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This dark horror film begins with the grisly spectacle of 54 Japanese schoolgirls jumping in unison into the path of an oncoming train. This is only the first in a wave of mass suicides that sweeps across Japan, baffling the police and panicking the populace. The two police officers assigned to the case have to piece together such mystifying clues as a website seems to be predicting each wave of deaths, a coughing child who periodically calls them with enigmatic tips, and a coiled rope stitched out of human flesh. All of it may or may not have to do with a prepubescent all-girl pop group whose latest hit single seems to have hypnotized the nation.


Ryo Ishibashi
as Detective Kuroda
Akaji Maro
as Detective Murata
Masatoshi Nagase
as Detective Shibusawa
Tamao Satô
as Nurse Yôko
Hideo Sako
as Detective Hagitani
Mai Hosho
as Nurse Atsuko
Yoko Kamon
as 'The Bat'
as Genesis
Kimiko Yo
as Kiyomi
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Audience Reviews for Suicide Club

  • Apr 04, 2013
    One of the most messed up films I've seen, it truly shocks and also providing a social commentary at the same time. Despite showing the effect of pop culture and media on the youth, the film was filled with plot holes and unexplained questions. Some of the scenes are extremely random and unrelated and really out of place. It seemed like the film was directed by many people as the style just keeps changing. I did enjoy the beginning of the film where 54 school girls committed mass suicide which was provoking and then nurses killing themselves. But after that the film just stopped making any sense.
    Sylvester K Super Reviewer
  • Jan 04, 2013
    A disturbing film, and one that touches on a sensitive subject, especially for Japan given their suicide demographics... I was personally irked by the movie at times. The suspense in this film was executed well, and the juxtaposed concept of a hip pop band encouraging suicide was interesting. There were some loose ends that failed to be tied, and while I was interested with the film throughout, I was dissatisfied with the ending. There might have been something I missed, but I'm pretty certain that all in all this movie wasn't good at - or interested in - providing a solid explanation.
    Horrific R Super Reviewer
  • Mar 04, 2012
    What's great about Japanese horror, is that no matter what the films they will scare you blind. Now with Suicide Club, they take a whole new concept of what we're afraid of the most and they create something that horrifyingly effective. A very original film compared to all the new reimagining's of classic Horror films, Suicide Club is an original scare fest, and it genuinely scares you and there's plenty of great tense moments to be had within the film. A must watch. Suicide Club is a harrowing nightmare of a film, a truly terrific concept for its plot with a decent cast make this a terrific little known gem in Asian Horror. If you love these types of horror flicks, then give this one a shot, Suicide Club is an intense film from start to finish, one that will keep you interested from beginning to end. This is an entertaining film and one that should appeal to fans of this genre of horror. A fine low Budget film, Suicide Club is a film that has an interesting idea for a film, and the directors clearly have an idea what makes an effective horror film by conveying a new type of fear on their audience. This film is disturbing and chilling, and this is one film that will surely appeal to genre fans. Director Sion Sono is a good director and he has crafted a memorable that will be hard to forget long after you've seen it. A film definitely worth your time, one that has a very chilling concept and is hard to forget.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Dec 18, 2011
    A fantastic opening sets the tone of this film, many school kids happy, singing, holding hands in a underground stop jump in front of the arriving train(we later find out its 54) gory blood going everywhere, a investigating team soon discovers what it could all be, more happy kids jumping to their deaths leads to why and who is the cause of the mayhem, there are many joyful moments and over the top violence to be had here, some offputting violence also, weird moments to be had( a great scene in a abandoned bowling alley, unkown movements in white sheets and a indie guitar sonmg performed is a highlight here, its sometimes uneven, and doesnt fully function, it does get a tiny confussing but gets back on track and when the true piurpose is reveiled its quite rewarding, japanes cinema can do these things well,
    scott g Super Reviewer

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