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Man on the Moon

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Jim Carrey is eerily dead-on in his portrayal of Andy Kaufman, which helps to elevate Man on the Moon above the script's formulaic biopic cliches.



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Man on the Moon, starring Jim Carrey, as the late Andy Kaufman who was considered the most innovative, eccentric and enigmatic comic of his time. A master at provoking audiences, Kaufman could generate belly laughs, stony silence, tears or brawls. Danny DeVito also stars in Man on the Moon as Kaufman's manager, George Shapiro, with Courtney Love co-starring as Lynne Margulies, the woman who befriends and eventually falls in love with the comic. Paul Giamatti portrays Kaufman's best friend an d writer, Bob Zmuda. Well-known Vegas lounge singer Tony Clifton stars as himself.

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Jim Carrey
as Andy Kaufman/Tony Clifton
Danny DeVito
as George Shapiro
Courtney Love
as Lynn Margulies
Paul Giamatti
as Bob Zmuda
Vincent Schiavelli
as Maynard Smith
Peter Bonerz
as Ed. Weinberger
Leslie Lyles
as Janice Kaufman
Gerry Becker
as Stanley Kaufman
Greyson Erik Pendry
as Young Michael Kaufman
Bobby Boriello
as Young Andy
George Shapiro
as Club Owner
Judd Hirsch
as himself
Melanie Vesey
as Carol Kaufman
Michael Kelly
as Michael Kaufman
Bob Zmuda
as Jack Burns
Carol Kane
as herself
Jeff Conaway
as himself
Norm Macdonald
as Michael Richards
Thomas Armbruster
as Improv Piano Player
Pamela Abdy
as Diane Barnett
Wendy Polland
as Little Wendy
Fred Scialla
as Stand-In (Danny DeVito)
Isadore Rosenfeld
as ABC Executive
Gerry Robert Byrne
as Taxi AD/Stage Manager
Jerry Lawler
as himself
Jack Burns
as Bob Zmuda
Brittany Colonna
as Baby Carol Kaufman
Matt Price
as Meditation Student
Christina Cabot
as Meditation Student
Miles Chapin
as SNL Assistant
Molly Schaffer
as Maynard Smith's Assistant
Howard West
as ABC Executive
Greg Travis
as ABC Executive
Maureen Mueller
as ABC Executive
Philip Perlman
as Mama Rivoli's Angry Guy
Jessica Devlin
as Mama Rivoli's Diner
Jeff Thomas
as Andy's Stand-In
Howard Keystone
as Taxi Marching Man
Howdy Doody
as Himself
Brent Briscoe
as Heavyset Technician
Ray Bokhour
as Blue Collar Guy
Patton Oswalt
as Blue Collar Guy
Caroline Gibson
as Sorority Girl
Conrad Roberts
as College Promoter
Jeff Zabel
as College Student
Mark Davenport
as LA Times Reporter
Bert F. Balsam
as Taxi Security Guard
Lonnie Hamilton
as Taxi Security Guard
Ron Sanchez
as Taxi Security Guard
Billy Lucas
as Taxi Security Guard
Patricia Scanlon
as Ed Weinberger's Secretary
Max Alexander
as Harrah's Booker
Ed Mitchell
as Harrah's Conductor
Michael Villani
as Merv Griffin
Maria Elena Maglaris
as Irate Merv Spectator
Heath Hyche
as Merv's Guest Coordinator
Robert Holeman
as Boxing Trainer
James Ross
as Wrestling Commentator
Tamara Bossett
as Foxy Jackson
Gene Lebell
as Foxy Jackson Referee
Brian Peck
as Friday's Announcer
Caroline Rhea
as Friday's Melanie
Mary Lynn Rajskub
as Friday's Mary
Phil Lenkowsky
as Friday's Tech Director
Rob Steiner
as Friday's Control Booth Tech
Claudia Jaffee
as Friday's Floor Director
Mando Guerrero
as Jerry Lawler Referee
Lance Russell
