Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn

Highest Rated: 93% Fighting with My Family (2019)

Lowest Rated: 0% Term Life (2016)

Birthday: Mar 28, 1970

Birthplace: Minneapolis, Minnesota

An actor whose strong features and sinewy 6'4" physique appear to have been chiseled from a slab of testosterone, Vince Vaughn is Hollywood's closest human approximation of a Chevy pick-up. Born March 28th, 1979, Vaughn's roles invariably reflect these qualities, and have given him a genial affability among middle Americans. Thanks to Vaughn's skills as a performer, however, he continues to resist typecasting, lending effortless portrayals to characters ranging from slick bachelors to raging psychopaths to morally conflicted limo drivers. A tried-and-true Midwestern boy, Vaughn was born in Minneapolis on March 28, 1970, and raised in the wealthy Chicago suburb of Lake Forest. The son of a self-made businessman and a stock and real-estate broker, Vaughn diverged from the upwardly mobile path forged by his parents. A hyperactive teen (and lackluster student), Vaughn spent time in special ed. and ran with a fast crowd (though he later claimed that he never felt the need for all-out rebellion). Despite his poor scholastic performance, Vaughn derived ambition from his interest in acting -- an interest that first blossomed at the age of seven -- and even served as senior class president. Upon graduation, with only his diploma and a role in a Chevy commercial as his credentials, Vaughn headed for Hollywood. Upon arrival, he proceeded to work in almost complete obscurity for the next seven years.During this period, Vaughn made the acquaintance of Jon Favreau, another struggling actor who hailed from the East. Their ensuing friendship and real-life adventures provided the inspiration for their ticket to the bigtime, 1996's Swingers. Directed by Doug Liman, the comedy stars Vaughn and Favreau (who also co-wrote the script) as two amiable, Rat Pack-obsessed, "so money" bachelors prowling the streets and bars of L.A. for "beautiful babies" and the occasional job opportunity. This irreverent-but-insightful Miramax release became a bona-fide sleeper hit. Vaughn, whose character, Trent, was the film's resident fast-talking ladies' man, emerged as a sex symbol in the making. A supporting role in Steven Spielberg's The Lost World: Jurassic Park heightened the actor's profile and revealed his ability to transition with great fluidity between indie films and box-office blockbusters. Nevertheless, Vaughn subsequently took the small, quiet film route, starring in The Locusts (1997), an overheated but half-baked melodrama in debt to both Tennessee Williams and East of Eden, and A Cool, Dry Place, a family drama that garnered a cool, dry reception from both audiences and critics. In 1998, the actor fared substantially better with his turn as a limo driver who is called upon to make a great sacrifice for a friend in Joe Ruben's Return to Paradise, and he brought a fine admixture of dark humor and sublimated menace to his part as a charismatic sociopath in Clay Pigeons. Vaughn evoked colossal mental dysfunction as Norman Bates in Gus Van Sant's truly ugly and ill-advised remake of Psycho that same year. Critics and viewers regarded his performance -- like the film itself -- with a tepid blend of indifference and bewilderment. After that egregious misfire, Vaughn wisely took a couple of years off before re-emerging with a number of projects in 2000. These included The Cell, a surrealistic horror picture co-starring Jennifer Lopez and Vincent D'Onofrio, Prime Gig, with Vaughn as California's best telemarketer, and South of Heaven, West of Hell, an ensemble western that marked the directorial debut of country singer Dwight Yoakam. Following-up with a part in writer Favreau's Made, Vaughn's next big role arrived in the form of a deceptive stepfather harboring a dark secret in the thriller Domestic Disturbance. Unfortunately, the film bombed on a critical front. Vaughn again ducked out of sight for several years, but Todd Phillips's 2003 comedy Old School brought him back to the top of the heap. Teaming Vaughn with Will Ferrell and Luke Wilson as a trio of


