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      Run Sweetheart Run (2020) Matthew Jackson It's a very impressive horror film, and if you've still got room on your Halloween watchlist this year, I recommend finding space for it.
      Posted Oct 28, 2022
      Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) Matthew Jackson
      Posted Mar 28, 2022
      King Knight (2021) Matthew Jackson "Nothing can really prepare you for its approach, but by the end you'll feel like you've been wrapped in a witchy little hug."
      Posted Aug 31, 2021
      The Green Knight (2021) Matthew Jackson "...the next great film in the modern fantasy canon, one we should be talking about for decades to come."
      Posted Jul 29, 2021
      Werewolves Within (2021) Matthew Jackson A charming, clever blend of the funny and the frightening that will make your summer instantly better.
      Posted Jun 29, 2021
      Godzilla: Monster Planet (2017) Patrick Galvan With a more polished script, Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters might've been something of a modern classic.
      Posted Mar 03, 2021
      In Fabric (2018) Sara Century In Fabric, with its focus around the role of consumerism in our modern world, is perhaps (Strickland's) most successful outing so far when it comes to marrying a sharp social criticism with tender remorse for the faceless victims of our society.
      Posted Feb 24, 2021
      Knives and Skin (2019) Sara Century Characters are allowed to be shown as problematic and exist without moralistic overtones.
      Posted Feb 24, 2021
      2.5 of 5
      Bloodshot (2020) Jonita Davis It is a shame that 'Bloodshot' doesn't work, because all the elements the fans want are there. Too bad the story couldn't hold up its end of things.
      Posted Mar 19, 2020
      Yesterday (2019) Hanna Flint ...if you must regurgitate the same characters, at least don't strip them of the one thing that makes us fall in love with them. Otherwise, you're taking the rom out of rom-com.
      Posted Oct 01, 2019
      Joker (2019) Kayleigh Donaldson I didn't hate the movie. Actually, I think it's kind of great in many ways, but the things it does badly are tough to ignore...Joker is good. Not great, but certainly not a world-ending disaster.
      Posted Oct 01, 2019
      Sea Fever (2019) Kayleigh Donaldson The basic trappings of the story may be firmly the stuff of sci-fi - a trapped group of ragtag survivors versus a monster of unfathomable strength and unknown origin - but everything else is eerily rooted in realism.
      Posted Sep 30, 2019
      The Lighthouse (2019) Kayleigh Donaldson ...what that creature and her sexual allure do in the context of this story is to highlight the ways the beautiful and grotesque all too often intersect. It's the theme at the heart of The Lighthouse and one executed with such potency.
      Posted Sep 24, 2019
      The Incredible Shrinking Wknd (2019) Kristy Puchko Caballero gives us a woman-child anti-hero who is complicated, charismatic, and compelling, plus a fantasy that is ever timely.
      Posted Aug 08, 2019
      We Are Little Zombies (2019) Kristy Puchko We Are Little Zombies is trippy and nostalgic adventure that mashes up faint elements of zombie horror with old-school video game tropes.
      Posted Jul 31, 2019
      Bilal: A New Breed of Hero (2015) Jacob Oller Bilal: A New Breed of Hero's adventurous tale is a step into the international field of genre storytelling with the one thing it could always use more of: a new perspective.
      Posted Jul 29, 2019
      Madam Yankelova's Fine Literature Club (2017) Kristy Puchko "alive with macabre humor, allowing us to cackle at a close-up of hot dogs and guffaw at the devilish antics of these deadly women."
      Posted Jun 17, 2019
      Thriller (2018) James Grebey There's a distinct, admirable uniqueness to Thriller, even if the film's aspirations are held back by the tropes and cliches of a well-worn genre.
      Posted Apr 21, 2019
      Us (2019) Jonathan P. Higgins, Ed.D. This movie proves that if you are not wise, you can be tethered to the darker parts of yourself.
      Posted Mar 31, 2019
      Suspiria (2018) Hanna Flint So for all Guadagnino's enthusiasm to tell this story and bring his "teenage megalomaniac dream" to life, Suspiria is an unnecessarily long anticlimax that makes you wonder if a female director would have delivered a far more pleasurable adaptation.
      Posted Jan 22, 2019
      Thelma (2017) Ren Jender Trier (and his co-writer Eskil Vogt) thoroughly and skillfully align supernatural powers with queer discovery (particularly that of a young woman) in unexpected ways and do so without ruining the film with male-gaze shots.
      Posted Jan 16, 2019
      In Fabric (2018) Kayleigh Donaldson This is a film of the senses and the sensual, with enough satirical bite to give it more beyond mere style.
      Posted Dec 13, 2018
      Assassination Nation (2018) Hanna Flint Assassination Nation has delivered exactly what I love about movies: it made me both feel and think.
      Posted Dec 13, 2018
      The First Christmas: The First Christmas Snow (1975) Matthew Jackson Many times Rankin/Bass leaned into weird plots, wacky characters and Christmas fun. The First Christmas, despite its odd and redundant title, is not that.
      Posted Dec 07, 2018
      The Stingiest Man in Town (1978) Matthew Jackson A traditionally animated musical special that's surprisingly emotional.
