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1.5/4 6% A Sound of Thunder (2005) Bradbury's classic 1952 short story is brilliant and thought-provoking; the movie isn't. On the bright side, it's bad in a campy, "ooh, it's on cable at 2am" kind of way.‐
Posted Sep 2, 2005
1.5/4 8% Undiscovered (2005) Anyone who has an actual interest in filmmaking or music would be best served by staying far, far away.‐
Posted Aug 26, 2005
4/4 No Score Yet Six Feet Under is every bit as addictive in Season Four as it was when it first aired.‐
Posted Aug 23, 2005
0/4 5% Supercross (2005) There's an old adage that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything. Okay. Well...‐
Posted Aug 19, 2005
2/4 32% Valiant (2005) Ever noticed how many pigeons look like John Cleese? Me neither.‐
Posted Aug 19, 2005
2.5/4 79% Red Eye (2005) It's not a bad movie; it just didn't scare me at all, though it did make me reconsider my preference for window seats.‐
Posted Aug 19, 2005
3/4 52% Four Brothers (2005) Four Brothers revels in its own testosterone.‐
Posted Aug 11, 2005
2/4 36% Must Love Dogs (2005) Such great performances... Such a dreadful movie.‐
Posted Jul 28, 2005
3/4 72% Cry-Baby (1990) Waters is just as offbeat as any of his film characters- and he surrounds himself with creative people who wouldn't at all be out of place in a John Waters movie.‐
Posted Jul 23, 2005
3.5/4 40% The Island (2005) Turn off your brain and just have fun.‐
Posted Jul 19, 2005
1/4 14% Rebound (2005) It could've been worse, but not by much.‐
Posted Jul 1, 2005
3/4 78% Overnight (2004) Overnight is horrifying and fascinating... It should be required viewing in film schools and a cautionary tale for anyone aspiring to work in Hollywood.‐
Posted Jun 28, 2005
2.5/4 25% Bewitched (2005) You may be more bothered and bewildered than bewitched by this spoof-remake of the classic TV series.‐
Posted Jun 24, 2005
2/4 6% The Perfect Man (2005) Probably the only reason the Department of Children's Services hasn't come after her is because they can't find her.‐
Posted Jun 17, 2005
3.5/4 79% Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) Who among Generation X doesn't like-love-Ferris Bueller?‐
Posted Jun 9, 2005
0/4 13% The Honeymooners (2005) Unless you're related to one of the actors, there is absolutely no reason to see The Honeymooners.‐
Posted Jun 9, 2005
3/4 59% Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) Pretty people. Big explosions. More plot holes than bullet holes. What more could you want from a summer blockbuster?‐
Posted Jun 9, 2005
3.5/4 80% Cinderella Man (2005) When was the last time you saw a truly feel-good movie about men beating the crap out of each other?‐
Posted Jun 3, 2005
2/4 55% Madagascar (2005) Everything that happens feels forced; none of it is organic.‐
Posted May 27, 2005
1/4 31% The Longest Yard (2005) Watching this remake of the 1974 classic is like watching a high-school production of your favorite musical.‐
Posted May 27, 2005
3/4 66% Unleashed (2005) The writing, direction, performances-and above all the editing-help Unleashed to rise to the top of the pack in your not-so-average martial arts and British gangster flicks.‐
Posted May 15, 2005
.5/4 25% House of Wax (2005) "Something's dead out there." Yeah, like this movie.‐
Posted May 6, 2005
2.5/4 23% The Amityville Horror (2005) Despite its flaws, The Amityville Horror is good at scaring the popcorn out of your hand.‐
Posted Apr 15, 2005
4/4 91% Hotel Rwanda (2004) One of the most disturbing films in recent memory.‐
Posted Apr 12, 2005
2.5/4 65% Fever Pitch (2005) What a pleasant surprise to find that, while far from perfect, this movie is endearing and engaging.‐
Posted Apr 8, 2005
2.5/4 38% Beauty Shop (2005) Fun, sassy, and the only mainstream Hollywood comedy you'll ever see that features Maya Angelou quoted throughout.‐