Highest Rated Movies



47% Arkansas Frog 2020
34% Seberg Actor 2020
75% Dragged Across Concrete Anthony Lurasetti 2019
93% Fighting with My Family Hutch 2019
No Score Yet Justice brutale Actor 2019
No Score Yet GameChangers: Dreams of BlizzCon Producer 2018
No Score Yet Give Us This Day Producer 2018
91% Brawl in Cell Block 99 Bradley Thomas 2017
No Score Yet The Words That Built America Actor 2017
85% Hacksaw Ridge Sgt. Howell $67.2M 2016
0% Term Life Producer $13.5K 2016
69% Prescription Thugs Executive Producer 2016
10% Unfinished Business Dan Trunkman 2015
39% Delivery Man David Wozniak $30.7M 2013
47% A Case of You Alan 2013
34% The Internship Screenwriter Billy McMahon Producer $44.5M 2013
No Score Yet The Rockford Files Producer Jim Rockford 2013
18% Lay the Favorite Rosie $21.5K 2012
17% The Watch Bob $34.2M 2012
24% The Dilemma Producer Ronny Valentine $48.5M 2011
No Score Yet Sunny and 68 Actor 2010
10% Couples Retreat Producer Screenwriter Dave $109.2M 2009
24% Four Christmases Producer Brad $120.2M 2008
59% Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Show: 30 Days & 30 Nights - Hollywood to the Heartland Actor Producer $0.5M 2008
20% Fred Claus Fred Claus Producer $72M 2007
83% Into the Wild Wayne Westerberg $18.2M 2007
34% The Break-Up Producer Screenwriter Gary Grobowski $118.7M 2006
22% I Love Your Work Stiev 2005
71% Thumbsucker Mr. Geary $1.2M 2005
75% Wedding Crashers Jeremy Grey $209.3M 2005
60% Mr. & Mrs. Smith Eddie $186.3M 2005
30% Be Cool Raji $55.6M 2005
41% National Lampoon's Blackball Rick Schwartz 2005
66% Anchorman - The Legend Of Ron Burgundy Wes Mantooth $84.2M 2004
70% Dodgeball - A True Underdog Story Peter LaFleur $114.2M 2004
62% Starsky & Hutch Reese Feldman $87.2M 2004
57% Pauly Shore Is Dead Himself 2003
60% Old School Beanie $74.7M 2003
24% Domestic Disturbance Rick Barnes $44.4M 2001
71% Made Ricky Producer $3.7M 2001
14% South of Heaven, West of Hell Taylor Henry 2000
45% The Cell Peter Novak 2000
44% The Prime Gig Pendelton `Penny' Wise 2000
38% Psycho Norman Bates 1998
54% A Cool Dry Place Russell 1998
62% Clay Pigeons Lester Long 1998
71% Return to Paradise Sheriff 1998
18% The Locusts Clay Hewitt 1997
51% The Lost World - Jurassic Park Nick Van Owen 1997
87% Swingers Trent 1996
No Score Yet Just Your Luck Cop No. 2 1996


92% Curb Your Enthusiasm
Freddy Funkhouser 2020
No Score Yet The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Guest 2019
78% True Detective
Frank Semyon 2019
86% F Is for Family
Producer Executive Producer Guest 2018
No Score Yet 30 for 30
Executive Producer 2016
No Score Yet Late Night With Seth Meyers
Guest 2016
No Score Yet The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Guest 2016
No Score Yet Jimmy Kimmel Live
Guest 2015
No Score Yet Sullivan & Son
Producer Executive Producer 2014
No Score Yet Conan
Guest 2013
No Score Yet Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
Guest 2013
No Score Yet Late Show With David Letterman
Guest 2013
No Score Yet The Tonight Show With Jay Leno
Guest 2013
No Score Yet Saturday Night Live
Host Guest 2013
No Score Yet The Graham Norton Show
Guest 2011
31% The Jay Leno Show
Guest 2009
100% The Larry Sanders Show
No Score Yet Doogie Howser, M.D.
Mark 1992
No Score Yet Sullivan Son


Peter LaFleur says: Hey, White.

White Goodman says: Yeah?

Peter LaFleur says: You look awful fat in those pants.

Ronny Valentine says: Let's face it. Electric cars are totally gay. I don't mean gay as in homosexual gay, I mean "My parents are chaperoning the dance" gay.

Gary Grobowski says: Fate has me highly skilled and loaded with talent.

Gary Grobowski says: Please don't touch my ruffles. Put that one back.

Gary Grobowski says: Come on, grab some sky.

Brad says: I'm sorry, I didn't know there was a ten dollar spending cap.

Howard says: Well, maybe if you came home more than once a decade, you'd know crap like that!

Brad says: My childhood was like the Shawshank Redemption, except I didn't have some old, warm, black man to share my story with!

