris Express Kees Popinga (Character) - 1952
No Score Yet 36% Sealed Cargo Capt. Skalder (Character) - 1951
No Score Yet 36% The White Tower Paul DeLambre (Character) - 1950
No Score Yet 51% Where Danger Lives Mr. Lannington (Character) - 1950
73% 59% The Passionate Friends Howard Justin (Character) - 1949
No Score Yet 60% Rope of Sand Arthur Martingale (Character) - 1949
No Score Yet No Score Yet Song of Surrender Elisha Hunt (Character) - 1949
No Score Yet 77% The Unsuspected Victor Grandison (Character) - 1947
96% 91% Notorious Alex Sebastian (Character) - 1946
No Score Yet 67% Deception Alexander Hollenius (Character) - 1946
No Score Yet 67% Angel on My Shoulder Nick (Character) - 1946
No Score Yet 56% Caesar and Cleopatra Julius Caesar (Character) - 1945
No Score Yet No Score Yet This Love of Ours Joseph Targel (Character) - 1945
57% 80% Mr. Skeffington Job Skeffington (Character) - 1944
No Score Yet 57% Passage to Marseille Capt. Freycinet (Character) - 1944
76% 77% Phantom of the Opera Enrique Claudin (Character) - 1943
No Score Yet 50% Forever and a Day Ambrose Pomfret (Character) - 1943
No Score Yet 69% Moontide Nutsy (Character) - 1942
99% 95% Casablanca Captain Louis Renault (Character) - 1942
91% 90% Now, Voyager Dr. Jaquith (Character) - 1942
100% 78% Kings Row Dr. Alexander Q. Tower (Character) - 1942
No Score Yet No Score Yet Strange Holiday John Stevenson (Character) - 1942
No Score Yet 43% Four Mothers Adam Lemp (Character) - 1941
100% 83% Here Comes Mr. Jordan Mr.Jordan (Character) - 1941
90% 80% The Wolf Man Sir John Talbot (Character) - 1941
No Score Yet No Score Yet Saturday's Children Mr. Henry Halevy (Character) - 1940
93% 87% The Sea Hawk Don José Alvarez de Cordoba (Character) - 1940
No Score Yet No Score Yet Lady With Red Hair David Belasco (Character) - 1940
83% 51% Juarez Emperor Louis Napoleon III (Character) - 1939
No Score Yet 65% Four Wives Adam Lemp (Character) - 1939
No Score Yet No Score Yet Daughters Courageous Jim Masters (Character) - 1939
96% 94% Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Sen. Joseph Harrison Paine (Character) - 1939
No Score Yet 62% They Made Me a Criminal Det. Monty Phelan (Character) - 1939
No Score Yet No Score Yet Sons of Liberty Haym Salomon (Character) - 1939
No Score Yet 22% Gold Is Where You Find It Col. Christopher "Chris" Ferris (Character) - 1938
100% 79% Four Daughters Adam Lemp (Character) - 1938
100% 89% The Adventures of Robin Hood Prince John (Character) - 1938
No Score Yet 75% White Banners Paul Ward (Character) - 1938
No Score Yet 88% They Won't Forget Andy Griffin (Character) - 1937
No Score Yet No Score Yet Stolen Holiday Stefan Orloff (Character) - 1937
67% 62% The Prince and the Pauper Earl of Hertford (Character) - 1937
No Score Yet No Score Yet Hearts Divided Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte (Character) - 1936
20% 49% Anthony Adverse Marquis Don Luis (Character) - 1936
63% 20% The Mystery of Edwin Drood John Jasper (Character) - 1935
No Score Yet 45% The Last Outpost John Stevenson (Character) - 1935
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Clairvoyant Maximus (Character) - 1935
100% 50% Crime Without Passion Lee Gentry (Character) - 1934
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Man Who Reclaimed His Head Paul Verin (Character) - 1934
94% 85% The Invisible Man Jack Griffin (Character) - 1933


No Score Yet No Score Yet Dr. Kildare Unknown (Guest Star) 1964
No Score Yet 100% Rawhide Unknown (Guest Star) 1963
No Score Yet No Score Yet Wagon Train Unknown (Guest Star) 1962
No Score Yet 98% Alfred Hitchcock Presents Unknown (Character) 1956-1957 1959 1961-1962
No Score Yet No Score Yet Naked City Unknown (Guest Star) 1960
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Alcoa Hour Paul Westman (Character) 1956