Ralph Waite

Ralph Waite

Highest Rated: 100% Cool Hand Luke (1967)

Lowest Rated: 27% Letters To God (2010)

Birthday: Jun 22, 1928

Birthplace: White Plains, New York, USA

Upon earning his BA at Bucknell University, Ralph Waite embarked upon no fewer than three careers before deciding upon acting. First, Waite was a social case worker in New York's Westchester County, a job he quit after running into the stone walls of indifference and bureaucracies. Then, after spending three years at the Yale School of Divinity, he was a practicing Presbyterian minister; this, too fell by the wayside due to Waite's unwillingness to conform to church protocol and his disenchantment over the perceived hypocrisy of his fellow clerics. Finally, he worked as a religious editor for the publishing firm of Harper & Row. This job might have panned out, but Waite, separated from his wife and suffering an identity crisis, felt the need to "prove himself" by entering a tougher, more competitive field. Thus, at the age of 30, Waite began taking acting lessons. His professional debut in the off-Broadway production The Balcony proved so disastrous that it is little wonder he chooses to regard his 1965 Broadway bow in Hogan's Goat as the true beginning of his career. After an excellent showing as Jack Nicholson's impotent brother in Five Easy Pieces (1971) the offers began pouring in. In 1972, Waite was cast as John Walton in the immensely popular TV series The Waltons. During the nine-season run of that ratings bonanza, Waite helped form the Los Angeles Actors' Theatre. He also was prominently featured in the blockbuster miniseries Roots (1977), and wrote and directed (but did not star in) the 1980 film On the Money. His post-Walton credits included the TV series Mississippi, the film Cliffhanger (1993) and TV movies Crash and Burn and Sin and Redemption. Towards the end of his career, he had a recurring role on Day of Our Lives as Father Matt, and played the father of two leading men on two long-running series - Gibbs on NCIS and Booth on Bones. Waite died in 2014 at age 85.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Gabe the Cupid Dog RL Dutton 2012
No Score Yet 25 Hill Ed 2011
27% Letters To God Cornelius Perryfield $1.2M 2010
No Score Yet Ace Ventura Jr.: Pet Detective Grandpa Ventura 2009
No Score Yet Generation Gap Chick 2008
No Score Yet Murder 101: If Wishes Were Horses Actor 2007
48% Silver City Casey Lyle $0.9M 2004
No Score Yet Time Quest Actor 2003
80% Sunshine State Furman Temple $2.9M 2002
No Score Yet Spirit Jacob 2000
No Score Yet The President's Man President Mathews 2000
No Score Yet Ken Follett's 'The Third Twin' Sen. Proust 1997
53% Homeward Bound II - Lost in San Francisco Shadow 1996
No Score Yet Sin and Redemption Cal Simms 1994
No Score Yet Sioux City Drew McDermott 1994
No Score Yet Keys Actor 1994
34% The Bodyguard Herb Farmer 1992
36% Desperate Hours Actor 1990
No Score Yet Sparks: The Price of Passion Orville Lemon 1990
No Score Yet Crash and Burn Lathan Hooks 1990
No Score Yet Snake Treaty Actor 1989
No Score Yet Crime of Innocence Actor 1985
No Score Yet A Day for Thanks on Waltons' Mountain John Walton 1982
No Score Yet On the Nickel Screenwriter Producer Director C.G. 1980
No Score Yet Angel City Jared Teeter 1980
No Score Yet The Waltons: A Christmas Carol Actor 1978
No Score Yet Red Alert Henry Stone 1977
No Score Yet Kid Blue Drummer 1973
No Score Yet The Stone Killer Mathews 1973
No Score Yet Girls On The Road (Hot Summer Week) John 1973
No Score Yet The Waltons John Walton 1973
No Score Yet The Magnificent Seven Ride! Jim MacKay 1972
No Score Yet The Waltons The Children's Carol Actor 1972
No Score Yet Trouble Man Pete Cockrell 1972
63% Lawman Jack Dekker 1971
44% The Grissom Gang Mace 1971
No Score Yet Chato's Land Elias Hooker 1971
No Score Yet The Pursuit of Happiness Detective Cromie 1971
No Score Yet The Sporting Club Olson 1971
88% Five Easy Pieces Carl Dupea 1970
78% Last Summer Peter's Father 1969
100% Cool Hand Luke Alibi 1967


90% Bones
Hank Booth 2013
No Score Yet NCIS
Guest Jackson Gibbs 2013
81% Grey's Anatomy
Irving Waller 2009
No Score Yet CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Sheriff Montgomery 2008
No Score Yet The Cleaner
No Score Yet Cold Case
Felton Metz 2007
53% Carnivàle
Norman Balthus Rev. Norman Balthus 2005
No Score Yet The Practice
Walter Josephson 2004
91% Murder One
Malcolm Dietrich 1996
No Score Yet Murder, She Wrote
DA Paul Robins 1989
No Score Yet The Waltons
Director John Walton 1981
88% Roots
First Mate Slater Third Mate Slater 1977
No Score Yet Bonanza
Hoby 1970


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Rachel Marron says: You know, Fletcher can't swim very well.

Herb Farmer says: I guess he'd better stay in the boat, then.

Herb Farmer says: I guess he'd better stay in the boat then.

Rachel Marron says: Are you afraid, I might get picked off in my snazzy running suit?

Herb Farmer says: No, I'm afraid that I might have to jog with you.

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Shadow says: But I just can't leave him here.

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Shadow says: Well I do miss Peter.

Riley says: Is that a yes?

Sassy says: Believe me that's as close to a yes as you'll ever get.

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Riley says: Okay let's shake some booty or as James Brown would say, we're going to the bridge hey!

Shadow says: "We can't leave until we find, Chance."

Shadow says: We can't leave until we find, Chance.

Sassy says: "Why not?"

Sassy says: Why not?

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Shadow says: You know you miss him.

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Sassy says: Oh all right I miss his stupid face and his stupid laugh and his stupid stupidness!

Shadow says: "Oh Sassy stop it!"

Shadow says: Oh Sassy stop it!

Sassy says: "And I'm stupidly starting to worry about him!"

Sassy says: And I'm stupidly starting to worry about him!