Pruitt Taylor Vince

Pruitt Taylor Vince

Highest Rated: 92% The Devil's Candy (2017)

Lowest Rated: 0% Gotti (2018)

Birthday: Jul 5, 1960

Birthplace: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

His irises tremble violently as the camera fixes on his glassy gaze, and before you know it, you've once again been entranced by the character with whom you're unsure if you should fear or sympathize. With the rare ability to convey the delicate blend of conflicting emotions that only the most effective character actors can convincingly portray, actor Pruitt Taylor Vince has crafted a successful film and television career playing introspective, often disturbed, loners teetering on the fringes of society. Though the portly Baton Rouge native's first onscreen role was to have been in director Jim Jarmusch's 1986 comedy drama Down by Law, his scenes were cut before the film hit theaters, and audiences would not get their first look at Vince until the release of Alan Parker's Angel Heart the following year. Vince owes something of a debt to the prolific director, since it was Parker's racially charged drama Mississippi Burning that first found audiences taking notice of the burgeoning, sometimes fearsome, actor. In 1990, Vince turned up in yet another of Parker's films, Come See the Paradise, though it was that same year's horrific thriller Jacob's Ladder that truly found Vince setting himself apart from the pack. If the 1990s had proven kind to Vince early on, it was his emotionally compelling role opposite Paul Newman in Nobody's Fool that truly began to give audiences an idea of what Vince was capable of as an actor. Cast as the village idiot who finds a sympathetic ear in Newman's character, Vince lent an uncanny depth to a character that may have otherwise been an instantly forgettable, two-dimensional role. Though Vince's early roles were indeed noteworthy thanks to his uncommon ability to exude repression and deeply rooted malaise as few other actors could, it wasn't until director James Mangold's cast him in the lead for his 1995 drama Heavy that Vince was truly given the opportunity to shine. Mangold did something that few mainstream Hollywood efforts would allow when he dared to offer the overweight and balding actor the dramatic lead -- the role of Victor Modina, a shy cook in a small-town restaurant who secretly longs for the love of an attractive young waitress (portrayed by Liv Tyler). With his expressive eyes (their sometimes discomforting vibration the result of a condition known as nystagmus) effectively conveying the desperation of a trapped animal longing to escape his suffocating existence, Vince's heartbreaking performance eloquently conveyed the internal distress and helplessness felt by his long-suffering character. Though the following years may not have offered Vince more roles the size or caliber of his part in Heavy, a series of small-screen performances in the late '90s showed that his talent was, without question, as potent as ever. Following an unforgettable performance as a mentally unbalanced photographer who kidnaps Agent Scully (Gillian Anderson) in a 1996 episode of The X-Files ("Unruhe"), Vince's turn as a suspicious kidnapping suspect in the miniseries Night Sins and a disturbed serial killer in several episodes of Murder One proved that he could be chillingly effective in menacing roles. The latter role even proved so effective as to earn Vince an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series. It was at this point that directors were truly beginning to discover the dramatic possibilities of casting Vince in their films, and his turn as a gifted musician and compelling storyteller proved a highlight of the wistful 1998 drama The Legend of 1900. Supporting performances in Mumford (1999), Nurse Betty (2000), The Cell (2000), and S1m0ne (2002) found Vince steadily becoming a recognizable face to mainstream audiences, and in 2002, he sent chills down the spines of suspense fanatics as the childlike accomplice in a harrowing kidnapping scheme in Trapped. Vince's skittishly ominous performance left viewers on the edge of their seats as he held a young girl (played by Dakota Fanning) hostage with

