Don 'Red' Barry

Highest Rated: 100% Seven Men From Now (1956)
Birthday: Jan 11, 1912
Birthplace: Not Available
A football star in his high school and college days, Donald Barry forsook an advertising career in favor of a stage acting job with a stock company. This barnstorming work led to movie bit parts, the first of which was in RKO's Night Waitress (1936). Barry's short stature, athletic build and pugnacious facial features made him a natural for bad guy parts in Westerns, but he was lucky enough to star in the 1940 Republic serial The Adventures of Red Ryder; this and subsequent appearance as "Lone Ranger" clone Red Ryder earned the actor the permanent sobriquet Donald "Red" Barry. Republic promoted the actor to bigger-budget features in the 1940s, casting him in the sort of roles James Cagney might have played had the studio been able to afford Cagney. Barry produced as well as starred in a number of Westerns, but this venture ultimately failed, and the actor, whose private life was tempestuous in the best of times, was consigned to supporting roles before the 1950s were over. By the late 1960s, Barry was compelled to publicly entreat his fans to contribute one dollar apiece for a new series of Westerns. Saving the actor from further self-humiliation were such Barry aficionados as actor Burt Reynolds and director Don Siegel, who saw to it that Don was cast in prominent supporting roles during the 1970s, notably a telling role in Hustle (1976). In 1980, Don "Red" Barry killed himself -- a sad end to an erratic life and career.

Highest Rated Movies



44% Back Roads Pete 1981
No Score Yet Doctor Dracula Actor 1980
No Score Yet One Man Jury Murphy 1978
69% Hooper Sheriff 1978
11% The Swarm Pete Harris 1978
No Score Yet Hot Lead and Cold Feet Bartender 1978
No Score Yet Seabo Actor 1978
7% Orca - The Killer Whale Dock Worker 1977
No Score Yet Doctor Dracula Actor 1977
No Score Yet From Noon Till Three Outlaw Leader 1976
67% Hustle Airport Bartender 1975
No Score Yet Boss Nigger (The Black Bounty Killer) Actor 1975
No Score Yet Blazing Stewardesses Actor 1975
No Score Yet Whiffs Post 1975
91% Junior Bonner Homer Rutledge 1972
67% Johnny Got His Gun Jody Simmons 1971
68% Rio Lobo Feeny - Bartender 1971
No Score Yet Dirty Dingus Magee Shotgun 1970
No Score Yet Cockeyed Cowboys of Calico County Rusty 1970
No Score Yet Hunters Are for Killing Actor 1970
40% Shalako Buffalo 1968
20% Bandolero Jack Hawkins 1968
No Score Yet The Shakiest Gun in the West Rev. Zachary Grant 1968
No Score Yet Fort Utah Harris 1967
No Score Yet Hostile Guns Johnson 1967
No Score Yet Alvarez Kelly Lt. Farrow 1966
No Score Yet Apache Uprising Henry Belden 1966
No Score Yet Fort Courageous Capt. Howard 1965
No Score Yet Convict Stage Marshal Karnin 1965
No Score Yet Law of the Lawless Tuffy 1964
29% The Carpetbaggers Sound Man 1964
No Score Yet Iron Angel Reb 1964
No Score Yet Twilight of Honor Judson Elliot 1963
No Score Yet Walk on the Wild Side Dockery 1962
50% The Errand Boy Actor 1961
52% Ocean's 11 McCoy 1960
No Score Yet Walk like a Dragon Cabot 1960
No Score Yet Warlock Edward Calhoun 1959
No Score Yet Born Reckless Oakie 1959
No Score Yet China Doll Hal Foster 1958
No Score Yet Frankenstein - 1970 Douglas Row 1958
No Score Yet Buffalo Gun Murdock 1958
No Score Yet Gun Duel in Durango Larry 1957
100% Seven Men From Now Clete 1956
No Score Yet I'll Cry Tomorrow Jerry 1955
No Score Yet Jesse James' Women Director Jesse James 1954
No Score Yet Gunfire Fenton/Frank James 1950
No Score Yet I Shot Billy the Kid William H. Bonney / Billy The Kid 1950
No Score Yet Train to Tombstone Len Howard 1950
No Score Yet The Dalton Gang Marshal Larry West 1949
No Score Yet Ringside Mike O'Hara / King Cobra 1949
No Score Yet Out California Way Don Barry 1946
No Score Yet The Last Crooked Mile Tom Dwyer 1946
No Score Yet Bells of Rosarita Don Barry 1945
No Score Yet The Purple Heart Lt. Peter Vincent 1944
No Score Yet The Sombrero Kid Jerry Holden 1942
No Score Yet Remember Pearl Harbor Steve "Lucky" Smith 1942
No Score Yet Adventures of Red Ryder Red Ryder 1940
No Score Yet Days of Jesse James Jesse James 1939
No Score Yet The Secret of Dr. Kildare Collins 1939
No Score Yet Wyoming Outlaw Will Parker 1939
No Score Yet There's That Woman Again Bellboy 1939
100% Only Angels Have Wings Tex Gordon 1939
No Score Yet Calling Dr. Kildare Collins 1939
No Score Yet Panama Patrol Lt. Loring 1939
No Score Yet Saga of Death Valley Jerry 1939
No Score Yet Young Dr. Kildare Collins 1938
No Score Yet Letter of Introduction Man at Party 1938
No Score Yet Sinners in Paradise Jessup 1938
No Score Yet The Duke of West Point Cadet Grady 1938
No Score Yet The Last Gangster Billy Ernst 1937
89% Dead End Interne 1937
No Score Yet Beloved Enemy Mike - I.R.A. Patriot (uncredited) 1937
No Score Yet The Woman I Love Michel 1937
No Score Yet Navy Blue and Gold Fellow Back 1937
No Score Yet This Day and Age Young Man 1933


No Score Yet Charlie's Angels
  • 1980
No Score Yet CHiPs
Ballard Frank Taylor
  • 1980
  • 1979
No Score Yet Quincy, M.E.
Charlie Turner
  • 1979
No Score Yet Little House on the Prairie
Larrabee Jud Larabee Rufe Parsons
  • 1979
  • 1978
  • 1977
  • 1976
No Score Yet The Rockford Files
Shorty McCall
  • 1978
No Score Yet The Bionic Woman
  • 1977
No Score Yet The Waltons
Deputy Sheriff
  • 1975
  • 1973
93% Batman
Grand Vizier
  • 1966
No Score Yet Bonanza
Bud Temple
  • 1966
  • 1964
83% The Munsters
  • 1965
No Score Yet The Fugitive
  • 1964
No Score Yet Maverick
Willie Salron Smith Fred Leslie Dishonest Abe
  • 1961
  • 1960
  • 1959
  • 1958


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