Tom Hulce

Tom Hulce

Highest Rated: 93% Amadeus (1984)

Lowest Rated: 15% Jumper (2008)

Birthday: Dec 6, 1953

Birthplace: Whitewater, Wisconsin, USA

American stage actor Tom Hulce made his film debut in September 30, 1955 (1977) -- the title referred to the day James Dean died -- and attained his first starring role as Larry Kroger in National Lampoon's Animal House (1978). The sincerity of his portrayal was somewhat lost in the enthusiasm over co-star John Belushi, but Hulce was impressive enough to be cast in Those Lips, Those Eyes (1980), a heartfelt tribute to summer theater actors. Four years later, Hulce was selected over several possible candidates to play Mozart in Amadeus (1984), earning an Oscar nomination for his virtuoso portrayal of the outrageous, immature musical genius. Again, however, the honors went to a co-star, in this case F. Murray Abraham, who won an Oscar for his performance as Mozart's vindictive nemesis Salieri. Few of Hulce's subsequent roles took as full advantage of his gifts as did Amadeus, though the actor had some good moments as a family "black sheep" in Ron Howard's Parenthood (1989) and a sleazy, ambulance-chasing lawyer in Peter Weir's Fearless (1993). Hulce has also occasionally shown up on television, notably in Murder in Mississippi, a 1990 TV movie about three martyred civil rights workers.

Highest Rated Movies



15% Jumper Mr. Bowker $80.1M 2008
73% Stranger Than Fiction Dr. Cayly $40.2M 2006
50% A Home at the End of the World Producer $0.9M 2004
No Score Yet Forget-Me-Not-Lane Actor 2003
30% The Hunchback of Notre Dame II Quasimodo 2001
88% Black Rainbow Gary Wallace 2000
60% Paul Monette: The Brink of Summer's End Himself 1996
71% The Hunchback of Notre Dame Quasimodo 1996
No Score Yet Heidi Chronicles Peter Petrone 1995
No Score Yet Wings of Courage Antoine de Saint-Exupery 1995
38% Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Henry Clerval 1994
85% Fearless Brillstein 1993
50% The Inner Circle Ivan Sanshin 1992
No Score Yet Murder in Mississippi Mickey Schwerner 1990
91% Parenthood Larry 1989
No Score Yet Shadowman Shadowman 1988
80% Dominick and Eugene Dominick 'Nicky' Luciano 1988
20% Slam Dance C.C. Drood 1987
86% Echo Park Jonathan 1986
No Score Yet The Rise and Rise of Daniel Rocket Daniel Rocket 1986
93% Amadeus Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1984
No Score Yet Amadeus: Directors Cut Actor 1984
No Score Yet Those Lips, Those Eyes Artie Shoemaker 1980
90% National Lampoon's Animal House Pinto 1978
No Score Yet September 30, 1955 Hanley 1977


93% Frasier
Guest 1995
No Score Yet American Playhouse
No Score Yet St. Elsewhere
John Doe 1983


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart says: Sire, only opera can do this. In a play if more than one person speaks at the same time, it's just noise, no one can understand a word. But with opera, with music... with music you can have twenty individuals all talking at the same time, and it's not noise, it's a perfect harmony!

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart says: Here. It's all right here in my noodle. The rest is just scribbling. Scribbling and bibbling, bibbling and scribbling.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart says: Forgive me, Majesty. I'm a vulgar man. But I assure you, my music is not.

Constance Mozart says: Half the house. You'll never see a penny. I want it here in my hand.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart says: [dirty] Stanzi manzi...I'll put it here in your hand...

Constance Mozart says: [gasps] Stop it! You won't put a thing in my hand until I see some money!

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart says: Will you stay with me while I sleep a little?

Antonio Salieri says: I'm not leaving you.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart says: [Laughs] I'm so ashamed.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart says: [laughs] I'm so ashamed.

Antonio Salieri says: Of what?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart says: I was foolish, I...I thought you did not care for my work, or me. Forgive me...forgive me.

Antonio Salieri says: How... Did my work please you?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart says: I never knew that music like that was possible!

Antonio Salieri says: You flatter me

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart says: No, no! One hears such sounds, and what can one say but... "Salieri."

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart says: No, no! One hears such sounds, and what can one say but... 'Salieri.'

Phoebus says: Speaking of trouble, we should have run into some by now.

Quasimodo says: What do you mean?

Phoebus says: You know, a guard, a booby trap... [his torchlight promptly goes out, leaving them in darkness] ...or an ambush.

Quasimodo says: SANCTUARY!

Count Von Strack says: Mozart, you're not the only composer in Vienna.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart says: No. But I'm the best.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart says: "Hahahahahahaha"

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart says: Hahahahahahaha.

Victor says: As your friends and guardians, we insist you attend the festival!

Quasimodo says: Me?

Misc. Guards and Gypsies says: No, the pope. Of course, "you!" [sticks Pope figurine in Quasimodo's mouth]

Misc. Guards and Gypsies says: No, the pope. Of course, 'you!' [sticks Pope figurine in Quasimodo's mouth]

Quasimodo says: If I picked a day to fly, this would be it! [nests bird in his hands]

Quasimodo says: I'm sorry, Master. I will never disobey you again.

Quasimodo says: I'm sorry, Master. I will never disobey you again.