Highest Rated Movies



0% Gotti Angelo Ruggiero 2018
92% The Devil's Candy Ray 2017
No Score Yet 59 Seconds Robert 2016
65% 13 Sins Vogler 2014
43% Homefront Werks $12.7M 2013
33% Dark Tourist Carl Marznap 2013
47% Beautiful Creatures Mr. Lee $19.5M 2013
34% Butter Ned Eaton $71.4K 2012
44% Brake Driver/Boss Terrorist $4.8K 2012
No Score Yet Stanley Debrock Actor 2012
10% Creature Grover $0.4M 2011
17% Flypaper Jelly $1.6K 2011
38% Don McKay Mel 2010
61% Leaves of Grass Big Joe Sharpe $68.5K 2010
No Score Yet Mysterious Island Gideon Spilett 2010
No Score Yet Cameraman Actor 2010
58% In the Electric Mist Lou Girard 2009
No Score Yet In NorthWood Actor 2009
No Score Yet The Echo Joseph 2008
9% Captivity Ben $2.7M 2007
No Score Yet When a Man Falls in the Forest Travis Gilmore 2007
No Score Yet Drop Dead Sexy Spider 2005
46% Constantine ojciec Hennessy Father Hennessy $75.5M 2005
No Score Yet Nobody Wants Your Film Actor 2005
81% Monster Gene (Stuttering John) $34.2M 2004
62% Identity Malcolm Rivers $51.5M 2003
17% Trapped Marvin $7M 2002
51% Simone Max Sayer $9.5M 2002
No Score Yet 13 Moons Owen 2002
83% Nurse Betty Ballard 2000
45% The Cell Dr. Reid 2000
54% The Legend of 1900 (La leggenda del pianista sull'oceano) Max 1999
57% Mumford Henry 1999
67% The Break Scott 1998
No Score Yet Love From Ground Zero Walter 1998
No Score Yet Cold Around the Heart Johnny `Cokebottles' Costello 1997
29% The End of Violence Frank Cray 1997
86% Heavy Victor 1996
79% Beautiful Girls Stanley 1996
No Score Yet Under the Hula Moon Bob 1995
91% Nobody's Fool Rub Squeers 1994
47% Natural Born Killers Kavanaugh 1994
18% City Slickers 2 - The Legend of Curly's Gold Bud 1994
40% China Moon Daryl Jeeters 1994
No Score Yet Till Death Us Do Part Michael Brockington 1992
84% JFK Lee Bowers 1991
No Score Yet Dead In The Water Lou Rescetti 1991
No Score Yet Sweet Poison Coyle 1991
72% Jacob's Ladder Paul 1990
64% Come See the Paradise Augie Farrell 1990
65% Wild At Heart Buddy 1990
No Score Yet Fear Shadow Man 1990
0% Homer & Eddie Cashier 1989
22% K-9 Benny the Mule 1989
No Score Yet I Know My First Name Is Steven Actor 1989
83% Mississippi Burning Lester Cowens 1988
67% Red Heat Night Clerk 1988
75% Barfly Joe 1987
64% Shy People Paul Sullivan 1987
79% Angel Heart Deimos 1987


94% Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Grill 2018
42% Heroes Reborn
70% True Blood
Finn 2013
90% Bones
Haze Jackson 2012
No Score Yet Hawaii Five-0
Richard Branch 2012
97% Justified
Glen Fogle 2012
41% The Cape
Goggles 2011
81% The Walking Dead
Otis 2011
No Score Yet The Mentalist
J.J. LaRoche L.L. LaRoche LaRoche 2011
No Score Yet Medium
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58% Canterbury's Law
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91% House
George 2006
92% Deadwood
Mose Manuel 2006
No Score Yet CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Marty Gleason 2004
88% Alias
Campbell 2003
No Score Yet Thieves
Roy Lichter 2001
50% Gideon's Crossing
James Tooley 2000
91% Murder One
Clifford Banks 1997
74% The X-Files
Gerry Schnauz 1996
No Score Yet Highlander
Immortal 1995
No Score Yet Quantum Leap
No Score Yet Miami Vice
Cruz 1988
88% The Handler


Jelly says: I swear if you are a woman I'll marry you

Jelly says: I swear if you are a woman I'll marry you.

Peanut Butter says: Well, I ain't

Peanut Butter says: Well, I ain't.

Jelly says: Me and Peanut Butter are like best friends, gay dudes in a bath tub, that's how fucking tight we are. OK?

Tripp says: For what it's worth you're a great bank robber

Tripp says: For what it's worth you're a great bank robber.

Jelly says: You mean that ? You are not just saying that because I have a gun pointed at your dick

Jelly says: You mean that? You are not just saying that because I have a gun pointed at your dick.

Malcolm Rivers says: "As I was going up the stairs, I met a man who wasn't there. He wasn't there again today. I wish, I wish he'd go away."

Malcolm Rivers says: As I was going up the stairs, I met a man who wasn't there. He wasn't there again today. I wish, I wish he'd go away.