Tim Holt

Tim Holt

Highest Rated: 100% The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)

Lowest Rated: 67% The Monster That Challenged the World (1957)

Birthday: Feb 5, 1918

Birthplace: Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA

The son of actor Jack Holt and brother of actors David and Jennifer Holt, Tim Holt, born Charles John Holt III, debuted onscreen at age ten (playing his father's character as a child) in The Vanishing Pioneer (1928). He went on to play earnest teenagers in the mid-to-late '30s, moving into roles as boyish Western heroes in many B-movies; from 1941-43 and 1948-52 he was a top ten box office star, and at one point was very popular among teenage girls. He occasionally got higher quality roles, and will probably be best remembered as the arrogant aristocrat George Amberson in Orson Welles' The Magnificent Ambersons (1942) and as Curtin, Humphrey Bogart's conscientious partner, in John Huston's The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948). During World War II, he was an oft-decorated B-29 bomber in the Pacific arena. He was rarely onscreen after 1952, and he retired from acting in the mid-50s to go into business; later he did occasional radio and TV work. He died of cancer in 1973.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet The Yesterday Machine Police Lt. Partane 1963
67% The Monster That Challenged the World Lt. Cmdr. John Twillinger 1957
No Score Yet Trail Guide Tim Holt 1952
No Score Yet Overland Telegraph Tim 1951
No Score Yet Hot Lead Tim 1951
No Score Yet His Kind of Woman Bill Lusk 1951
No Score Yet Gunplay Himself 1951
No Score Yet Saddle Legion Dave Saunders 1951
No Score Yet Dynamite Pass Ross 1950
No Score Yet Masked Raiders Tim 1949
No Score Yet The Mysterious Desperado Tim 1949
No Score Yet Stagecoach Kid Dave 1949
No Score Yet The Rustlers Dick 1949
No Score Yet Riders of the Range Kansas 1949
No Score Yet Brothers in the Saddle Tim Taylor 1949
No Score Yet Gun Smugglers Tim Holt 1948
No Score Yet The Arizona Ranger Bob Morgan 1948
No Score Yet Western Heritage Ross 1948
100% The Treasure of the Sierra Madre Curtin 1948
No Score Yet Thunder Mountain Marvin Hayden 1947
100% My Darling Clementine Virgil Earp 1946
No Score Yet Law of the Badlands Dave 1945
No Score Yet Sagebrush Law Tom Weston 1943
No Score Yet Fighting Frontier Kit 1943
No Score Yet Hitler's Children Karl Bruner 1943
No Score Yet Pirates of the Prairie Deputy Larry Durante 1942
90% The Magnificent Ambersons George Amberson Minafer 1942
No Score Yet Bandit Ranger Clay Travers 1942
No Score Yet Red River Robin Hood Jim Carey 1942
No Score Yet Dude Cowboy Terry 1941
No Score Yet The Bandit Trail Steve Haggerty 1941
No Score Yet Six Gun Gold Don Cardigan 1941
No Score Yet Back Street Actor 1941
No Score Yet The Fargo Kid Fargo Kid 1940
No Score Yet Swiss Family Robinson Fritz Robinson 1940
No Score Yet Fifth Avenue Girl Tim Borden 1939
No Score Yet The Rookie Cop Clem Maitland 1939
100% Stagecoach Lt. Blanchard 1939
No Score Yet The Law West of Tombstone The Tonto Kid 1938
No Score Yet The Renegade Ranger Larry 1938
No Score Yet Gold Is Where You Find It Lanceford Ferris 1938
No Score Yet I Met My Love Again Budge 1938
88% Stella Dallas Richard 1937
No Score Yet Under the Tonto Rim Brad 1928


81% Turn: Washington's Spies
Moses Paine 2014


Curtin says: Remember what you said back in Tampico about having to carry that old man out on our backs?

Fred C. Dobbs says: That is when I took him for an ordinary human being, not part goat.