Posted Mar 30, 2005
3.5/4 38% D.E.B.S. (2004) The movie feels like a live-action Saturday morning cartoon from the 1970s.‐
Posted Mar 25, 2005
1.5/4 52% Ice Princess (2005) If Casey is such a physics whiz, why couldn't she have whipped up a formula for a better movie?‐
Posted Mar 17, 2005
.5/4 9% Man of the House (2005) What was Tommy Lee Jones thinking?‐
Posted Feb 25, 2005
2.5/4 68% Hitch (2005) Couldn't we please have at least one movie (that isn't European) where the fat gal gets the hot guy?‐
Posted Feb 11, 2005
3/4 11% The Wedding Date (2005) Aimed squarely at the single-and-over-35 demographic, The Wedding Date is a guilty pleasure that is perfect for a girls' night out.‐
Posted Feb 4, 2005
2.5/4 13% Hide and Seek (2005) The bottom line is that this movie is highly compelling and utterly creepy.‐
Posted Jan 31, 2005
2/4 11% Are We There Yet? (2005) Maybe the MPAA needs to create a new rating (<5) for movies like this: "Not recommended for those over the age of five."‐
Posted Jan 26, 2005
3.5/4 90% Million Dollar Baby (2004) A breathtaking human drama that will leave you speechless.‐
Posted Dec 17, 2004
2/4 30% Flight of the Phoenix (2004) For a bad movie, Flight of the Phoenix is highly entertaining.‐
Posted Dec 16, 2004
2.5/4 72% Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004) It often feels disjointed... As though we get ten minutes of a dark children's movie, then fifteen of a Jim Carrey solo. Repeat.‐
Posted Dec 16, 2004
3/4 53% Spanglish (2004) In a month that gives lip service to goodwill, Spanglish honors the good people among us whose understated virtue often goes unnoticed - especially in Hollywood.‐
Posted Dec 15, 2004
3.5/4 68% Closer (2004) Absolutely captivating.‐
Posted Dec 3, 2004
4/4 90% Ordinary People (1980) It is Redford's ability to let the movie breathe...that forces the viewer to experience the film on a visceral level.‐
Posted Nov 24, 2004
1/4 5% Christmas With the Kranks (2004) Forget the Kranks going on vacation; take your disbelief and send it on a cruise.‐
Posted Nov 24, 2004
3.5/4 90% Kinsey (2004) Kinsey is a rare film, in the best possible sense.‐
Posted Nov 12, 2004
3.5/4 48% Alfie (2004) Alfie is a total knockout of a movie: stylish, well-crafted and well-performed. It also manages simultaneously to be a cautionary tale for Casanovas everywhere.‐
Posted Nov 5, 2004
2/4 7% Surviving Christmas (2004) Summoning sympathy for poor-little-obnoxious-rich-man Drew is nearly as difficult as swallowing Grandma's decade-old fruitcake.‐
Posted Oct 22, 2004
0/4 10% Taxi (2004) Ladies and gentlemen, we have a loser! Taxi is officially -- from this viewpoint at least -- the worst movie of 2004.‐
Posted Oct 6, 2004
2/4 41% Ladder 49 (2004) Ladder 49 is a feel-bad film... one that you will leave feeling disturbed-either because you've been crying or because you feel cheated out of a story.‐
Posted Oct 1, 2004
2.5/4 35% Shark Tale (2004) If you aren't entirely annoyed by the presence of every movie cliché ever written, you might get a kick out of how each and every one is worked into the dialogue.‐
Posted Oct 1, 2004
2.5/4 8% First Daughter (2004) O'Connell doesn't seem quite sure whether First Daughter is a social satire or a sugary fairytale. Nor does he seem to have a specific audience in mind.‐
Posted Sep 24, 2004
2.5/4 32% The Forgotten (2004) if mind-*&$!s are your kind of thing, The Forgotten is your kind of movie.‐
Posted Sep 24, 2004
4/4 83% Mean Girls (2004) This movie should be required viewing for all adolescent girls and their parents.‐
Posted Sep 21, 2004
1.5/4 54% Mr. 3000 (2004) Mr. 3000 isn't so much a movie as it is a two-hour commercial for products ranging from Gatorade to Viagra.‐
Posted Sep 17, 2004