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      Out of the Past is not a Tomatometer-approved publication. Reviews from this publication only count toward the Tomatometer® when written by the following Tomatometer-approved critic(s): Raquel Stecher.

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      Being Mary Tyler Moore (2023) Raquel Stecher an intimate tribute to a legend. A must-watch for Mary Tyler Moore fans...
      Posted Mar 19, 2023
      The Automat (2021) Raquel Stecher What The Automat documentary excels at is offering viewers a contextual history of how this business was born, how it thrived and how it became part of the social fabric of New York City and Philadelphia.
      Posted Nov 21, 2022
      So Proudly We Hail (1943) Raquel Stecher There are several storylines happening at once which makes the plot a little difficult to follow. However, that also speaks to the chaotic nature of the environment.
      Posted Nov 19, 2022
      Desire (1936) Raquel Stecher a dazzling romantic drama bolstered by its two magnetic leads.
      Posted Oct 20, 2022
      The Yearling (1946) Raquel Stecher a visually stunning and ultimately heart-wrenching film about family, tragedy and the cruelty of mother nature.
      Posted Jul 27, 2022
      Hot Saturday (1932) Raquel Stecher a vivacious jazz age drama that explores sexual politics
      Posted Jun 23, 2022
      Fiddler's Journey to the Big Screen (2022) Raquel Stecher an engrossing documentary from start to finish
      Posted Apr 14, 2022
      Still Working 9 to 5 (2022) Raquel Stecher Just like the original film, the documentary has a clear social message: while we've made strides towards equality, we still have a long way to go.
      Posted Mar 14, 2022
      Living (2022) Raquel Stecher This film is breathtaking... Bill Nighy delivers an award worthy performance as Mr. Williams.
      Posted Jan 26, 2022
      Nightmare Alley (2021) Raquel Stecher a magnificent adaptation that honors the film noir classic while giving contemporary audiences a grittier and more nuanced look at William Lindsay Gresham's story.
      Posted Dec 29, 2021
      Dean Martin: King of Cool (2021) Raquel Stecher What's truly extraordinary about this documentary is the sheer number of people who were interviewed. Half the fun is seeing so many familiar faces...
      Posted Nov 17, 2021
      Last Night in Soho (2021) Raquel Stecher tries to do a bit too much and often at the expense of its characters... With that said, I think there is a lot of appeal here for classic movie fans, particularly ones who also enjoy horror and zombie movies.
      Posted Sep 12, 2021
      The New Deal for Artists (1979) Raquel Stecher a remarkable documentary, a veritable time capsule
      Posted Aug 02, 2021
      They Won't Believe Me (1947) Raquel Stecher a captivating film noir
      Posted Jul 29, 2021
      Night After Night (1932) Raquel Stecher a subdued little Pre-Code until West arrives and livens up the joint.
      Posted Jul 13, 2021
      Doctor X (1932) Raquel Stecher a wonderful mad scientist mystery with plenty spooks, a few laughs and some sex thrown in for good measure
      Posted May 06, 2021
      Rita Moreno: Just a Girl Who Decided to Go For It (2021) Raquel Stecher a celebratory documentary that offers a polished look at Moreno's life and career.
      Posted Jan 31, 2021
      A Life of Endless Summers: The Bruce Brown Story (2020) Raquel Stecher a poignant film about a visionary filmmaker who followed the beat of his own drum and inspired generations of others to do the same.
      Posted Aug 20, 2020
      The Ghost of Peter Sellers (2018) Raquel Stecher The Ghost of Peter Sellers is an enthralling documentary that offers insights into the filmmaking experience and how a person's actions have ripple effects that last long after they have passed on.
      Posted Jun 23, 2020
      Be Water (2020) Raquel Stecher Nguyen does an incredible job chronicling Bruce Lee's life and career, weaving in Lee's struggles as a Chinese-American man and the treatment of Asians in the entertainment industry
      Posted Jun 06, 2020
      Funeral in Berlin (1967) Raquel Stecher the least interesting of the [first] three Harry Palmer films... Mostly due to a lack of character development and the numerous double-crossings make the plot difficult to follow.
      Posted Feb 27, 2020
      The Great McGinty (1940) Raquel Stecher a charming picture. It's lighthearted approach to the rather heavy topic of political corruption and morality makes this a big spoonful of medicine you want to take.
      Posted Feb 25, 2020
      Seberg (2019) Raquel Stecher a mixed bag... felt overly conventional and a bit cheesy.
      Posted Sep 13, 2019
      Judy (2019) Raquel Stecher Judy explores the darkest days of Judy Garland's life while also capturing what made her such a beloved legend. Zellweger shines despite the film's flaws.
      Posted Sep 11, 2019
      Coquette (1929) Raquel Stecher This film's historical significance is more interesting than the film itself which I found to be quite dull and lifeless.
