Jean Simmons

Jean Simmons

Highest Rated: 100% Divorce American Style (1967)

Lowest Rated: 25% Shadows in the Sun (2009)

Birthday: Jan 31, 1929

Birthplace: Crouch Hill, London, England, UK

Father, Charles Simmons, was a gymnast for Great Britain in the 1912 Olympics, bringing home a bronze medal in the men's team event. Discovered at age 14 while attending dancing school with her older sister. Earned her first Oscar nomination at 18 for her portrayal of Ophelia in Laurence Olivier's Hamlet. Voted the most popular actress in Britain in 1950. Fought against Hollywood giant Howard Hughes' ownership of her contract, finally winning her freedom in 1952. Was made an OBE in 2003 for her contributions to British cinema. Died of lung cancer nine days before her 81st birthday.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Thru the Moebius Strip Shepway 2010
25% Shadows in the Sun Hannah 2009
No Score Yet Death of Two Sons Actor 2006
45% Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Council Member No. 2 2001
No Score Yet On Cukor Actor 2000
No Score Yet Barbara Taylor Bradford's A Secret Affair Katherine Stratten 1999
No Score Yet Daisies in December Katherine Palmer 1995
61% How to Make an American Quilt Em 1995
No Score Yet People Like Us Peach 1990
No Score Yet The Dawning Aunt Mary 1988
No Score Yet A Friendship in Vienna Narrator 1988
No Score Yet Going Undercover Maxine de la Hunt 1988
No Score Yet Inherit the Wind Lucy Brady 1988
No Score Yet Undercover Actor 1988
No Score Yet Perry Mason: The Case of the Lost Love Laura Kilgallen 1987
No Score Yet A Moment in Time Actor 1984
No Score Yet A Small Killing Actor 1981
No Score Yet Dominique (Avenging Spirit) (Dominique Is Dead) Dominique Ballard 1979
No Score Yet The Dain Curse Actor 1978
No Score Yet Mr. Sycamore Estelle Benbow 1975
No Score Yet Say Hello to Yesterday Woman 1971
25% The Happy Ending Mary Wilson 1969
No Score Yet Heidi Fräulein Rottenmeier 1968
No Score Yet Violence à Jericho Molly Lang 1967
100% Divorce American Style Nancy Downes 1967
No Score Yet Mister Buddwing The Blonde 1966
No Score Yet Life at the Top Susan Lampton 1965
No Score Yet All the Way Home Mary Follet 1963
95% Spartacus Varinia 1960
94% Elmer Gantry Sister Sharon Falconer/Katy Jones 1960
88% The Grass Is Greener Hattie Durant 1960
No Score Yet This Earth Is Mine Actor 1959
No Score Yet Home Before Dark Charlotte Bronn 1958
100% The Big Country Julie Maragon 1958
67% Until They Sail Barbara Leslie Forbes 1957
No Score Yet This Could Be the Night Anne Leeds 1957
No Score Yet Footsteps in the Fog Lily Watkins 1955
91% Guys and Dolls Sarah Brown 1955
No Score Yet Desiree Desiree Clary 1954
No Score Yet The Egyptian Merit 1954
83% Demetrius and the Gladiators in film clip from THE ROBE 1954
No Score Yet She Couldn't Say No Korby Lane 1954
No Score Yet A Bullet Is Waiting Cally Canham 1954
60% The Actress Ruth Gordon Jones 1953
33% The Robe Diana 1953
No Score Yet Affair With a Stranger Carolyn Parker 1953
No Score Yet Young Bess Young Bess (Queen Elizabeth I) 1953
43% Androcles and the Lion Lavinia 1953
80% Angel Face Diane Tremayne Jessup 1952
No Score Yet So Long at the Fair Vicky Barton 1951
No Score Yet Uncle Silas Actor 1951
No Score Yet The Clouded Yellow Sophie Malraux 1951
No Score Yet Trio Evie Bishop [Sanatorium] 1950
No Score Yet The Blue Lagoon Emmeline Foster 1949
No Score Yet Adam and Evelyne (Adam and Evalyn) Evelyne Wallace 1949
91% Hamlet Ophelia 1948
No Score Yet The Woman in the Hall Joy Blake 1948
No Score Yet Hungry Hill Jane Brodrick 1947
100% Black Narcissus Kanchi 1947
100% Great Expectations Young Estella 1947
No Score Yet Caesar and Cleopatra Harpist 1945
No Score Yet Meet Sexton Blake Eva Watkins 1945
No Score Yet The Way to the Stars Singer 1945
No Score Yet Mr. Emmanuel Bit Part 1944
No Score Yet Olivier's Shakespeare Actor 1944


No Score Yet American Masters
Narrator 2000
50% Dark Shadows
Elizabeth Collins Stoddard/Naomi Collins 1991
89% Star Trek: The Next Generation
Adm. Nora Satie 1991
No Score Yet American Playhouse
No Score Yet Murder, She Wrote
Eudora 1989
No Score Yet The Odd Couple
Princess 1972
83% Angel Falls
Irene Larson
No Score Yet The Thorn Birds
Fiona `Fee' Cleary


Sarah Brown says: It's so delicious. That Bacardi flavoring certainly makes a difference.

Sarah Brown says: You know, this would be a wonderful way to get children to drink milk.

Lily Watkins says: Do you remember the last ambulance when I said it should've been me? I wish it had been.

Sarah Brown says: What did you order?

Sky Masterson says: Dolce de leche. Dolce is the spanish word for sweet; de means of; and leche means milk.

Sky Masterson says: Dolce de leche. Dolce is the spanish word for sweet. De means of and leche means milk.

Sarah Brown says: Don't they serve it plain?

Sky Masterson says: Well, only in the mornings. It has to do with the heat. You see, at night they put a kind of preservative in it.

Sarah Brown says: That's interesting. What do they use?

Sky Masterson says: Bacardi.

Sarah Brown says: Bacardi - doesn't that have alcohol in it?

Sarah Brown says: Bacardi? Doesn't that have alcohol in it?

Sky Masterson says: Well just enough to keep the milk from turning sour.

Sarah Brown says: I'm prepared to believe that you're the biggest sinner I've ever met in my life!

Richard Harmon says: Why do we have to go through that again? So you've been divorced for eight years. You've dated a lot of guys.

Nancy Downes says: So?

Richard Harmon says: So, why can't this be like all the others? Why does it have to be different? Why pick on me?

Nancy Downes says: Cuz this time I care. So Richard, we have to move this to the next plateau.

Pat Terrill says: Hello, throw something off a chair and sit down. Would you like to try a cigarette?

Julie Maragon says: Where'd you get those?

Pat Terrill says: In the east. Don't look so shocked. I saw a woman smoking one; very elegant. [inhales - exhales] Oh well, I don't care about anything anyway.

Pat Terrill says: In the east. Don't look so shocked. I saw a woman smoking one. Very elegant. Oh well, I don't care about anything anyway.

Varinia says: And neither am I!

Estella as a girl says: He calls the knaves "jacks"!

Estella as a girl says: He calls the knaves 'jacks'!