Darryl says: Look, Brad, I'm not trying to be your father, you already got one of those. I'm just hoping for a chance to be your friend.

Brad says: You were my friend, Darryl. You were my best friend. We grew up together, we rode bikes together, we used to smell each other's hands. But now you're sleeping with my mom and it's a little bit weird for me. Can you appreciate that?

Darryl says: I never had a sexual thought of your mom until I was thirty.

Brad says: Can you leave it alone? You can't be my friend anymore. You can't be sleeping with my mom and still be my friend, okay?

Connor says: Do you know who I am?

Brad says: What?

Connor says: Google me bitch! I might be famous one day.

David Wozniak says: It is impossible to be the father of 533 children!

Mr. Geary says: Have you had any other breakthroughs besides the book?

Justin Cobb says: Uh... It used to be kind of a hassle to put on underwear in the morning, but now it's kinda easy... ya know...

Peter LaFleur says: You're adopted, you're parents don't even love you.

Billy McMahon says: there is no telling what this little girl on a squirrel diet could end up doing

Billy McMahon says: There is no telling what this little girl on a squirrel diet could end up doing.

Trent says: Our little baby's all growns up

Trent says: Our little baby's all grown up.

White Goodman says: Blade

White Goodman says: Blade.

White Goodman says: Laser

White Goodman says: Laser.

Peter LaFleur says: Blaser

Peter LaFleur says: Blaser.

Billy McMahon says: Professor Xavier is a total dick

Billy McMahon says: Professor Xavier is a total dick.

Beanie says: For what? Being Awesome? Besides Mitch, how old did you say this girl was, 17 years old? Mitch, that's a total grey area.

Beanie says: Don't beat yourself up over this, Mitch. It's not your fault. Dammit, Blue was old. That's what old people do. They die.

Beanie says: Oh, yeah. Cheeeeeese. Yeah, didn't we lock you in a dumpster one time?

Gordon Pritchard says: Yea, I got out.

Beanie says: Cool man. Good. Glad you did.

Beanie says: Don't say sorry to me, Frank. Say it to the baby.

Mitch says: I wasn't looking for a girl like that.

Beanie says: Well, Columbus wasn't looking for America, my man, but that turned out to be pretty okay for everyone.

Beanie says: Not funny. Not funny. And now the baby is upset.

Beanie says: You think I like avoiding my wife and kids to hangout with nineteen-year-old girls everyday?

Beanie says: Six weeks ago Abdul here had a one-way ticket to an arranged marriage with a broad he never met in Bangladesh. Now he's crushing ass every Thursday night at our mixers.

Beanie says: Frank here was staring at a white picket fence. Now he's single, he's broke, and has second-degree burns all over his body. And I see a spark in his eye that I haven't seen in fifteen years.

Beanie says: Yeah, that's it. I got a student alt rock band coming on next. Mitch, I own six speaker cities. I am worth three-and-a-half-million dollars that the government knows about. I got more electronics up there than a damn KISS concert. Tou think I'm gonna roll out this type of red carpet for a fucking marching band? Just make sure you can see the stage.

Beanie says: Whoa. Whoa. Why the F-ing? Why in front of the kid? All ya gotta do is say "earmuffs" to him, and you can say "Fuck, shit, bitch."

Frank "The Tank" says: Cock. Balls.

Beanie says: I'm just trying to make a point, Frank. You don't have to celebrate it.

Beanie says: Well why don't you give me your number in case anything happens to my wife.

Beanie says: All right, let me be the first to say congratulations to then. You get one vagina for the rest of your life. Real smart, Frank. Way to work it through.

Beanie says: Max, can you earmuff for me? We are going to get so much ass here, it's going to be sick. I'm talking like crazy boy band ass.

Peter LaFleur says: Hey White. You look awful fat in those pants.

Jeremy Grey says: She's fit for a strait-jacket. This broad's fucked three ways towards the weekend. But you know what, Father? I dig it! It turns me on.

John Beckwith says: Get up, you're making us look like pussies.

Jeremy Grey says: If I had any air in my lungs I'd scream at you.

Jeremy Grey says: I'm sorry. I'm not sorry. Okay? I'm not gonna apologize, I'm a cocksman!

Jeremy Grey says: [on the phone with Gloria] Bunch those panties up into a little ball, and put that little ball right in your mouth. Oh, yeah...