as Ring Announcer
Ladi von Jansky
as Stadium Photographer
K.P. Palmer
as Memphis Paramedic
Mark Majetti
as Memphis Paramedic
Deana Ann Aburto
as Memphis Paramedic
Mews Small
as TM Administrator
David Elliott
as TM Administrator
Fredd Wayne
as Bland Doctor
Tracey Walter
as National Enquirer Editor
David Koechner
as National Enqurier Reporter
Jeanine Jackson
as National Enquirer Reporter
Johnny Legend
as Wild-Haired Guru
Doris Eaton Travis
as Eleanor Gould
Greg Sutton
as Carnegie Hall Conductor
Sydney Lassick
as Crystal Healer
Yoshi Jenkins
as Jun Roxas
Lance Alarcon
as Comedy Store Patron
Darryl "DJ" Johnson
as Comedy Store Waiter
Melissa Carrey
as Comedy Store Waitress
Danielle Burgio
as New York City Rockette
Karen Martin
as New York City Rockette
Linda Cevallos
as New York City Rockette
Tabatha Mays
as New York City Rockette
Betsy Chang
as New York City Rockette
Katie Miller
as New York City Rockette
Jennifer Chavarria
as New York City Rockette
Jessica Moore
as New York City Rockette
Shirry Dolgin
as New York City Rockette
Tara Nicole
as New York City Rockette
Lisa Eaton
as New York City Rockette
Mia Pitts
as New York City Rockette
Melanie A. Gage
as New York City Rockette
Kelly Sheerin
as New York City Rockette
Catherine Hader
as New York City Rockette
Alison Simpson
as New York City Rockette
Betsy Harris
as New York City Rockette
Melinda Songer
as New York City Rockette
Kelly Jones
as New York City Rockette
Michon Suyama
as New York City Rockette
Tricia Lilly
as New York City Rockette
Michelle Swanson
as New York City Rockette
Natalie Webb
as New York City Rockette
Jacqueline Case
as Tony Clifton Dancer
Natalie Mills
as Tony Clifton Dancer
Karen Blake Challman
as Tony Clifton Dancer
April Nixon
as Tony Clifton Dancer
Teresa Chapman
as Tony Clifton Dancer
Tiffany Olson
as Tony Clifton Dancer
Kelly Cooper
as Tony Clifton Dancer
Kathryn Rossberg
as Tony Clifton Dancer
Penny Fisher
as Tony Clifton Dancer
Karissa Seaman
as Tony Clifton Dancer
Eva Jenickova
as Tony Clifton Dancer
Lea Sullivan
as Tony Clifton Dancer
Lindsay Lopez
as Tony Clifton Dancer
Amy Tinkham
as Tony Clifton Dancer
Kristin K. Willits
as Tony Clifton Dancer
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  • Jun 26, 2013
    Man on the Moon is a stunning biopic on the adult life of Andy Kaufmann. I've heard of Kaufmann before, but not being alive during his era I never knew who he was as a performer. What this film does tremendously is it keeps you guessing on what's a goof and what's not until the end. Much like Andy Kaufmann did. The film has plenty of golden moments, and I can't say I'd remove or even cut down any scenes if I was in Milo's Formans position. Jim Carrey, was an obvious choice, (despite this not being a break out role for him) he did an excellent job portraying Andy Kaufmann. Danny DeVito also plays a common role for himself, but he did his job. Woody Allen must have thought so since he casted DeVito as a comedians agent four years later. Despite not everything being factual, what was an actual occurrence was shown in a highly realistic and accurate sense. If you look up some of Kaufmann's stunts they're identical as to how they are portrayed in the film. This is a marvelous comedy with plenty of memorable moments.
