Legacy Publications List

The Legacy Publications List includes outlets that have not had a review on Rotten Tomatoes within the last twelve months, but have published past reviews that are still part of the Tomatometer. For a list of publications that currently contribute to the Tomatometer, click here.


V Music Approved publication

Valley Scene Magazine when reviewed by Larry Carroll

Vancouver Province when reviewed by Glen Schaefer

Vancouver Sun when reviewed by Katherine Monk

Vancouver Voice when reviewed by D.K. Holm

Vanguard Seattle when reviewed by Molly Laich

VCinema when reviewed by Harris Dang

Ventura County Reporter when reviewed by Saundra Sorenson

Vérité when reviewed by Anton Bitel

VH1 when reviewed by Michael Arceneaux

Video Librarian Magazine when reviewed by Kathy Fennessy

ViewLondon Approved publication

Virgin Movies when reviewed by Matthew Turner

Virginia Quarterly Review when reviewed by Michelle Orange

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