Jeremy Grey says: Todd, I notice you haven't even touched your food yet.

Todd Cleary says: I don't eat meat or fish.

Grandma Mary Cleary says: He's a homo.

Jeremy Grey says: Listen, I'm getting married.

John Beckwith says: Get out.

Mike says: The whole Judy Garland thing kinda turned me on. Does that make me some kind of fag?

Trent says: No baby, you're money.

Elf says: Can I get a ho-ho-...

Fred Claus says: No.

Jamarcus says: In a few hours, a transmitter will become operational. When it signals, our armada will commence a global invasion starting here in Glenview, which is clearly not ideal for you.

Bob says: What?

Franklin says: Why?

Jamarcus says: We're aliens, that's what we do.

Ronny Valentine says: The conscience speaks, not in audible words, but through that small voice from within.

Todd Cleary says: We had a moment had the dinner table didn't we?

Jeremy Grey says: No we didn't have a moment at the dinner table!!

Jeremy Grey says: No we didn't have a moment at the dinner table!

Todd Cleary says: Yes we did have a moment.

Jeremy Grey says: There was no moment, I was there. If I was there don't you think I would have noticed if there was a moment?

Jeremy Grey says: There was no moment, I was there. If I was there don't you think I would have noticed if there was a moment?

Jeremy Grey says: Just the tip, just to see how it feels...

Jamarcus says: Nice to meet you.

Bob says: Old guy: Fuck you curly

Retiree #1 says: Fuck you curly.

Jeremy Grey says: why dont you try getting jacked off under the table in front of the whole family and have some real problems, Jackass, what were they like anyway they look pretty good are they real are they built for speed or for comfort, what you do with them motorboat, you play the motorboat, you motorboating son of a bitch you old sailor you.

Jeremy Grey says: Why don't you try getting jacked off under the table in front of the whole damn family and have some real problems, jackass. Hey, what were they like anyway? They looked pretty good, are they real? Are they built for speed or comfort? What'd you do with them? Motorboat? You play the motorboat?

Bob says: Who is this boy toy named Jason? What's his toy story?

Bob says: This is inspiring for The Watch, we have a tiger, and flames, and wings, all in the same logo! It's like the chinese symbol for shut the fuck up and dance!

Bob says: i dont understand, its 2012 cant you just get a ball transplant?

Bob says: I don't understand, it's 2012 cant you just get a ball transplant?

Ronny Valentine says: I'm a burn that face! Give me that stupid looking face!

Bob says: A bunch of aliens have set up tents in your store. What are you gonna do about it?

Evan says: ....Costco is for members only.

Bob says: bob: thats terrible for the cow but this things fucking awesome.

Bob says: That's terrible for the cow, but this thing's fuckin' awesome!

Sergeant Bressman says: "Stay with me!"

Sergeant Bressman says: Stay with me!

Bob says: "His heart's out of his body fella, I don't think he's gonna make it."

Bob says: His heart's out of his body fella, I don't think he's gonna make it.

Kitty says: dont stress just relax

Kitty says: Don't stress. Just relax.

Reese Feldman says: i dont understand man i dont understand you can lose keys ya know you can lose your wallet do you lose a plane

Reese Feldman says: I don't understand man, I don't understand. You can lose keys, ya know, you can lose your wallet. How... how do you lose a plane?

Terrence Meyers says: reese come on what do you want me to do you got 3 out of 4 planes in thats still alot of coke

Terrence Meyers says: Reese, come on. What do you want me to do? You got three out of four planes in. That's still a lot of coke.

Reese Feldman says: now see that thats the winning attitude thats gonna take this enterprise straight to the top

Reese Feldman says: Now, see that? That's the kind of winning attitude that's gonna take this enterprise straight to the top.

Beanie says: I'm not a talker.

Nick Van Owen says: Making friends with Ahab, huh?

Eddie Carr says: What's hurt? What do you need?

Ian Malcolm says: We need rope!

Eddie Carr says: Rope, okay! Anything else?

Ian Malcolm says: Yeah, three double cheeseburgers with everything.

Nick Van Owen says: No onions on mine.

Sarah Harding says: And an apple turnover!

Nick Van Owen says: Hammond told me these people might show up. He thought we'd be finished by the time they got started, but in case they weren't, he did send a backup plan.

