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Legacy Publications List

The Legacy Publications List includes outlets that have not had a review on Rotten Tomatoes in the past calendar year, but have past reviews that are still part of the Tomatometer. This list includes approved Tomatometer publications and publications that may have hosted a review from a Tomatometer-approved critic. For a list of publications that currently contribute to the Tomatometer, click here.


La Opinion Tomatometer Publication

La Segunda when reviewed by Andrés Nazarala

LaButaca.net when reviewed by José Arce

Ladue News when reviewed by Debbie Baldwin

Lansing City Pulse when reviewed by Blake French

Las Vegas CityLife when reviewed by Bob Grimm, Matt Kelemen, Philip Booth, Tony Macklin

Las Vegas Mercury when reviewed by Anthony Del Valle, Bob Grimm, Jeannette Catsoulis

Lawrence Journal-World when reviewed by Dan Lybarger, Jon Niccum

Lawrence.com when reviewed by Eric Melin, Jon Niccum

LeisureSuit.net when reviewed by Jordan Hoffman

Lessons of Darkness when reviewed by Nick Schager

Let's Not Listen when reviewed by Tricia Olszewski

LifeZette.com when reviewed by Christian Toto

Limelight Tomatometer Publication

LivePDX when reviewed by Kimberly Gadette

Local Planet Weekly (Spokane, WA) when reviewed by Rachel Deahl

Long Island Press when reviewed by Prairie Miller

Los Angeles Alternative when reviewed by Blake French, Jay Antani

Los Angeles CityBeat when reviewed by Amy Nicholson, Andy Klein, Annlee Ellingson, Brent Simon, Leonard Klady, Luke Y. Thompson, Mark Keizer

Low IQ Canadian when reviewed by Martin Scribbs

Lowell Sun when reviewed by Austin O'Connor

Lybarger Links when reviewed by Dan Lybarger

Lyons Den when reviewed by Jeffrey Lyons

LYTRules.com when reviewed by Luke Y. Thompson

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