      Posted Dec 07, 2018
      The Life & Adventures of Santa Claus (1985) Matthew Jackson It's Rankin/Bass doing high fantasy in ways they never did before, the stop-motion is smooth and gorgeous, and it's worth seeking out just for how strange it is.
      Posted Dec 06, 2018
      Nestor, the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey (1977) Matthew Jackson There are charming moments (as there are in all Rankin/Bass specials) but it never delivers quite as well as it should.
      Posted Dec 05, 2018
      Santa, Baby! (2001) Matthew Jackson There are lots of things to love, but as with many Rankin/Bass specials, its story feels scattered, and in this particular case there's not enough charm to keep much of it afloat. Still, there's a lot of heart to be found.
      Posted Dec 05, 2018
      Cricket on the Hearth (1967) Matthew Jackson The animation is a bit choppy, but the title character is still very charming. It's a shame this one doesn't get more regular broadcasting, because even if it's often not a conventional Christmas special, it's still a joy to watch.
      Posted Dec 04, 2018
      The Little Drummer Boy (1968) Matthew Jackson A tiresome journey to the end. Its heart is in the right place, but it never arrives at a place that's interesting.
      Posted Dec 04, 2018
      Frosty the Snowman (1969) Matthew Jackson 'Frosty' is surprisingly emotional because of the level of love Frosty himself shows for the kids who made him.
      Posted Dec 04, 2018
      Frosty's Winter Wonderland (1976) Matthew Jackson There's a lot to love about it, but it will never live up to its predecessor.
      Posted Dec 04, 2018
      Pinocchio's Christmas (1980) Matthew Jackson It's far from the most heartwarming thing the studio ever came up with.
      Posted Dec 04, 2018
      Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July (1980) Matthew Jackson The idea of crossing over Rudolph and Frosty is logical, because they were the company's two most popular character (aside from maybe Santa Claus), but the way it actually happens is just nuts.
      Posted Dec 03, 2018
      Jack Frost (1979) Matthew Jackson It gets a little bogged down by its own insistence on worldbuilding, but if you make it to the final moments, you get one of the most moving things Rankin/Bass ever produced.
      Posted Dec 01, 2018
      Rudolph's Shiny New Year (1976) Matthew Jackson [It's] just one of the weirdest holiday specials ever conceived
      Posted Nov 27, 2018
      The Leprechauns' Christmas Gold (1981) Matthew Jackson It's just so strange that it's hard to not give in to its charms.
      Posted Nov 22, 2018
      Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town (1970) Matthew Jackson With the help of a classic performance by Mickey Rooney and narration from Fred Astaire, Rankin/Bass... [delivers] a Santa who's kind, jolly, and even gets a wonderful love story.
      Posted Nov 21, 2018
      The Year Without a Santa Claus (1974) Matthew Jackson No, Rudolph isn't the best Rankin/Bass special. Crazy, right?... The thing that really puts it over the top, though, is that it's a story of a group of people banding together to be generous to the Most Generous Man in the World.
      Posted Nov 19, 2018
      Hush (2016) Carly Lane It's not merely a horror story but a tale of survival, depicted somewhat simplistically but also powerfully.
      Posted Oct 23, 2018
      Strike, Dear Mistress, and Cure His Heart (2018) April Wolfe The film is at its best when it's most unhinged. When Reece blocks his scenes like a theater director, some serious shades of R.W. Fassbinder's Chinese Roulette bleed through, and it's totally satisfying and electric.
      Posted Oct 19, 2018
      Teen Titans GO! to the Movies (2018) Alyse Wax I left the theater with a happy, peaceful feeling. I cannot remember the last movie that gave me that feeling, and I cannot wait to see it again.
      Posted Aug 22, 2018
      The Lure (2015) Jenni Miller The Lure is a fully realized fantasy from top to bottom.
      Posted Oct 27, 2017
      Yesterday Was a Lie (2008) Todd Gilchrist The sci-fi noir is a movie of intelligence, imagination and mostly beautiful execution, which is why Yesterday Was a Lie is not quite a success, but far more than a respectable failure.
      Posted Jun 23, 2010
      How to Train Your Dragon (2010) Michael Szymanski Although it's an exciting ride to an easily predictable yarn, this is one kids' movie that is fun for everyone.
      Posted Mar 26, 2010
      Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010) Fred Topel It would be an easy slam review. But if you like big pretty toy commercials, it's plenty of fun.
      Posted Feb 14, 2010
      The Book of Eli (2010) Fred Topel Would have been the best movie of 2009 if it had come out a month ago. You won't see a more compelling movie all year.
      Posted Jan 13, 2010
      The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009) Fred Topel I have no idea what it was about, but it was fascinating and wonderful.
      Posted Jan 09, 2010
      Daybreakers (2009) Fred Topel It's nice to see real vampires again. Forget Team Edward and Team Jacob. Join Team Ethan!
      Posted Jan 09, 2010
      Sherlock Holmes (2009) Fred Topel Guy Ritchie's best movie, and maybe Robert Downey, Jr.'s too.
      Posted Dec 22, 2009
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