Sarah Harding says: What backup plan?

Nick Van Owen says: Me.

Peter LaFleur says: (At the Bar) O hey White, I didnt know Nazi camp got out until 8...did you decide to skip arts and craft?

Peter LaFleur says: [at the bar] Oh hey White, I didnt know Nazi camp got out until 8... did you decide to skip arts and craft?

White Goodman says: Yes I Did!!!!

White Goodman says: Yes I did!

Nick Van Owen says: The T-Rex exists on the planet for the first time in tens of millions of years and the only way you can express yourself is to kill it?

Roland Tembo says: Remember that chap about twenty years ago? I forget his name. He climbed Everest without any oxygen and came down nearly dead. And they asked him, "Why did you go up there to die?" and he said, "I didn't. I went up there to live."

Roland Tembo says: Remember that chap about twenty years ago? I forget his name. He climbed Everest without any oxygen and came down nearly dead. And they asked him, 'Why did you go up there to die?' and he said, 'I didn't. I went up there to live.'

Roland Tembo says: The Rex was just fed, so it won't stalk us for food.

Ian Malcolm says: Just fed? I assume you're talking about Eddie? You might want to show a little respect, the man saved our lives by giving his.

Roland Tembo says: Then his troubles are over. My point is, the predators don't hunt when they're not hungry.

Nick Van Owen says: No, only humans do.

Roland Tembo says: Oh, you're breaking our hearts. Saddle up! Let's get this moveable feast on the way!

Nick Van Owen says: How far is the village?

Peter Ludlow says: Oh, a day's walk, maybe more. But that's not the problem.

Roland Tembo says: What is the problem?

Peter Ludlow says: Velociraptors.

Jeremy Grey says: I happen to know everything there is to know about maple syrup. I love maple syrup! I love maple syrup on pancakes, I love it on pizza! Sometimes I take maple syrup and put a little in my hair. What do you think holds it up, slick?

Peter LaFleur says: Thank you, Chuck Norris.

Mr. Geary says: It's my professional opinion that you've become a monster.

Fred Claus says: The world is what you make it. And it all starts with what you make of yourself

Fred Claus says: The world is what you make of it and it all starts with what you make of yourself.

Norman Bates says: "We all go a little mad sometimes...haven't you?"

Norman Bates says: We all go a little mad sometimes. Haven't you?

Peter LaFleur says: Uh, actually I decided to quit... Lance.

Lance Armstrong says: Quit? You know, once I was thinking about quitting when I was diagnosed with brain, lung and testicular cancer, all at the same time. But with the love and support of my friends and family, I got back on the bike and I won the Tour de France five times in a row. But I'm sure you have a good reason to quit. So what are you dying from that's keeping you from the finals?

Peter LaFleur says: Right now it feels a little bit like... shame.

Lance Armstrong says: Well, I guess if a person never quit when the going got tough, they wouldn't have anything to regret for the rest of their life. But good luck to you Peter. I'm sure this decision won't haunt you forever.

Dave says: I'm gonna be the biggest ass u ever seen

Dave says: I'm gonna be the biggest ass you have ever seen.

Ricky says: "Who put a nickel in you?" -- from deleted scene

Ricky says: Who put a nickel in you?

Jeremy Grey says: Lock it up!

Patches O'Houlihan says: I drink my own urine cause it's sterile and it tastes good.

Patches O'Houlihan says: Necessary? Is it necessary for me to drink my own urine?

Peter LaFleur says: Probably not.

Patches O'Houlihan says: No, but I do it anyway because it's sterile and I like the taste.

Mike says: Well how long are you guys gonna wait to call your babies?

Trent says: Six Days [Simultaneous]

Trent says: Six Days. [Simultaneous]

Sue says: Six Days [Simultaneous]

Sue says: Six Days. [Simultaneous]

Dave says: Please don't pee in that, it's not a real toilet.

Dave says: Take the French out of your mouth and tell me what to do.

Norman Bates says: A boy's best friend is his mother.

Norman Bates says: We all go a little mad sometimes.

Trent says: Vegas, baby.

Trent says: You're so money, and you don't even know it.

Ronny Valentine says: Nick, great moments come from great opportunities. And that's what you've earned here today. It's what you've earned here today

Jeremy Grey says: Tattoo on the lower back? Might as well be a bullseye.