    Daniel D Super Reviewer
  • Jan 20, 2013
    Man On The Moon is a comedy/drama about the life and unconventional comedy of Andy Kaufman. The audience follow Andy's life from his early childhood to his death from lung cancer. The movie sets the tone of the film early on and completely changes from around the half way mark - in line with the discovery of his disease. In the end, it's not the film you thought it was going to be. At least for the members of the audience who were previously unaware of Andy Kaufman. I feel that the film is quite honest. Probably due to most of the cast knowing Andy personally. Not only that, but for the most part playing themselves in the film. The whole cast of Taxi play themselves with the exception of Danny DeVito who cannot as he is already producing the film and playing George Shapiro (one of the main parts). Jerry Lawler plays himself, David Letterman plays himself etc etc. This makes the movie not only personal but warm, heartfelt and one that is told by those who loved him most. Although honest, the one main difference between the film and real life events is that the audience are in on the joke. Were they ever with Kaufman? Andy Kaufman is played superbly by Jim Carrey. Carrey hit the big time with Ace Ventura: Pet Detective in 1994 and had a string of hit movies with his own unique style of "rubber faced" humour. In 1998 he played his first serious role in The Truman Show which showed audiences that he could "play it straight" too. Man On The Moon was released the following year and was the second release in which he left his comic hat at home. He delivers the role very well and is convincing as Kaufman. I feel that other actors could have played the part but it would have changed the feel of the movie completely and for my money wouldn't have been as good as Carrey was. The part of Kaufman's close friend and writer Bob Zmuda was played by Paul Giamatti. He also gives a stand out performance and I feel that he worked very well along Carrey. For Giamatti this is about his 20th film and came at around the time he started receiving wider recognition. I'm really looking forward to seeing him work alongside Fassbender in the up and coming Twelve Years a Slave. As a standalone comedy or drama Man On The Moon fails to deliver. However, like Kaufman it fails to fit into the usual constraints. All things considered I feel that it is a great movie. I look at Man On The Moon with affection and joy, I find it entertaining and it hasn't lost its appeal over the many times I have watched it. I consider the critics were harsh and that Man On The Moon is largely underrated. It is generally criticised for poor acting, a flawed story and a weak wishy-washy presentation that makes no statement, nor does it answer any questions. I totally disagree with all of these comments and feel as though I watched a different film altogether. Granted, certain parts appear a little unpolished but it's a great film overall. I would recommend it to anyone.
    James C Super Reviewer
  • Dec 15, 2012
    Jim Carrey's uncanny impersonation of Andy Kaufman is both the film's grand triumph but also its potential downfall. There's nothing outside of his performance that gives "Man on the Moon" any substance. Milos Forman orchestrates the film like a hurried timeline of vignettes. It doesn't take you anywhere special. There's not a good sense of what made Kaufman tick. But there's enough in "Man on the Moon" to keep you watching as Kaufman was a fascinatingly unique individual and Carrey brings him to life. It's just that the life he's portraying doesn't reveal anything behind the genius.
    Tony G Super Reviewer
  • Feb 08, 2012
    Tracing the rise and fall of a man whom many still consider of the great comedic geniuses of the 20th century, "Man on the Moon" is a biopic about the mercurial (and confounding) Andy Kaufman, who most people know as Latka Gravas from the hit 1970s show "Taxi". I'll leave Wikipedia to fill you in on the events of his life - I'll concentrate on the merits of the film itself. As a dramatic character piece, "Man on the Moon" falls just short of working. There are pacing problems abound and areas of its larger-than-life subject we wish were explored further. However, I'm still going to mildly recommend it on the strength of Jim Carrey's absolutely incredible performance as Kaufman. This often-overlooked portrayal is the best of Carrey's career; not only does he bear a strong physical resemblance to Kaufman, but as Jaime Foxx did in "Ray", Carrey uses mimicry as a means of facilitating a surprisingly deep character study to the audience. Based on his work as Andy, "Man on the Moon" is worth a peek.
    Matt F Super Reviewer

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