Biao Yuen

Biao Yuen

  • Highest Rated: 88% Once Upon a Time in China (2001)
  • Lowest Rated: 60% Dreadnaught (1981)
  • Birthday: Jul 26, 1957
  • Birthplace: Hong Kong
  • Yuen Biao is most known for his collaboration with Hong Kong action superstar Jackie Chan. Together with actor, director, and stunt coordinator Sammo Hung, the comedic trio have starred in many slapstick-martial arts films, including Project A (1983), My Lucky Stars (1985), and Dragons Forever (1988). All three appeared in small roles in the martial arts classic Enter the Dragon (1973). The three were trained from a young age at the Peking Opera Academy, where they were subjected to harsh training at the hands of their master; this story was retold in the 1988 film Painted Faces. Offscreen, Biao is the least known of the three; although he is popular among genre fans, he lacks the star power of Chan and the directorial skills of Hung. However, his acting abilities are impressive, and he has appeared in over 50 films.

Highest Rated Movies








No Score Yet My Kingdom Master Yu Shengying $36.5K 2011
No Score Yet The Legend Is Born: Ip Man (Yip Man chinchyun) Ng Chung So 2010
No Score Yet Kung-fu Master Actor 2010
No Score Yet Just Another Pandora's Box (Yuet gwong bo hup) Actor 2010
No Score Yet Laughing gor chi bin chit (Turning Point) Superintendent Sin 2009
No Score Yet Enter the Phoenix Actor 2009
No Score Yet Fight for Love Actor 2007
No Score Yet Wing Chun Actor 2007
No Score Yet Robin-B-Hood Inspector Steve Mok 2006
No Score Yet Hero Youngster Actor 2004
No Score Yet Chek ji kuen wong (Boxer's Story) (Father and Son) Actor 2004
No Score Yet Kickboxer Actor 2002
No Score Yet No Problem 2 (Mou man tai 2 ) Actor 2002
No Score Yet Kuen sun (The Avenging Fist) Actor 2001
88% Once Upon a Time in China Leung Fu 2001
No Score Yet Millennium Dragon Actor 2000
No Score Yet A Man Called Hero (Zhong hua ying xiong) Yuen Mo 1999
No Score Yet The Magnificent Butcher Leung Foon (Guest star) 1998
No Score Yet Bruce Lee: Path of the Dragon Actor 1998
No Score Yet Hero of Swallow Actor 1996
No Score Yet Mou mian bei (Burger Cop) (Don't Give a Damn) Actor 1995
No Score Yet Ma hei siu ji (Circus Kid) Actor 1994
No Score Yet Deadful Melody Lü Lin 1994
No Score Yet Sword Stained with Royal Blood Constable Yuen Sing-chi 1993
No Score Yet Kickboxer Actor 1993
No Score Yet Once Upon a Time in China: The Next Chapters Actor 1993
No Score Yet The Setting Sun Mr. Du 1992
No Score Yet A Kid from Tibet (Xi Zang xiao zi) Actor Director 1992
No Score Yet Iceman Cometh Fong Sau-ching 1991
No Score Yet A Xiu-lo (Saga of the Phoenix) Kujaku 1990
No Score Yet Luan shi er nu (Shanghai Shanghai) (This Shanghai Encounter) Little Tiger 1990
No Score Yet Ji dong ji xia (The Iceman Cometh) Actor 1989
No Score Yet On the Run Hsiang Ming 1988
No Score Yet Peacock King (Kujaku ô) Director Actor 1988
No Score Yet Mong ming yuen yeung Actor 1988
No Score Yet Qi xiao fu (Painted Faces) Actor 1988
No Score Yet Picture of a Nymph Actor 1988
No Score Yet Dragons Forever (Fei lung mang jeung) (Cyclone Z) Timothy Tung Tak-Biao 1988
No Score Yet Eastern Condors Man Yen Chieh 1987
No Score Yet Righting Wrongs Producer Hsia Ling-Cheng 1986
No Score Yet Above the Law (Zhi fa xian feng) Actor Producer 1986
No Score Yet And, There You Are Tsao Cheuk Kin 1986
No Score Yet Foo gwai lit che (Millionaire's Express) (Shanghai Express) (Wealthy Train) Actor 1986
No Score Yet Mr. Vampire 2 Jen 1986
No Score Yet Winners & Sinners 3: Twinkle, Twinkle, Lucky Stars (Xia ri fu xing) Actor 1985
No Score Yet My Lucky Stars (Fuk sing go jiu) (Winners & Sinners 2: My Lucky Stars) Ricky 1985
No Score Yet Mr. Vampire Actor 1985
No Score Yet Wheels on Meals (Kuai can che) (Powerman) (Weapon X) Actor 1984
82% Jackie Chan's Project A ('A' gai wak) (Pirate Patrol) Captain Tzu 1983
No Score Yet Winners and Sinners (Qi mou miao ji: Wu fu xing) (Winners & Sinners: Five Lucky Stars) CID Agent 1983
86% Warriors From the Magic Mountain (Zu Mountain: New Legend of the Zu Mountain Swordsmen) (Xin shu shan jian ke) Ti Ming Chi 1983
No Score Yet The Prodigal Son Leung Chang 1983
No Score Yet Dragon Strike (Long xiao ye) (Dragon Lord) (Young Master in Love) Actor 1982
60% Dreadnaught Mousy 1981
No Score Yet Shi di chu ma (The Young Master) Sang Kung's Son 1980
No Score Yet Knockabout Yipao 1979
No Score Yet Enter the Fat Dragon Actor 1978
No Score Yet Warriors Two Actor 1978
No Score Yet Invincible Armor Actor 1977
No Score Yet The Master of Kung Fu (Death Kick) Actor 1973
No Score Yet Master With Cracked Fingers (Guang dong xiao lao hu) Actor 1971


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