Legacy Publications List

The Legacy Publications List includes outlets that have not had a review on Rotten Tomatoes within the last twelve months, but have published past reviews that are still part of the Tomatometer. For a list of publications that currently contribute to the Tomatometer, click here.


UGO Approved publication

UGO Screenwriter's Voice when reviewed by Brian Tallerico

UK Critic when reviewed by Ian Waldron-Mantgani

Ultra Culture when reviewed by Charlie Lyne

United Press International Approved publication

University City Review when reviewed by Kam Williams

UR Chicago Magazine when reviewed by John Esther, Mark Dujsik

Urban Tulsa Weekly when reviewed by Cory Cheney

Uruguay Total when reviewed by Enrique Buchichio

Utah Weekly when reviewed by Audrey Rock-Richardson

Utne Reader when reviewed by Abby Olcese

UTV Approved publication

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