      Posted Aug 21, 2019
      Tom Horn (1980) Raquel Stecher an aimless Western [with] woefully underdeveloped characters
      Posted Aug 16, 2019
      Xanadu (1980) Raquel Stecher Xanadu is total confection. It's 100% ridiculous. Very little of it makes sense.... They really should have nixed the idea of finding a Gibb look-a-like and went with a song-and-dance man instead.
      Posted Aug 11, 2019
      Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché (2018) Raquel Stecher a profoundly important and enlightening documentary on an early filmmaking pioneer that time threatened to forget.
      Posted Jul 17, 2019
      Madame X (1966) Raquel Stecher worth watching for the fine cast of performers but the story is tiresome. There is no respite from all the suffering Holly has to go through and that made me feel exhausted by the end of that 1 hour and 40 minute journey.
      Posted Jul 06, 2019
      Professional Sweetheart (1933) Raquel Stecher Professional Sweetheart (1933) is a lighthearted Pre-Code with a fantastic cast and a lot of charm. It suffers from the trappings of the era most notably in the depiction of gender and race.
      Posted Jul 03, 2019
      Brother Rat (1938) Raquel Stecher Brother Rat and Brother Rat and a Baby are light comedic fare. They are perfect for anyone who is a fan of the era, a fan of any of the cast members and Brother Rat especially should be a must-see for anyone who likes collegiate films.
      Posted Jun 05, 2019
      Seven Days in May (1964) Raquel Stecher one of the finest political thrillers ever made
      Posted May 19, 2019
      Sylvia Scarlett (1935) Raquel Stecher Sylvia Scarlett suffers from a convoluted plot ... Contemporary audiences will be more apt to appreciate the film's exploration of gender identity. It's truly ahead of its time.
      Posted May 12, 2019
      The Prize (1963) Raquel Stecher The Prize is a Cold War thriller that doesn't take itself too seriously but really should have. It's a convoluted mess of a film. The dramatic and comedic elements clash and on the whole the story feels disjointed.
      Posted Apr 24, 2019
      Desert Fury (1947) Raquel Stecher Desert Fury is delightful melodramatic confection. It's not a good film by any means but boy is it enjoyable.
      Posted Apr 22, 2019
      Stan & Ollie (2018) Raquel Stecher a heartfelt ode to two comedic geniuses whose identities were inextricably tied to each other.
      Posted Apr 08, 2019
      Where the Boys Are (1960) Raquel Stecher has a lot of heart... fantastic cast
      Posted Mar 04, 2019
      Anne of Green Gables (1934) Raquel Stecher Anne of Green Gables (1934) captures all the charm of the original story. What it lacks in plot it makes up for in ambiance.
      Posted Mar 04, 2019
      Bells Are Ringing (1960) Raquel Stecher With plenty of memorable musical numbers, fun characters and a zany plot with a satisfying ending, Bells Are Ringing (1960) is sure to please.
      Posted Mar 04, 2019
      Meet Me in Las Vegas (1956) Raquel Stecher Meet Me Las Vegas is a feast for the eyes and entertaining to boot.
      Posted Mar 03, 2019
      Dancing Lady (1933) Raquel Stecher a mixed bag. It suffers from too much going on in the story.
      Posted Mar 03, 2019
      The Strawberry Blonde (1941) Raquel Stecher The Strawberry Blonde (1941) benefits from a great cast, fun music, beautiful costumes, funny scenes, playful dialogue and an overall sweet story with a good dose of drama.
      Posted Mar 03, 2019
      Arrowsmith (1931) Raquel Stecher Even with its flaws Arrowsmith (1931) is a glorious Pre-Code film. It tackles a difficult subject, isn't afraid to experiment and there is a refreshing lack of racism.
      Posted Mar 03, 2019
      36 Hours (1964) Raquel Stecher I loved it's unusual story line and seeing a different take on WWII. The ending is predictable because it's based on real events but it's still so much fun to watch.
      Posted Mar 03, 2019
      The Big House (1930) Raquel Stecher George W. Hill expertly directed the film and some of the scenes with prisoners en masse are beautifully choreographed. I love how cinematographer Harold Wenstrom plays with light and shadow especially in the earlier part of the movie.
      Posted Mar 03, 2019
      Sadie McKee (1934) Raquel Stecher Even with its many flaws this is a gem of a film.
      Posted Mar 03, 2019
      The Carey Treatment (1972) Raquel Stecher Despite its flaws The Carey Treatment (1972) is a fun movie. It oozes with 1970s cool and has some great dramatic sequences
      Posted Mar 02, 2019
      Hell on Frisco Bay (1955) Raquel Stecher Where it lacks in story telling it makes up for in stunning visuals and dramatic music
      Posted Mar 02, 2019
      Till the End of Time (1946) Raquel Stecher suffers from a weak plot, poor character building and silly melodrama.
      Posted Mar 02, 2019
      Beauty for the Asking (1939) Raquel Stecher a darling little movie. Pair this in a double bill with The Women (1939) and it would serve as a nice little appetizer for that main course.
      Posted Mar 02, 2019
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