Priscilla Pointer

Priscilla Pointer

Highest Rated: 93% Blue Velvet (1986)

Lowest Rated: 0% Desert Heat (1999)

Birthday: May 18, 1924

Birthplace: Not Available

American character actress Priscilla Pointer was the wife of famed theatrical director Jules Irving, and the mother of actress Amy Irving and writer/director David Irving. After extensive theatrical experience, Pointer attained her first major TV job in the daytime drama Where the Heart Is (1969-73). She went on to play Mrs. Austin in From Here to Eternity (1980). Rebecca Barnes Wentworth in Dallas (1981-83) and Lillie in Call to Glory (1984-85). One of her more memorable film assignments was the 1976 chiller Carrie, in which she played the mother of the character played by her daughter Amy. Perhaps as a by-product of Carrie, Priscilla Pointer was engaged to play important roles in Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983) and the made-for-TVTwilight Zone: The Lost Classics (1994).

Highest Rated Movies



0% Desert Heat Mrs. Howard 1999
No Score Yet Alone Susan Hight 1998
64% Carried Away Lily Henson 1996
No Score Yet The Magic Bubble Grandma 1992
No Score Yet Runaway Father Mary Bennett 1991
No Score Yet The Flash Nora Allen 1990
No Score Yet A Show of Force Alice Ryan 1990
No Score Yet Disturbed Nurse Francine 1990
No Score Yet A Cry for Help: The Tracey Thurman Story Tracey's Mother 1989
No Score Yet C.H.U.D. II Dr. Berllin 1989
74% A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors Dr. Elizabeth Simms 1987
22% From the Hip Mrs. Martha Williams 1987
93% Blue Velvet Mrs. Beaumont 1986
No Score Yet Cannon Movie Tales: Rumpelstiltskin Queen Grizelda 1986
81% The Falcon and the Snowman Mrs. Lee 1985
70% Micki + Maude Diana Hutchison 1984
56% Twilight Zone: The Movie Miss Cox 1983
No Score Yet Mysterious Two Actor 1982
49% Mommie Dearest Mrs. Chadwick 1981
No Score Yet The Archer Actor 1981
75% The Competition Mrs. Donellan 1980
50% Honeysuckle Rose Rosella 1980
85% The Onion Field Chrissie Campbell 1979
No Score Yet Eleanor and Franklin: The White House Years Missy LeHand 1977
No Score Yet The Great Texas Dynamite Chase Miss Harris 1977
65% Looking for Mr. Goodbar Mrs. Dunn 1977
10% Nickelodeon Mabel 1976
92% Carrie Mrs. Snell 1976
No Score Yet Eleanor and Franklin Actor 1976
No Score Yet Death Takes a Holiday Marion Chapman 1971


No Score Yet Cold Case
Lillian 2006
No Score Yet Judging Amy
Margaret Palmer 2001
No Score Yet Touched by an Angel
Elizabeth 1996
82% Picket Fences
Dr. Smithie 1995
No Score Yet Newhart
Clara 1987
No Score Yet Too Close for Comfort
Grandmother 1984
No Score Yet The A-Team
Helen Richter 1983
No Score Yet Dallas
Rebecca Wentworth Rebecca 1983
No Score Yet Quincy, M.E.
Nurse Kathy Benson Mrs. Neilsen 1983
No Score Yet Kojak
Regina Meadows 1975
No Score Yet The Rockford Files
Helen Morris 1974


Phillip says: Can I interject something just to save us all some time?

Dr. Neil Goldman says: Sure, Phillip. Go ahead.

Phillip says: Well, according to our kind hosts, our dreams are a group psychosis; sort of a mellow mass hysteria. The fact that we all dreamt about this guy before we ever met doesn't impress anybody. So we go in circles making minimal progress with maximum effort.

Dr. Elizabeth Simms says: You won't make any progress until you recognize your dreams for what they are.

Nancy Thompson says: And what are they?

Dr. Elizabeth Simms says: The by-products of guilt; psychological scars stemming from moral conflicts and overt sexuality.

Kincaid says: Oh, great. Now it's my di*k that's killing me.

Dr. Elizabeth Simms says: I'm not going to take any more of this. How much longer are you going to go on blaming your dreams for your own weaknesses?

Kincaid says: Lady, how much longer you gonna keep blowing smoke up our ass?

Dr. Neil Goldman says: That's enough, Kincaid!

Dr. Elizabeth Simms says: There will be no repeat occurrences of last night's events. From now on your doors will be locked during sleeping hours. We'll start a policy of evening sedation for everybody.

Kincaid says: The fu*k you will! Anybody tries drugs on me gets his ass kicked!

Dr. Elizabeth Simms says: Well, you just bought yourself a night in the quite room, Mister. Now sit down!

Kincaid says: Fu*k you! You sit down!

Mrs. Snell says: Mrs. White, I'd like to contribute five...ten dollars.

Mrs. Snell says: Mrs. White, I'd like to contribute five, ten dollars.

Margaret White says: I see. I pray you find Jesus.

Margaret White says: These are godless times, Mrs. Snell.

Mrs. Snell says: I'll drink to that.