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Legacy Publications List

The Legacy Publications List includes outlets that have not had a review on Rotten Tomatoes in the past calendar year, but have past reviews that are still part of the Tomatometer. This list includes approved Tomatometer publications and publications that may have hosted a review from a Tomatometer-approved critic. For a list of publications that currently contribute to the Tomatometer, click here.


OC Weekly when reviewed by Luke Y. Thompson

Offoffoff when reviewed by Joshua Tanzer

OhmyNews.com when reviewed by Brian Orndorf

OK! Magazine when reviewed by Phil Villarreal

Old School Reviews when reviewed by John A. Nesbit

Omaha World-Herald when reviewed by Roger Catlin

ON Magazine when reviewed by Peter Canavese

One People's Project when reviewed by Kam Williams, Tim Evans

Onya Magazine when reviewed by Glenn Dunks

Orange County and Long Beach Blade when reviewed by Fr. Chris Carpenter

Orange County Register Tomatometer Publication

Oregon Herald when reviewed by Mark Sells

Organica News when reviewed by Phil Hall

Ottawa Citizen Tomatometer Publication

Out of the Gutter when reviewed by Chase Whale

outrate.net when reviewed by John A. Nesbit

Overland when reviewed by Lauren Carroll Harris

OZY when reviewed by Michael Nordine

Rotten Tomatoes is not affiliated with the authors and sources listed above and accepts no responsibility for the content posted which is provided to the user "as is" as a service.